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Software and app updates related to 'comic barcodes'

For this update, we have improved the camera barcode scanner, to make better use of the power of today’s devices, both in terms of camera resolution and computing power.

The scanning should now be faster, that is, it should be quicker in picking up the barcode from the camera image. The difference is most noticeable when scanning the longer 12+2 and 12+5 digit barcode found on today’s comic books.

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CLZ Comics (Android)

v9.1.3: Faster barcode scanner!

April 4th, 2024

Adding comics by barcode is one the main features of the app and an essential part of that is the camera barcode scanner.

For this update, our mobile app developer Pim has spent a few days optimizing that camera barcode scanner. The idea was to make better use of the power of today’s devices, both in cameras and computing power.

And the results of his tweaks are amazing. The scanner is now much faster!

The difference in scanning speed will be especially noticeable when scanning the longer barcodes seen on modern comics, with a 2 digit or 5 digit extension. Correctly scanning that extension is essential for identifying the exact issue and variant.

We would love to hear how the new scanner works out for you, please let us know in this Club CLZ post here!


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