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What’s up at the CLZ HQ ?

August 29th, 2011

Collectorz.com Newsletter August 2011
Busy days at the CLZ HQ. Finalizing Barry for Android, 4 programmers working on the Mac software, rewriting the clz websites… and in the meantime also moving our database and millions of cover images to new hardware. Fun!

In today’s news summary for August:

  • Using a Mac? Then join the CLZ Mac Club!
  • CLZ Barry for iOS is live!
  • Upgrading our database server (again)
  • Other news (Connect, CLZ.com, Features pages)

Using a Mac? Then join the CLZ Mac Club!
Collectorz.com Mac software

“What about the Mac editions?”… a question we get a lot lately.

Of course, the question is fully justified.
The Mac editions of Music, Movie and Book Collector haven’t had a serious update for a long time. Also, the new Comic Collector for Mac has not yet received the features that were left out of the 5.0 release.

Well, I am happy to announce that this is all going to change.
And I am going to tell you all about it in the Collectorz.com Mac Club.

If you are using a Mac (or planning to switch to a Mac), then please use the form below to be added to the Mac Club.

Members will receive regular updates on our Mac development and will get immediate access to the full story about our new Mac OS X plans.

CLZ Barry for iOS is live!

CLZ Barry for iOS and AndroidCLZ Barry is a wireless barcode scanner app that scans barcodes with your phone’s camera and instantly sends them to the Add Automatically screen for adding items to your Collector database by barcode.

On August 2, Apple approved the CLZ Barry edition for iPhone/iPad edition. Since then, over 3,000 people have already downloaded the app! And it has received great reviews too.

Wanna see what Barry can do for you? Then check this demo video.

CLZ Barry for Android
We are currently working on the Android edition and we’re aiming to release it on September 13. If you’re interested in Barry for Android, then join the Barry club for the latest updates:

Upgrading our database server (again)

Server upgrades in progressYes, we’re upgrading the hardware of our online database server again.

This server is the source of all search results, the item details and all cover images that you get when using your Add Automatically screen. It also hosts our Connect online editions and the CLZ Barry server software.

You can imagine how important it is to ensure this system is fast and always up and running. So that’s why we’re upgrading the hardware of the Database Server, plus we’re moving all images to a decided Images Server.

During the upgrade, both servers may have to go down a couple of times. We will post downtime notifications on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed, so make sure you Like or Follow:

Read the full story about the server upgrade on the Collectorz.com blog.

Other news:

Find Covers with Connect:
Free (and automatic) software update for all Connect subscribers:
Now use the integrated Find Cover feature to find missing cover images.

CLZ.com: Collectorz.com mobile apps
Our clz.com domain is now the new home of the Collectorz.com mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Currently, only the CLZ Barry product site is
on the clz.com domain, but we will soon movie the product pages of all other CLZ mobile apps here. Visit clz.com here.

Revamped Features pages for Windows and Mac software
AJ, Mark and I have been working to completely revamp the Features pages on the Collectorz.com website, with new feature bullets and many many screen shots. For example, this is the new Movie Collector for Windows Features page.

Okay, that’s the monthly news summary for August. If you want to read the
news as it happens, then Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter!