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CLZ apps: We’re ready for iOS 7

September 20th, 2013

This week, Apple released iOS 7.
And we’re happy to announce that all CLZ apps are now fully iOS 7 compatible!

In the past few months we have been using the iOS 7 beta versions to:

  • Make all our apps fully iOS 7 compatible, fixing several crashes and display problems.
  • Change the style of the app icon, toolbar icons and buttons to better fit the look of iOS 7, while preserving the “old” look on older iOS versions.

These iOS 7 compatible updates are FREE and now available in the App Store, as version 2.4 (v1.1.1 for CLZ Barry).
If you have updated to iOS 7, or are planning to, make sure to also update your CLZ apps using the Updates tab of the App Store.
The older versions will not work on iOS 7.

BTW: The 2.4 versions of our CLZ database apps also introduce completely new Edit screens:

  • New iOS 7 style edit screen (like the Contacts app).
  • Simple 2 column-layout with Cover image on the left, all other fields on the right.
  • One scroll-box with all fields results in easier scrolling and editing.
  • Easier method of editing multi-value fields like Genres, Tags, etc…

To get the CLZ apps, search the App Store for ‘CLZ’ and choose your mobile companion.