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Jan 27, 2022 Jan 27, 2022

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CLZ Books reviews from customers

January 08, 2022
Great range of features and tools
I've been using this app (and its Windows version) for a number of years and have found it excellent with a great range of features and tools. Adding books to the database is very easy either by manual entry or by scanning the barcode. Updates and improvements come through regularly at no additional cost. Customer service and help are also very good and very prompt. I highly recommend it. — Geoff Norridge (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
January 04, 2022
Easy to use
Does what it says it will do and does it very well, a rare thing these days. — gac 2483 on CLZ Books
January 03, 2022
Great tool for your library
Just started with the app. Very user friendly and gives you clear overview of your book library in various views, along with some other characteristics of each of your books. — Ad Kolsters on CLZ Books
December 31, 2021
Love the app
Love the android app and the cloud version, bought both before my trial ended. — Peggy Allwardt on CLZ Books
December 16, 2021
Me gusta
El uso simultáneo con el mac y el iphone me da mucha flexibilidad, aunque es más completa la batería de datos del programa para mac. Sencillo de usar, el escaneo de isbn (hay algunos que aún no localiza) es de lo mejor para obtener datos rápidamente. — Lpf64 on CLZ Books
December 09, 2021
Accurate and user-friendly
This is an excellent app that provided me with the means to create a decent inventory of a small school library. It is very accurate and user-friendly and I am able to create new titles, link existing ISBN's and access my numbers instantly. Highly recommended. — Stephan E on CLZ Books
December 02, 2021
Great place for books!
I love CLZ Books! I have over 1,000 books in the App. It is easy to use. Love that it shows the covers and that you can read a summary on the book to jog your memory later. The “help” feature is awesome I received a quick reply and it was very helpful! — HayTracie on CLZ Books
November 26, 2021
I love CLZ Books
I love this app many ways to organize you book wants and haves. — Melissa Dawn on CLZ Books
November 19, 2021
Thanks again for a marvelous app
Thank You for reaching out! I sincerely appreciate that extra bit of customer support and actually cannot say enough good things about this app! Lol I have been telling all my friends about it! I even shared it to my pangobooks page and have an upcoming post on my instagram about this app! I uploaded over 500 books in one day! And over 100 more since then! I have numerous copies of each title and this app made it a DREAM come true for keeping track of all my books!
Thank you from the bottom of my book bogged heart!! I wish my P.O.S. inventory was that easy. I love that I can keep track of books that I have, that I don't have but wish I did, and books I have extras of and sell those but they stay in my catalog if it's a favorite... lol. I will definitely save it to the cloud then I didn't know what that function meant yet so thank you. — Reader Jo on CLZ Books
November 19, 2021
Easy app
Easy to organize my collection. — tim andreason on CLZ Books

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