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Mar 18, 2020 Mar 18, 2020

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CLZ Books reviews from customers

March 30, 2020
Gran aplicación
Es una gran aplicación, vale la pena pagar por ella. — Jordi Funes on CLZ Books
March 28, 2020
CLZ Books
Op zaterdag een probleempje gemeld, en vandaag samen met de support desk dit probleempje opgelost. Top zelfs in het weekend actief. — f2hfa on CLZ Books
March 22, 2020
Loving this app
Loving this app already after two days; will definitely be buying the year subscription! — Mary Brookins on CLZ Books
March 20, 2020
No more duplicates
Ideal for documenting my collection in the event of a disaster. Keeps me from buying duplicates. As I enter items, I find books I forgot I had. Loving this! Very great customer service! — Sandra Malek on CLZ Books
March 20, 2020
Die beste app
Die beste App, allerdings alles andere als günstig. Wer aber wirklich sammelt oder einen umfassenden Überblick haben möchte, dem sei diese Ausgabe empfohlen. — Andreas Howering on CLZ Books
March 20, 2020
Amazing app, very easy to use. Huge database, even my weirdest books were in there, and mine as mostly portuguese editions. Also excellent support service!!! Very efficient and quick to reply. Truly recommend the app. — dolcefareniente on CLZ Books
March 17, 2020
Great App / Great Support
I have all the CLZ apps and accompanying PC programming, and have had some for approximately ten years, and love them. I recently had a minor issue with the CLZ Book app, but customer support cleared it up very quickly. Highly recommended for collections big and small. — Red00Knight on CLZ Books
March 17, 2020
Great app just learning it but it awesome so far. — Refuse Wheels on CLZ Books
March 16, 2020
CLZ Big Help
I’m able to access my book collection of almost 6000 volumes regardless of where I happen to be. Thanks to CLZ, there are many times that I’ve avoided buying a duplicate of a book I already have in my collection. — fladesND on CLZ Books
March 16, 2020
Great app with related eco-system!
Using this app, the web based Book Connect as well as the companion CLZ Barry (barcode scanning) I have documented over a 1400 books for my father’s estate. It worked fantastically well! With the collectorz software we were able to keep the books we wanted and sell the rest creating the needed lists and views of the books. Can highly recommend this app and the rest of the collectors software! For entering a bulk number of books with ISBN the CLZ Berry + web based Book Connect works best, but to quickly get an overview and find a book this app is great! — MartinViking on CLZ Books

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