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Sep 9, 2020 Sep 3, 2020

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CLZ Books reviews from customers

September 21, 2020
Great app
Great way to catalog my books! — Lani Gilbert on CLZ Books
September 17, 2020
Perfeito para organizar a biblioteca. — Ricardo Machado on CLZ Books
September 13, 2020
Life savers
Have both Books and Comics apps, and they are both life savers for the amount of books I have. There will be no more buying a book I already had. — steve jones on CLZ Books
September 09, 2020
Powerful app
I have used this app for quite some time and it just gets better with ever update. It's a powerful but simple way to do all the cataloguing of my many books and games. I recommend this to anyone who wants to catalogue. Many useful features and at a good monthly subscription rate. — Keith Michael Spence on CLZ Books
September 08, 2020
Pretty great app, and I actually subscribe to all 4 (games, comics, books, movies). — Devon Richardson on CLZ Books
September 08, 2020
Great application
After a long search for archiving books and music, I finally found the application according to my ideas. It is absolutely fantastic, modern. I definitely recommend anyone looking for this type of application not to save money and buy this app. You will definitely not find a better one. Now I have it on my iPad, but I'll probably buy it on my PC so I can add books and music over my PC. Even if more covers could be added. — vladino sk on CLZ Books
September 04, 2020
Super App
Stabile, zuverlässige App mit geter Benutzeroberfläche. Übersichtlich, einfach zu nutzen. Noch nie Probleme gehabt. Updates immer stabil und durchdacht. — Oskar Schönherr on CLZ Books
August 31, 2020
Pretty good app
My only gripe is that in some books with multiple authors, I do not have control of the order the authors are listed. Otherwise, a pretty good app.
Update (31/08/2020): The version released today solved my problem. — Jun Fuerte on CLZ Books
August 31, 2020
Easy to use
Great way to know what you have! — Lisa Johnson on CLZ Books
August 30, 2020
I love the clz apps
I have had an account with clz games for awhile now and when I saw that y'all did the books I was super excited! — Jessica Hayes on CLZ Books

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