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Oct 23, 2020 Sep 3, 2020

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CLZ Books reviews from customers

December 01, 2020
Excellent support
Great apps and excellent support very helpful, I invite everyone to experience this wonderful database organizer. — Joseph Skaf on CLZ Books
November 30, 2020
Best book cataloguing software I’ve used!
I tried 3-4 other book cataloging apps before I found CLZ and it’s computer based sister Book Connect, but all those others had their limitations and seeming to be aimed at novels. I needed a serious app to catalogue my very late research and academic library and this was it. I now have over 3000 books catalogued and add every new book before putting it on my shelves. It does not take long to learn how to use this app and customer support is excellent with replies often coming back in minutes. I log all my books with Book Connect on my desktop and easily sync to CLZ on my mobile. Have you ever been in a nook shop and wondered if you had a particular title? You either buy it and get home to find it is a dupe or don’t buy it, get home and kick yourself because you didn’t have it. CLZ prevents this and if it stops you buying one dupe a year it has paid for itself. Shopping online for titles? Check if you have the title with Book Connect on your computer. I love it and have recommended it to loads of my friends. — cant see the light on CLZ Books
November 25, 2020
Great App...Great Support (if needed)
I’ve used Book Collector ( and Movie Collector) for many years. Great product on both the Apple Mac OS and IOS. Anytime I’ve had a question, my email is replied to within 3 hours. Great product. Great support. Great people behind both. Highly recommend. — MacBimmer on CLZ Books
November 22, 2020
Even has all my medical textbooks!! — Kevin Ibach on CLZ Books
November 22, 2020
Cataloging app
Effective book cataloguing app. — Jason Whyte on CLZ Books
November 17, 2020
My books organised
Easy to use and organise books. Love that it has a gesture for wishlist for future purchases. — Rebecca Quarton on CLZ Books
November 16, 2020
Easy to use
Easy to use and I can create separate data files for each person in the family. — Jim Payne on CLZ Books
November 15, 2020
Stable and Mature Product
The app was able to easily read bar codes from the last 20 years. Took a little longer with 30-40 year old books. A lot of books had UPC codes and the app easily identifies them. ISBN searches were a breeze. That I could add cover pictures was great. Only complaint: the title search engine is weak. One letter mistake and it couldn’t find a book - “if” instead of “of”. The I and the O are next to each other on my iPhone. But overall I was able to catalogue 99.9% of my more than 1000 books! — The Nomad Reader on CLZ Books
November 07, 2020
Love it
Pretty good. I use this for books & graphic novels. — Justin Howard Query on CLZ Books
November 05, 2020
Great app for people that have a lot of books to manage. — Victor Almeida on CLZ Books

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