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Jul 8, 2021 Jul 7, 2021

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CLZ Books reviews from customers

July 19, 2021
I love this app
I use it daily to manage my extensive book collection. It has very many useful options for sorting your books. It also has an option to add your thoughts on the book such as a rating, whether you have hauled or unhauled the book, when you read it and purchased it etc. Excellent app I have been using it for several years now. — Sarah Barden on CLZ Books
July 17, 2021
It's a great way to keep track of my collection. — Rich Umbenhauer on CLZ Books
July 13, 2021
Perfect app, makes things so much easier!
As someone who is always buying books, and couldn't keep track of what I had, this was a must have for me! You can mark them as part of a series, and what order they go in, you also can edit any field to what ever you want if you want a different way. Now I always know what books I have in a series and never bought a double again! I've enjoyed it so much I use their Movie app too, and subscribe to the online service for a version of both on my laptop! — Rob Conley on CLZ Books
July 08, 2021
Love this app
I love this app and have been using it since its inception years ago. It's a great ways to organize and track all the books I buy and read. It has evolved a lot over the years and is continually getting better. The developers are very attentive to detail and very responsive with support and even suggestions. — John Barber on CLZ Books
July 06, 2021
Fantastic app
Fantastic, books are entered so quickly, and if they can't be scanned they are easy to put in. — John Ess on CLZ Books
July 01, 2021
Love this app!
I use CLZ books to manage my quilt books library. It helps me avoid buying duplicates which is good for my wallet. It’s also easy to add new purchases to the collection. Thank you, CLZ, for keeping me organized!! — JCquilter on CLZ Books
July 01, 2021
Very good catalog
I've been using this for a few years now for my modest (~5000 books) collection. The iPhone and iOS apps are handy for on-the-go access, adding books, and basic editing, though the Mac app is more full-featured. Synchronization has been flawless. The ability to check my catalog while in a bookstore is invaluable. — Anton Rang on CLZ Books
June 26, 2021
It just gets better!
I’ve been using CLZ Books for probably 15 years. First on my desktop, then on my laptop, then on my phone, and now mostly on my iPad. I’ve seen all the changes and updates and I just LOVE this app! It keeps getting better! Even when I had a small glitch, the great crew was right on it and had it fixed in no time!
I recommend it and show it off any chance I get, mostly at bookstores! — Stephanie Griffin on CLZ Books
June 25, 2021
Excellent App
This Book Collector App is excellent. I have a very large book collection and the ease that I can access what books I have has been essential when searching for both used and new books. I have used the CLZ App for over 7 years with only one recent problem. I contacted CLZ and they corrected the fault Immediately. I used the CLZ App on iPhone and iPad. The ability to enter books that I have and books that I am looking for makes this App excellent. — Nongambler on CLZ Books
June 25, 2021
Great support experience
I had a problem with the app crashing with the latest release. I submitted a support request and they quickly got back to me, stepping me through how to send a crash log. They then quickly fixed the problem and let me know to install the new version from the App Store. — JimM55 on CLZ Books

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