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Apr 15, 2020 Mar 18, 2020

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CLZ Books reviews from customers

June 01, 2020
Wonderful application
I’ve been taking the last 8 weeks of isolation to update my book database and want to express my many thanks to the developers and the customer service team. CLZ Books is a wonderful application. — Paul Morrow (USA) on CLZ Books
May 30, 2020
Great tracker
Great for keeping track of the books I can't stop buying. — Andy Woodward on CLZ Books
May 29, 2020
Have been wanting to inventory my 100's of books for years....So easy to use, and customer support through email almost immediate and helpful. SO WORTH THE SNNUAL FEE!!!!!! Easy to use, nice graphical display if boik covers...live it. — RKay Kitchens on CLZ Books
May 29, 2020
No more duplicates
I love being able to shop at any bookstore and not buy something I already own! — Janet Gahagan on CLZ Books
May 23, 2020
Can’t believe how well this works
I have a collection of train books (100+) that I have needed to catalog for years. I was dreading using something like Excel to do this. Not real proficient with this software yet, but it is amazing the authors and titles that pop up. Train books are a real subset of literature, but you guys seem to have a lot of it covered.
Completed 2 shelves of books in about 20 minutes while learning how to use the program. Now I have documentation if I need it for insurance. — C on CLZ Books
May 16, 2020
Super intuitive and fast
This app is extremely easy to use and has lots of very smart features. I was able to start building my collection in seconds! — XLargeBoy on CLZ Books
May 08, 2020
Very handy
A great tool for tracking your books. I'm looking forward to having time to catalogue our CDs and records. — Glenn Murray on CLZ Books
May 07, 2020
Fast app
Outstandingly good. — Glenn Knight on CLZ Books
May 02, 2020
No more duplicates
Finally have a way to keep track of all my books and no more duplicate buying when out shopping! — Candace Buyuklu on CLZ Books
May 02, 2020
Works like it should. Pleased with purchase. — david buss on CLZ Books

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