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Music Connect Web-application, login from any computer or mobile device

The easiest way to catalog your music collection

Last updated:

Oct 14, 2019

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Music Connect features & screenshots

Catalog your music collection online. Automatic song lists and cover art.

  • Easily create your online music inventory.
    Track the music you own or listen to.
  • Share your music list with friends.
  • Online organizer software, no downloads.
    Login from any PC, Mac, tablet or phone.
  • USD $29.95 per year. Free 7-day trial.

Browse your album list in various layouts

Automatically retrieve full album data and images

Easily add albums to your database by barcode or artist and title

Just find your album by artist and title...

or scan the barcode on the back of the album.

Easily edit all your album information

Customize your folder panel and list view columns

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