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Reviews from customers

February 01, 2023
This is the best
Music Collectorz is the best database I have ever used. I have tried and tested many out there and this is the best. That is why I have been using it for years. — Eric Elliott (USA) on Music Collector
January 28, 2023
Very pleased
I've been very pleased with all the apps from Collectorz that I've used. Along with Roon, my music is nicely organized and readily available, via a BlueSound Vault device.
For years I had tracked all my music with a simple SQL/Access database I created with a friend years ago. Your Music Connect app made that laughable, so I quickly migrated my data into Connect and decided to use that going forward.
Nothing but pleased.
Thanks for all your hard work. It's appreciated! — Chris S. (USA) on Music Collector
January 24, 2023
Manage my music collection
I have been looking for an app to manage my music collection and I found Collectorz. All I can say is that I am really loving it. You guys have done an amazing job designing this and I noticed that you've been around since 2000. That's important because I need a software that's reliable because I am a music lover and I collect physical albums. — Denzer SJ on Music Collector
January 21, 2023
Super easy
Super easy to scan all your Vinyl and CDs. — Stefan Oebser on CLZ Music
January 20, 2023
Topp App
Sehr gute App für meine Musiksammlung. — Hendrik on CLZ Music
January 15, 2023
CLZ app
Getting better with each release. — Gido van Schijndel on CLZ Music
January 11, 2023
Best App
Helps keep track of my collection and prevents me from purchasing a duplicate album. — Richard Hoppel on CLZ Music
January 10, 2023
Perfect app
I still love buying CDs and records and some would say it’s an obsession! I have a collection of over 3,000 titles and this app allows me the satisfaction vital to all collectors as it enables me to pour lovingly over everything I’ve ever bought. It’s brilliant when I’m trawling through piles of second hand albums and can’t remember what I’ve got. The customer support is absolutely superb and I can’t recommend it highly enough. — porkyfox (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
January 04, 2023
Great app
While it’s similar to Discogs, I prefer it much more. You can manipulate the artist name any way you want so that you can create a database that mirrors your physical collection. Want Tom Petty to be under “P”? No problem! Want to have Cream albums beside your Clapton albums? No problem! You also have lots of space to include any other information you want. Personally I keep track of specific information on the album itself - quality of pressing, flaws with the cover etc so that if I am crate digging I can compare copies with accuracy. I also keep track of when I listened to it last, if I’ve cleaned it with my ultrasonic cleaner and I even log reviews.
The point is it’s very versatile to augment your information and collection the way YOU want to see it. In my case, it acts as a database of information and I have an exact digital mirror of my physical collection. Why flip through thousands of albums when I can simply scroll through them?
Wonderful app, highly recommended. — johnnyguitargoy (Canada) on CLZ Music