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Reviews from customers

February 26, 2021
Superb programmes
I have today downloaded CLZ Movies and CLZ Music and transferred all my data in less than 30 minutes. They are superb programmes and I must commend the quality, features and reliability of your software. Well done and thank you again. — Roy Claffey (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
February 22, 2021
Top of the line
I have quite a large collection of albums and keeping their details in some sort of order is vital if I ever want to be able to find stuff. Initially I used the app on IOS and when I moved over to Android this was the first app I installed on my new phone.
Its must be 8 or 9 years now that I have been using CLZ and during that time my collection has grown hugely. The app has handled the amount of data really well and syncs beautifully with CLZ Cloud. You have a fair degree of control over how you manage your data as well as the ability to change the appearance of the app. This means you can have your collection displayed in a manner that makes sense to you.
One final point. Over the years I have had to contact CLZ customer support 2 or 3 times. On every occasion they have been excellent. They have always responded quickly and courteously and have resolved every problem I have thrown at them. They offer the best customer support of any app developer I have used. I recommend this app wholeheartedly. — Yesemite Sam on CLZ Music
February 21, 2021
Excellent so far. — Malcolm Sauer on CLZ Music
February 11, 2021
Eine Klasse App
Es findet fast alle (93+%) der Alben. Da ich sehr viel aus Subgenres (Brutal Death Metal) höre ist das Top! Auch bei Fragen hilft der Service schnell, freundlich, kompetent und lösungsorientiert weiter! Danke:) — Anzle S. on CLZ Music
February 06, 2021
Very cool app!
It’s given me the ability to finally catalogue my cd’s and vinyl collection. I had forgot all the great music I have and now I’am listening to tracks I haven’t heard in many years!! — Ogami9 on CLZ Music
February 06, 2021
Jeden Cent wert!
Funktioniert ausgezeichnet und ist meiner Meinung nach jeden Cent wert! Sehr einfache Handhabung! — Sven Dederichs on CLZ Music
February 05, 2021
Top shelf!
I converted over to Connect. As expected, the UI, functionality, and features are top shelf! I am looking forward to exploring it more. — Mark K (USA) on Music Collector
February 04, 2021
Consigliata +++
Confetma le mie aspettative: legge i barcode col telefono e recupera le info da un db dove c'è (quasi) tutto, comprese le stampe italiane. Consigliata +++ — Sauro Zani on CLZ Music
January 30, 2021
A must for serious collector
The best collector software ever!!! — Carlo Cocirio on CLZ Music
January 30, 2021
Gute App
Sehr gut durchdachte Software. — K 2000 on CLZ Music
January 30, 2021
Highly recommended
Easy to use. Large database. Very friendly, helpful people. Great app overall. — Mr. X on CLZ Music
January 26, 2021
Excellent App for Music
I have been using CLZ Books for over 3 years and finally I decided to install de CLZ Music for my collection of Vinyl records and CD’s. I was amazed to find that this app has a lot of places that you can enter the information that you want to include.
It makes really a good program , easy to enter the information, even manually since the old vinyl records were manufactured before the barcode system was invented.
I also find the support I received is excellent , the reply to any question was good and quick considering the difference in time zone between Australia and the Netherlands.
The only regret is that I should have installed the CLZ Music long time ago. I recommend to anybody to give it a go and try this Great App
Congratulations — yoghino on CLZ Music
January 22, 2021
Can't say how much time I'm saving on this little chore I took on, thank you! — A Shark Named James on CLZ Music
January 22, 2021
Excellent app
Does exactly as stated. Easy to use and database is awesome ! Contacted by developers who seem friendly and very helpful if needed. — Andy Stride on CLZ Music
January 22, 2021
Saubere App
Tut was sie soll und ist meiner Meinung nach ihr Geld wert! — Lutz Elend on CLZ Music
January 19, 2021
Thank you guys for your tech support
I want to thank you guys for your tech support. This is the second or third time I've asked your help and you have always been quite prompt and thorough in your responses. I also want to thank you for adding a feature that allows me to input my older vinyl record catalogue numbers and getting a full listing of contents. Just tested with a 1965 Vanguard and it worked surprisingly well. You deserve a Nobel. I spent hours and hours entering my mostly jazz vinyl collection with 7.5. Now I think I can add my (equally large) folk and rural blues collection as well. — Bruce Allen (USA) on Music Collector
January 18, 2021
PHENOMENAL customer service
Your customer service is PHENOMENAL!!!! Thanks so much!
This is the type of old fashioned customer support that hasn’t been seen in two generations, which I remember growing up. I send in a question or request in the evening and the step by step solution is there waiting for me in the morning! It’s so refreshing that you’ve decided to run your business this way in this day and age! — Tom Mosby (USA) on Music Collector
January 18, 2021
Really wonderful software. I have over 2000 albums and discs to catalog now. — Bob Murphy (USA) on Music Collector
January 10, 2021
Beste CD Verwaltung
Beste CD Verwaltung, die ich bisher genutzt habe. Gut auch für große Sammlungen. — Hans-Burkhard Erbslöh on CLZ Music
January 10, 2021
All one can need to organize his records. The best I know. — António Marques on CLZ Music
January 09, 2021
Fantastic app
Fantastic app for cataloguing your collection. Subscription service is very reasonably priced, good value if you have a large collection. Very extensive online catalogue, ability to add your own covers, flexible and customizable system for defining the catalogue the way you want. Also, saving catalogue online means it is backed up and can be viewed from multiple devices. — Chris Keane on CLZ Music
January 07, 2021
The support is superb
Thank you very much for the quick and helpful reply. I rather suspected it was due to an older version, but decided to leave it in your very capable hands to straighten me out. I renewed my subscription and upgraded to the latest version of both Music and Movie. I really think your products are excellent and the support is superb. Thanks once more for getting me past this hurdle! — Thomas Pazel (USA) on Music Collector
January 04, 2021
Fantastisch programma
Het is ongelooflijk hoe jullie het steeds weer voor elkaar krijgen om nieuwe mogelijkheden aan een toch al fantastisch programma toe te voegen. Chapeau! — Cor Hollander (Netherlands) on Music Collector
January 04, 2021
Very helpful app
Easy to use software, accurate, very helpful to keep track of CDs. — A Google user on CLZ Music
January 04, 2021
Sehr freundlicher und lösungsorientierter Support. Innerhalb von 2 Tagen wurde der Fehler (Hinzufügen eines Albums zur wishlist ging nicht mehr) eingegrenzt und die app bekam ein update. Vielen Dank. — Michael Heller on CLZ Music
January 03, 2021
The best tool
The best tool to manage your music collection!!! — Teena Green on CLZ Music
January 01, 2021
Buena aplicación
Buena aplicación para indexar tu colección de música, en este caso. Excelente soporte técnico. — Alberto López on CLZ Music
January 01, 2021
Schöne App
Endlich Übersicht über meine LP Sammlung! Und sehr schneller Support! Danke! — jürgen w on CLZ Music