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Reviews from customers

December 15, 2006
Your product is excellent and the more I use it the more impressed I become. Keep up the good work. — Bradley McInnes on Music Collector
December 09, 2006
I love the software
I love the software---I have over 1000 books in my home library and would never keep them straight without Book Collector---high recommend it! Now I can enjoy the Music Collector and will put it to good use as my CD collection is also growing and getting more difficult to organize.

Thanks again for your prompt attention and for the software! — Brenda Ough on Music Collector

October 06, 2006
In awe of your software
Just wanted to thank you once again for a superior product. I'm a 70 year old rank amateur, but am constantly in awe of your software and its user friendliness... rare these days.

My 60 year old jazz collection is almost done thanks to your program and the scanner. BRAVO ZULU!!!! — Phillip F McNall on Music Collector

August 11, 2006
Saves me so much time and stress
Music Collector is an absolutely wonderful product, as a DJ I would recommend it to anyone. I have my entire collection stored on my laptop, so I can take it to my gigs with me.

It saves me so much time and stress because I can easily look up track listings in a matter of seconds. With several hundred CD's, it's impossible to memorize whats on all of them.
I also use music collector to allow patrons to view my collection on my computer, so no one has to touch my CDs. — Angela Cornelius on Music Collector

June 06, 2006
Keep up the good work!
I have been a registered MuC user from before it was even called Music Collector (it was called KIC Music at the time) and have had only pleasant surprises since then.
All of the questions and suggestions I have given in the past 6 years were used one way or the other to improve and enhance MuC. But more important most of the functionality I needed was added long before I even realized I needed it (most recent example: export to iPod).

What I find most surprising is that I am still using the lifetime license I bought in the KIC Music time (and when Muc became Muc standard and Muc Pro, this license was changed to Pro automatically). I don't normally write messages like this but I just thought I had to let you know.
Keep up the good work! — Dries Dokter on Music Collector

April 04, 2006
Your program is marvelous
Your program is marvelous. BRAVO ZULU!!! (US Navy term for WELL DONE). — Phillip McNall on Music Collector
March 21, 2006
Ease of use
Just to say how pleased I am with these two programs, I have been looking at (and trying) many but these have just the right combination of great layout and features plus ease of use-highly recommended! — Ian Kennedy on Music Collector
March 09, 2006
A superior product
Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate the quick response to my email and I just want to say that I use your product daily and it had NEVER failed me.

Always leave it to the Dutch to put out a superior product. — Mathew J. Deroko on Music Collector

March 08, 2006
I should say how impressed I am with the program and, after a few more days evaluation, I'm sure I'll buy it. I'm also impressed by your help and support to me and, as I can see on the support forum, how you support users in general.

Regards and many thanks. — Peter Meudell on Music Collector