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Reviews from customers

December 14, 2008
Your product is a godsend
I'm just now getting to read your recent e-mail and am appalled at the messages sent to you by customers who, in coming upon a problem with one of your outstanding products, failed to address you with a more conciliatory question such as: "Can you suggest a probable cause as to why my copy, downloaded from your site, does not seem to work on my computer?"

Your response to each of them was quite diplomatic and I applaud you for being levelheaded in solving their problems. It never seems to amaze me that most people demand respect, but are short on being respectful.

However, if it will raise your morale and the morale of your colleagues a little more with regards to your products and services, I, as a satisfied customer, have not had any problem with the downloading of my "trial edition" of the Music Collector Software.

I have been working with the instructions given on how to get started and I am ecstatic over the results thus far. Moreover, I am anxiously awaiting now for the arrival of my scanner to begin cataloging my collection, which has been on my shelves and in boxes for years with no order.

Your product is a godsend and should be a must for all record and cd collectors, no exception. Finally, to quote a well-known phrase: "Build a better mouse trap, and the world will beat a path to your door."

The overwhelming response to your product (s) proves the validity of the above phrase. Keep up the great work. — Elmer Booze on Music Collector

December 10, 2008
I had to write to say Bravo!
I recently purchased your Music Collector Pro software and after entering about 250 CDs (a fraction of my collection) I had to write to tell you how pleased I am with the database.

So far, there's not a single thing that I haven't been able to achieve.
Too often people take good products for granted so I had to write to say Bravo! — Velpo Robertson on Music Collector

December 07, 2008
What a wonderful program
I have to tell you what I think about Music Collector.

I looked for a program that I could understand and would not be time consuming to keep track of my hundreds of CDs. I looked at several and when I found yours had a free trial, I thought that is wonderful I could try it before buying it.

I was very pleased but I thought one thing would make it ideal,the ability to use my Cuecat scanner I got from RadioShack and had no use for until now. I checked the latest on your website and found to my delight it might be possible to use the Cuecat (it is the old type without a USB connection,it splices into the keyboard connection) so I plugged it in and tried it, The first try didn't work but the next one did-WOW!

I knew I had to pay for the license key to get unlimited use as I used up the free trial very soon!

I cannot thank you enough but I will tell my friends what a wonderful program you created and urge them to try it then buy it. — Peter Beda on Music Collector

September 28, 2008
3,000 movies and 3,000 albums
I have both Music Collector and Movie Collector, and what marvelous programs they are for collectors like me. I now have about 3,000 movies and 3,000 albums in my collections. — John B. Miller on Music Collector
September 01, 2008
Love the Music Collector
I just wanted to let you know, that I absolutely love the Music Collector. I need to check out the video collector also. I have over 1,000 CDs to catalog first. Thanks for you fine work!!!
I really don't know exactly what I have and what I need. Your collection will help me clear that up. It's terrible getting over 60 and losing your long & short term memory. — Joe Baker on Music Collector
August 27, 2008
Just fantastic
In June I purchased your Music Collector Pro program which I think is just fantastic. I use it to catalog our ever growing CD collection of now some 4,000 recordings.
This is for the CD library of the New Orleans Musica da Camera, a non-profit performing ensemble of early music which I founded & co-direct. We are now in our 43rd year. — Milton Scheuermann on Music Collector
July 15, 2008
The right cataloging system
Thank you for a brilliant product!

I had been searching ages for the right cataloging system as I had 4,000 albums vinyl, over 3,000 7"singles, 2,000 12"singles and about 2,000 CDs to input and of course all the vinyl has to be manually input (I cheat by treating it as a CD then changing tracks etc.) — John Killick on Music Collector

June 30, 2008
Duplicate CDs
The one thing I think is great, is that since purchasing music collector I haven't purchased duplicate CDs, a thing that I use to do quite often.
Many thanks for your product. It is great! — Sue Milton on Music Collector
June 19, 2008
Enjoy Music Collector
My name is James C. Gebbia I live in the desert southwest in the wonderful state of Arizona in the great country of the United States. I first want to say your database for collectors (mainly CDs) is great! I have at the time of writing this 11,021 silver pressed factory CDs not including 99 cdrs of various colors that are band and/or band authorized issued. I add about 25-50 CDs monthly to my collection.

I have been using Music Collector to manage my cd collection now for about 3 years. I mainly listen to all genres of rock music from 1964 to present. I really enjoy Music Collector, it keeps my collection very well organized alphabetically by band name, title of cd, year released, label and number of tracks.

Without Music Collector I wouldn't know what to do with my collection. I love to add to the database when I find that rare CD that's not in the database, but thats pretty uncommon. — James C. Gebbia on Music Collector

June 02, 2008
The very best available
Might I tell you that I have been collecting music for 35 years, and with more than 8,200 albums, your software is the very best available anywhere.
I have tried other databases>, but for ease of use, screen layout, report printing, and reliability, nothing compares to Collectorz, especially since you've improved the software so much compared to seven or eight years ago.
Simply amazing. — Mike Hotz on Music Collector
May 20, 2008
Thank you for this fine product
I am a SQL programmer by profession but a blues music collector by passion. I had been playing around writing my own program for my collection (about 4,000 cd's). I did the 30 day trial of your program mostly to get ideas - your program was so good I quit building my own.

I buy sell trade borrow Blues CD's in a large local blues society and your program makes managing my CD collection very easy. Thank you for this fine product - I have recommended it to all I come across. I even recommended it to a movie (shudder :)) collector the other day. Nice work. — John Chadwick on Music Collector

April 04, 2008
Liked what I saw
Your software has been a breathe of fresh air for me. I was an advocate user of Microsoft Access and Excel to manage my collection. A friend of mine turned me on to your site. One day (about a year ago) I finally downloaded a trial version and liked what I saw.

It took me about 32 hours to input all my CDs which was about 1,900 at the time. Since then my collection has grown to just under 3,750. Using a handheld scanner is a great way to input the information. What I really like is I can search for a particular song or Artist. It takes a little time to return the results but I know it's because of the size of my collection.

I will probably change my DVD collection over to use your software as well. I have about 1,200 DVD movies. — Randolph Chilson on Music Collector

March 10, 2008
Prima stuk software
Ik heb recent jullie Music collector gedownload voor mijn ruim 4,000 grote vinyl platenverzameling. Ik heb een flinke klus voor de boeg, maar het programma werkt perfect en super makkelijk. Bedankt voor dit prima stuk software. — Harry Jansen on Music Collector
March 03, 2008
Quelle facilité!
J'ai longuement hésité à acheter le lecteur de codes barres de Collectorz mais, ayant une discothèque de plus de 600 CD à entrer, mettre à chaque fois le CDd dans le lecteur m'a découragé rapidement à chaque fois.

J'ai enfin décidé de l'acheté ... A peine arrivé, je l'installe facilement en usb, et j'essaie un CD. Une seconde, le code est lu, la recherche est lancée dans la base et mon CD apparaît à l'écran! Quelle facilité! Je sais que j'aurai toujours des petits labels qui resteront introuvables mais j'ai retrouvé l'envie d'entrer toute ma discothèque sur ordi!

Un outil utile qui doit pouvoir servir à autre chose puisque plusieurs sites en vendent maintenant de marque diffférente. Mais c'est risquer une incompatibilité avec Collectorz, donc, mieux vaut préférer l'original! — Emmanuel Gerard on Music Collector

February 14, 2008
Uitstekend product
Sinds jaar en dag verzamel ik zowel privé als semi-proffesioneel (radio) CD's, zodoende was ik op zoek naar een gepast programma die een massa aan CD's kon verwerken, inventariseren en klasseren. Na een paar programma's te hebben uitgeprobeerd ben ik uiteindelijk bij jullie aanbeland. Na een paar honderd CD's met Music Collector te hebben geklasseerd ben ik nu in de overtuiging dat dit een meer dan uitstekend product is.

Het is in het begin even wennen en wat uitproberen om de juiste functies te leren kennen, maar eens dat onder de knie mag ik wel zeggen dat het programma meer dan genoeg in zijn mars heeft. Er zitten schitterende functies in die erg goed werken, om er maar een paar te noemen:

- Meerdere nummers bewerken of wijzigen.
- Items samenvoegen (ook naar).
- Allerlei lijsten bewerken.

Enz. te veel om op te noemen. Conclusie: een programma die volgens mij een gouden medaille verdiend, dank je wel Heren Collectorz voor dit juweeltje. — Erik Paelman on Music Collector