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Reviews from customers

November 16, 2007
Mijn complimenten
Mijn complimenten voor jullie product, zelfs een complete computer leek als ik kan er redelijk mee omgaan. Muziek is voor mij heel belangrijk en jullie leveren daar een bijdrage aan. Bedankt! — Wendy Baardman on Music Collector
November 12, 2007
I love the software
I love the software. I decided to check out the music software and just purchased that from your site a couple of days ago. I haven't had a chance to start organizing our music collection but will as soon as I can wade through all our movies. If it works as well as the movie software... I shall be very pleased.

We purchase quite a few foreign disks of both movies and music so it is very, very nice that we can search foreign databases for the information on this portion of our collections. I only ran into about a dozen movies that were not listed anywhere on any of the databases. The ability to scan and add the covers is priceless. — Linda Rogers on Music Collector

November 09, 2007
Easy-to-use features
I have completed cataloging my CD collection in record time, thanks to the thoughtful way your program works, and its amazingly easy-to-use features.
Your customer service is A1 too!! — David Halliday on Music Collector
October 29, 2007
Music Collector
Il y a de très nombreuses années - le nombre de mes CD audio commençant à augmenter sérieusement - j'ai cherché une application qui me permette de créer une base de données afin de gérer ce patrimoine.

Une base de données de disques (également d'autres médias) est complexe si on veut prendre en compte l'ensemble des informations. J'ai cherché longtemps et je n'étais jamais satisfait car il manquait toujours certaines fonctions.

Un jour j'ai trouvé "Keep It Compact" - qui était l'ancêtre de "MusicCollector". Là j'ai eu la révélation: "c'est exactement ce que je cherchais". Depuis je n'ai pas cessé d'utiliser les différentes versions, participant parfois à des améliorations. L'inter activité entre les usagers et le(s) auteur(s) est très précieuse dans le développement de logiciels. L'équipe de Collectorz.com a toujours été à l'écoute des utilisateurs et de plus, de façon très compétente.

Le confort de MusicCollector vient de son ouverture sur des bases de données mondiales qui facilitent énormément l'acquisition des informations.

Créer une base de données n'a de sens que si on s'en sert. Je ne vais pas citer tous les bénéfices que je tire de MusicCollector, mais j'aimerais souligner quelques points forts:

- Il m'évite d'acquérir des doublons. Quand on possède quelque centaines de disques, il arrive que l'on ne se souvienne plus de ce qu'on possède et fatalement on achète ce qu'on possède déjà (d'autant plus que certains albums sont parfois réédités sous d'autres formes, mais avec un contenu identique).
- J'effectue des requêtes sans difficultés (quels sont les disques qui contiennent des pistes avec John Coltrane comme auteur?).
- C'est le moyen le plus rapide pour trouver le morceau que je recherche pour faire une écoute.
- Je connais la valeur vénale de mon patrimoine (c'est utile pour les assurances et pour constater combien je dépense!).
- Etc.

Chaque fois que j'en ai l'occasion je recommande avec enthousiasme MusicCollector à des amis qui ont les mêmes préoccupations de gestion de disques que moi.

J'aimerais à l'occasion du 7ème anniversaire de Collectorz.com, féliciter toute l'équipe, avec une pensée particulière pour Alwin Hoogerdijk (avec qui j'ai parfois été en contact par courriel) et Mark-Jan Harte qui ont su faire prospérer cette société.

Longue vie à votre aventure. — Jean Claude Cërou on Music Collector

September 12, 2007
Such an easy process
Have just downloaded my own version via the web of the Music Collectors program. Have been trying for YEARS to get my husband to catalogue his music collection. Thank you so much for making it such an easy process, have put in about 120 already and still have more to add. Thanks again. — Mavis Sergeant on Music Collector
August 08, 2007
A sophisticated program
I have an ever-growing admiration for Music Collector and the many nice features in it. I've been going through my Artists List, changing names to the style of "last name, first name". After many manual reformattings of the Sort Name for entries in the AL, I just now discovered what you've provided in the "down arrow Generate" button. What a nice feature! And it's not the first time I've said that to myself as I've continued to process our music collection into Music Collector!

You have really developed a sophisticated program! And being a retired teacher of, among things, relational database theory, I have some idea of how much work must have gone into making Music Collector as good as it is. — Ron Wyllys on Music Collector

August 08, 2007
I loved your program from the beginning
After I had already purchased my 8th duplicate CD, I decided it was high time to inventory my CD collection to prevent it from happening again.
I downloaded 5 or 6 other comparable software pieces, which were designed to do what your music collector does. Believe me, the competition's programs are junk in comparison to yours. I didn't have to load but two or three CDs into the other's demo programs to realize that I didn't need the frustration I was already experiencing at least another 800 times.
I loved your program from the beginning and I still do. It is designed well, and is very user friendly. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to keep an accounting of their collection, for whatever reason. — Chuck Taylor on Music Collector
June 06, 2007
Love it!
I just recently ordered 3 collectors plus the bar scanner about a month ago. I tested the music collector out with a few CDs and it works great.
Love it! — Debbie Miner on Music Collector
May 02, 2007
Wonderful products
Please, allow me to first thank you for your wonderful products. I've been using Music Collector since it was Keep It Compact 1 and as I've added more things to my life, I've added more Collectorz products and I should buy the scanner one of these days. — Phil Spressart on Music Collector
April 13, 2007
The best program
I downloaded the trial and it really is the best program that I had used and had seen and I have used about 12 different programs! Congratulations! Tomorrow morning I will do the order for the pro version. — Francisco Javier Salmador on Music Collector
April 10, 2007
Wonderful software
I own 5,000 cds and your Music Collector is a wonderful software, really useful and easy. Thanks a lot for this and thanks for your support: I had some help needs in the past and the help came always very quickly, precise and kind!!
I recommended your products to many friends. — Paolo Rolando Perino on Music Collector
March 29, 2007
Answered all my needs
Firstly, thank you for an excellent program which I've just purchased having used the trial edition. The software has answered all my needs. Not only do I love music, but have enjoyed keeping records of different things since I was young, so this software is perfect. In fact it exceeds my needs!! — Stuart Blackaller on Music Collector
January 25, 2007
Very happy
I am very happy with your product, and with your terrific (not in the terror inducing connotation of that word) support service. — Philip Mahnken on Music Collector
January 18, 2007
Very pleased
I just completed adding all my CD albums to my CD Library. I am very pleased with your software. In fact, the more I use the software the better I like the wide scope of possibilities that is available. — Joe Loreti on Music Collector
January 18, 2007
Absolutely fantastic
Music Collector is a fantastic Program for Music Fans and Collectors who want to have the data of their Record-Collection with all details in one database. I tried different programs before. None was better than this! You buy it once for a very low price and you get a very good support plus regular updates.

You guys are doing a great Job and you know exactly what we collectors need. Go on like this! Thanks a lot for your great work! The program is absolutely fantastic. — Gero Falletta on Music Collector