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Reviews from customers

December 26, 2003
What a time saver
Wow! I love the new automated scan feature for Q'ing up new discs! What a time saver. I loved the program before and didn't think it could get much better. Nothing can touch it for cataloging discs. — Barry Libenson on Music Collector
November 26, 2003
Your software makes this so easy
I actually purchased music collector and have been using it for the past week or so ! - I'm slowly but surely cataloging my CD collection. The software works very well and more than justifies my purchasing of it ! - I really never thought I'd ever be inclined to really database all my cds but your software makes this so easy.

(maybe I'll move onto my DVDs next!?!) — Nigel Carver on Music Collector

November 25, 2003
Worth every penny
Dear Support, You music collector is amazing. You should get 6 stars for this product. For the price it's worth every penny.
Thank's again, Ron — Ron Krysiewski on Music Collector
November 17, 2003
Great program
Great program - really like the new add CD features with search of all the databases.
My wife loves her movie database - enters all the movies she has watched in the last 15 years or so. Spends hours on it. — Evan Brown on Music Collector
October 03, 2003
Wonderful program
Great, great great! Love the idea that I can put 5 CDs in at a time and get information on them. I also love the idea that I can add my obscure CDs onto a list so other people out there who have them know that they are not alone!

Wonderful program....
If you're using a trial program, BUY IT NOW! — Graeme Moran on Music Collector

September 02, 2003
The best program
I recently bought Music Collector 6.0 Standard Edition. Let me congratulate you on a great product at a sensible price! It is certainly the best program of this type I have come across. — Nigel Boulton on Music Collector
August 25, 2003
Thank you!
The change you added to this new version which allows one to lookup by name/artist from the various sites is FABULOUS!!
I want to thank you very much for adding this feature. I know it is something I sent in a request for a long time ago and you have come through with a great solution. Now I can create song lists for the LPs I've catalogued, which will make it much, much easier to search for specific songs to be digitized for CD compilations.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! — Paul Fischer on Music Collector

August 22, 2003
Well done!
Hello Guys,
Love the new version of Music Collector. Search features are brilliant - well done! — DJ Ricardo (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
August 21, 2003
I LOVE you guys
This has to be the best new release EVER - I LOVE you guys, thank you so much! — Debbie Beier on Music Collector
August 21, 2003
GREAT product
Thanks guys for a GREAT product!!! I have a collection of over 500 cd's, and without your product, I would have an awful time trying to find songs and even knowing if I had some of them. — Dick Fiedler on Music Collector
August 20, 2003
I love the product
This is great. This program is one of the best investments I have ever made! I love the product. — Barry Libenson on Music Collector
August 20, 2003
Good job
Just had to drop you a line and tell you this is what I have been waiting for, for a long time. I like to add a picture of the album cover to my data base. Before I had to scan and add. Lately I have really slacked up and got way behind.

The search for album cover on the internet is a feature that should really sell this program. So far everything works great. Good job. — David Geary on Music Collector

August 20, 2003
Thanks for a great product
Dear Alwin and Mark-Jan,
May I congratulate you both for an excellent upgrade even for a technophobe like me. I am really really impressed with it. Once again thanks for a great product. — Dave Naldrett on Music Collector
August 20, 2003
Great database
Great database, cheers for all the improvements. — Nigel Jarvis on Music Collector
July 22, 2003
An excellent product
An excellent product, easy to install (even for us old none techies), does exactly what it says on the can!!!
Well done keep it up. — Ken Bean on Music Collector
May 21, 2003
Just love your music collector program
I just love your music collector program. My husband and I have both been avid collectors for over 30 years. Our collection has grown and has taken over nearly every room in the house. It's wonderful that we will now be able to easily catalogue our collection.

I will be trying some of your other programs as our book and DVD collections are starting to rival the music collection for space - and are just as chaotic. — Sue Quarterman on Music Collector

May 20, 2003
It was just what I wanted
At last!!

I have been searching for an easy method of putting my CD collection (Classics and Theatre Musicals/Operas) onto my PC, but never quite finding what I wanted. Then, in today's Daily Telegraph, the very same question was posed, and a number of replies appeared. I tried your site first, and didn't need to bother looking at any others, as it was just what I wanted.
I have a CD rack on one wall, consisting of 48 sections, each capable of taking 15 jewel cases (which may be single or double holders!), so you can see I was facing a LONG job, without too much enthusiasm!
As soon as I have got everything onto the computer I can then return to my collection - something I have had on hold for a few years now, lest I end up with more than one copy of the same disc!!

Thanks again - it is now a job I am looking forward to, not a task any longer!! — Anthony Pink on Music Collector

April 06, 2003
Great stuff
I've used Davilex Easy Music for several years, but now I've upgraded my computer to Windows XP and found that Easy Music was not compatible. I purchased the successor, Davilex CD Beheer, for a few euro's, but I was shocked by the lack of functionality.
I downloaded a few shareware programs from Tucows and I immediately liked your program. As I have to enter 600 CD's, I really need the CDDB connection, and I like to have the flexibility in defining my own prints and export files (HTML).

You sell great stuff!! — Ruud Smeets on Music Collector

April 01, 2003
Hey guys!! Its been awhile since I updated my Music collector and just did to the version 5.1 build 4 I think it is. Very nice!!!! I've been using Music Collector for a while now and love it.

The export to HTML with the details is awesome!!!! Kudos!!! — Craig Weaver on Music Collector

February 23, 2003
I was impressed
I found your product by using a Google search on 'Music Collection', which was a refinement from my initial search on 'Catalogue CDs'. Your website was the first item returned, so I checked it out and was impressed. The Google search also returned comments from other users, all of which were complimentary.
I downloaded the demo and began to add some CDs. Again I was impressed. After 5 CDs added and a night 'to sleep on it' I decided to buy. Now my collection of over 400 CDs has a place to reside, electronically, without me having to type them all in. Also, music compilations can be tracked.

Congratulations on developing a product that is straightforward and applicable to a single item. Too many products / companies try to be too much to too many, your focus is appreciated. — Stephen Crone on Music Collector

January 18, 2003
Very happy with the program
I'm very happy with the program.... its the first that I've downloaded from the net and I wanted to thank you for all the hard work that you and your colleagues have put into the product, as well as the time that's put into supporting the product. — Andrew Lee on Music Collector
January 10, 2003
Fulfilled my expectations
Many thanks for the update to Version 5.0, that ran faultlessly. Your program was originally recommended to me by an acquaintance and it has always fulfilled my expectations. It has never crashed, executes perfectly and provides excellent organization. — John Panton on Music Collector