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Reviews from customers

December 29, 2021
Best App Ever!
I never write reviews but this app is absolutely fantastic for keeping track of your collection. Super easy to understand and use , user friendly , nice interface , and customer service couldn’t be more helpful. Download it now!!!!! — famousfox2020 (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
December 23, 2021
Best app ever
Flawless - can’t fault it. — famousfox2020 (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
December 13, 2021
Very useful tool
I am now able to digitize my album collection very easily with a great lookup tool for material dating as far back as the 70's. Great app and a very useful tool. — Elden Breckenridge on CLZ Music
December 13, 2021
Perfect for my needs! — Brett Watkins on CLZ Music
December 09, 2021
Amazing app
All my LP Records perfected catalogued. And the customer assistence, is 5 stars, and super fast. I c'ant live without this app. Congratulations — Mario Nunes on CLZ Music
December 06, 2021
No more doubles
Very easy to work with. And now I have my collection on the road. — Doug Spraungel on CLZ Music
November 26, 2021
CLZ app
Die App macht es einem leicht, mit nur geringem Zeitaufwand seine eigene Sammlung von Tonträgern zu archivieren. Jeder Titel ist schnell auffindbar, und man sieht sofort, ob man verschiedene Interpretationen auf CD, Vinyl oder DVD im Plattenschrank stehen hat, und vor allem kann man sowohl Datenbankeinträge von der CLZ-Cloud abrufen als auch selbst welche vervollständigen, korrigieren oder neu anlegen. Seit Jahren im Einsatz, läuft das Programm - als Smartphone- wie auch als Desktopapp - stabil. — Jürgen Grunewald on CLZ Music
November 24, 2021
The CLZ Cloud saved my day
I want to tell you how the CLZ Cloud saved my day.
A few days ago my separate hard drive died and could not be brought back to life enough to recover my database for Music collector! I had backups done rather regularly, but on the crash it was not up to date, but the CLZ Cloud was since it is so easy to synchronize both database (cloud and PC).
The Music Collector software was intact since it is installed on a different HD, but my database was lost. I then tried to reverse synchronize from CLZ Cloud and within minutes of download everything was back in my PC and running.
Voilà, a quick story of my experience of the day with the CLZ Cloud! — Jean-Pierre Crête (Canada) on Music Collector
November 22, 2021
Superb app
Très très bonne application pour classer sa musique (CD et vinyles dans mon cas). Le data base est vraiment très complet et l'utilisation hyper efficace. 5 étoiles aussi pour le support technique. — Thierry Oger on CLZ Music
November 16, 2021
Easy to use and well designed
I maintain my entire 7" vinyl collection on this. I also use the comic book version of the software. — Bryan Greiner on CLZ Music
November 13, 2021
Echt voor de verzamelaars!
App werkt super, het is handig ook onder weg als je ff snel wil kijken of je al iets hebt of niet. Barcode scan of nummer invoeren en je album staat in je collectie heel handig. Ben erg blij mee kan ook niks vinden wat er niet goed aan is en gebruik hem al paar jaar ook van de games collectorz ;-) — ARTPro72 on CLZ Music
November 11, 2021
Very useful as I've needed to catalogue my music for some time. Very good app, gets better all the time, recommended. — Tim Salter on CLZ Music
November 08, 2021
The best cataloging software I've come across
I've been using this for more than two years now (music, books and movies) and I find each invaluable, particularly the mobile phone apps when I am shopping. The support team are friendly and helpful as well. — David South on CLZ Music
November 05, 2021
Still the best even years later
Many years ago I got fed up with looking for a particular track I had on a compilation album and set about looking for a database for cataloguing my cd collection and found CLZ Music Collector and have never looked back.
I can now go out and buy cd's knowing I can check if I have it via the CLZ Music Collector app on my phone, which is syncd with the laptop.
Keep up the good work. — Ken Gillingham on CLZ Music
November 01, 2021
Excellent product and great service
I have a large music collection and the need to catalogue it was getting obvious.
I tried various products but this one was streets ahead of the others. I have been using it and the desktop version for years and whenever a problem crops up (as they are bound to from time to time) they are always fixed promptly and skilfully. A massive thank you to the Collectorz team who have kept going, working from home throughout the pandemic and continue to provide their excellent support.
I reviewed this quite a while ago and I am delighted to say that the same level of service and functionality is being given. — KeithieW (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
November 01, 2021
CLZ Music
Good tool to keep control of your music collection. Prompt answer to queries. — Subscriber D (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
October 17, 2021
Fantastic App
I’ve been using CLZ app for about a year, it’s simply fantastic!
Really easy to use. I migrated my spreadsheet catalogue onto CLZ and I’m amazed how easy it was. The support team are very helpful and the response time is nearly real time. I’ve recommended to friends and they’re delighted. — Campeonson on CLZ Music
October 11, 2021
Wonderful program
i want to thank you for making this incredible program. I have been with this program for several years now. This has been the greatest program to help me keep track of all my cds. Even though its time consuming i find it challenging and fun at the same time. I keep finding more and more things to add to each cd and that is what is challenging.
Again thank you for a wonderful program. 5/5 — Arnold Hamilton (USA) on Music Collector
October 07, 2021
An excellent app. I have far too many cds and vinyl records and categorising them with the back up of an outstanding database has been easy, rapid and (not least in preventing doubling up) money saving. I commend it to anyone with a collection of any size. — /sf/fd (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
October 05, 2021
Love this app!
I had some minor issues and the support is fantastic! Very quick reply and they won't let you go until your problem is solved. Highly recommended! — peter stickler on CLZ Music
October 04, 2021
Huge asset
Just a quick note to express gratitude and appreciation for the thought you put into the drag & drop feature of arranging episodes. This has been a massive time-saver – not only to be able to simply drag episodes to the disc they belong on (as opposed to having to create them manually), but also the brilliant idea you had to permit users to utilize Ctrl+click to pre-set the order prior to dragging. The ability to easily make these edits that is in your product is a huge asset. — Greg Winters (USA) on Music Collector
September 30, 2021
Super app
Love this app...just what I need to keep tabs on my music..been using it for years keeps getting better with every update. — Richard McAllister on CLZ Music
September 22, 2021
I'm loving this app!
Easy to use and navigate. This app is great for cataloging all styles of formats. — Milt Rushow on CLZ Music
September 16, 2021
Great app
This is a great app for managing a music collection. We'll worth paying for. — Michael Markley on CLZ Music
September 15, 2021
I just wanted to say a great big thank you for your software packages. I’ve been using them for just over a month now and OMG I wish I had discovered them earlier – it just took too long for my old PC to finally die and for me to no longer be able to use CD Trustee!
WOW! I can’t believe how well your systems are designed to work both at PC level, mobile phone app and synced in the cloud. I’m very impressed. I have almost 1,000 CD’s to catalogue into my database and I can’t believe how much easier it is to just scan the barcode using the CLZ Music app and syncing it into the cloud and back onto my PC. The only time I seem to have to use the CD insert in the PC (rather than scanning barcode) is when the CD doesn’t exist in your database. I find it easier to manually enter it via Music Collector on the PC. I also use Music Collector when a CD has multiple discs as I like to keep a separate log for each physical disc.
At the moment I need to finish off another personal project before I get stuck into updating my CD’s in Music Collector/CLZ Music. I will be like a little kid in a chocolate shop when I get started.
Thanks again and wish you continued success with your products. — Jim V (Australia) on Music Collector
September 15, 2021
Music Collector
This is not an email regarding any problems with the subject matter, just simply a note of thanks for creating and maintaining this service. My collection has grown beyond what I had intended when I started many years ago and your database is a major part of how I can easily access any title with a few key strokes as opposed to heading into the "vault."
So thank-you, keep up the great work and above all else keep smiling, if for no other reason than to make others wonder why. — Darren Jollimore (Canada) on Music Collector
September 15, 2021
Exactly what I was looking for
Love this app, exactly what I've been wanting. — markandjennapeterson on CLZ Music
September 14, 2021
Easy to use
Works great so far, very pleased. Very easy to use. — Robert Drennen on CLZ Music
September 13, 2021
I like this app
Updating my earlier review. App kept crashing, and after contacting Customer Service issue was corrected within 24hrs! Very helpful. App does exactly what I need to manage a large vinyl collection. — Deb Angerman on CLZ Music
September 09, 2021
Must have
CLZ Music is the must have database for serious music collectors. I use the Android app to ensure that duplicates aren't added to my vinyl collection. Seriously, a must have. — Ed Lindsey on CLZ Music
September 09, 2021
Absolutely fabulous app, the best on the market. — Paul Dobson on CLZ Music
September 09, 2021
Totally recomend this app
Probably the best of them all, totally recomend this app/software, just oh so easy to use.you can do so much with it, or just add basic information. Its clean design is a dream to use, you can keep going jack to an album to edit it or add more information. — David Sheppard on CLZ Music
September 07, 2021
Amazing app
Easy to use. User friendly interface. Wish it was a little cheaper or maybe $19.99 to buy outright, instead of yearly. But thank you!! I love it!!!! — Jay Jerz on CLZ Music
September 06, 2021
A great app that is really easy to use
As a DJ, having this app, I find everything is in more easier to find. — Stavros Giannakakis on CLZ Music
September 05, 2021
Very happy with this app
I have been wanting this app for a while now,now I have it it really easy to use and I am very happy with it. — Michelle Vaughan on CLZ Music
September 03, 2021
Es la aplicacion ideal
Es la aplicacion ideal para cualquier melomano. Te permite tener todo ordenado y sincronizado a la vez. Ya llevo registrados cerca de 4000 discos y encontre varios que los habia comprado 2 veces jaja. — palazzo labbad on CLZ Music
August 25, 2021
An encyclopaedia of your own collection
Easy to input new records/cd’s, easy to categorise and edit them, and easy to find them later. There are many features which I find useful such as media condition and the new one, People, which enables me to include the band members, engineers, etc. This is more than just a searchable database, it’s an encyclopaedia of your own music collection.
Support staff are easy to reach out to, reply quickly, know their stuff and are very helpful. Even better than that, they fixed the problem I had and issued a minor update within a few days of reporting it.
It doesn’t get better than that!! A solid five stars from me. — Gryme (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
August 23, 2021
Great products!
I've been trialing Music Collector for a bit and it is awesome. I can add notes and whatnot to my items. I decided to take the dive in and purchase Music Collector. Been a long time user of Game Collector and love it. Thank you for the great products! — Ryan Backlin (USA) on Music Collector
August 23, 2021
Music collector
Très bonne application qui me permet de gérer facilement ma collection. L’ajout récent de la gestion des coffrets est un plus. Excellente réactivité du support en cas de question. — CountryAndCo on CLZ Music
August 23, 2021
Diese App zählt im Zusammenspiel mit der Windows-Version zu meinen LieblingsApps. — Konrad Urban on CLZ Music
August 23, 2021
Best music archiving app
I’ve been using Music Collectors in one form of another for about ten years. My collection is quite large and it’s important to be able to quickly access my collection and retrieve data. With the always improving feature set it is more functional and helpful to me than ever.
A new update was just released and was significant for me. One of the new features is the addition of box set information. I have hundreds of box sets and could not figure out how to get all of my sets to synchronize from my Cloud Collectorz to the updated ios app. I contacted support and they responded with simple, easy to follow directions. I had all of my box sets and the data for each synced onto my ios app in under two minutes! Great software and great support.
Nothing is without some level of issues but i must say one never had any one — rocknan25 (USA) on CLZ Music
August 22, 2021
With each update comes a significant improvement. The support also works great. — Ruso262 on CLZ Music
August 20, 2021
Use the Windows version and the App on iPhone and iPad. This is an amazing bundle that synchronizes perfectly regardless where you add or modify your albums. Main use is on PC because there you have all options but the App gets better with every update. Strongly recommend CLZ. — move the groove on CLZ Music
August 20, 2021
Excellent app & customer service
Been using this app for several years now & it provides just what I need…a sizeable existing music database I can tap into, nice looking interface & a simple method to add entries manually if necessary. Have also been in touch with customer service a few times & they have always been efficient & helpful, replying promptly to my queries. — Chris Gornall on CLZ Music
August 20, 2021
Great app, great support
I’ve used it for a few years and love it. I had a problem with the last update, contacted support who replied quickly and provided the solution. — Rvee77 on CLZ Music
August 19, 2021
Amazing App
This is the must have app for those wishing to catalogue their music. I don’t know of an app as detailed yet so clearly laid out & simple to use as this one. Whether it’s keeping a simple record of your collection or compiling a whole data field of each of your albums this is the app you need. — Dazraz66 (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
August 19, 2021
This is a great app
I initially resisted getting the desktop app because there was no companion mobile app. Now the mobile app has almost all the functionality of the desktop version. Having the data on my phone keeps me from buying stuff I already have and is great for quick reference. — Stephen Andruski on CLZ Music
August 19, 2021
CLZ Music is excellent!
The software does exactly what it should. A joy to use. — Dvandergugten on CLZ Music
August 16, 2021
Truly glad I purchased your program
I have been using Music Collector today and it is the most awesome aftermarket software I have ever used! There is a little bit of a learning curve but not too much for experienced windows users. It has all the features (and more) that I would want in a software of this type and is beyond anything I would have written or developed on my own. I once made a CD database in ACCESS for myself and it took many months to populate my limited fields with HAND-TYPED Titles and Tracks! (at least it would sort album titles/tracks by alpha). I love the CD-Read feature especially but have only really needed the barcode adder for the most part.
The reason I bought this software is to see if I have a particular song (usually on some compilation CD of greatest hits of the 80's or something) where there are various artists. Do I have a copy of "Secret Agent Man" by Johnny Rivers?....well this software will find it if its in there to be found! The whole point being not to buy duplicates so much..as to find if I have it already (and odds ARE I DO!!)...But where? On What CD Might it appear???? This program EASILY solves the problem I wanted to solve, and as far as I am concerned is money well spent, and that sir, is the very definition of VALUE! — Ron Carey (USA) on Music Collector
August 14, 2021
Highly recommend
Great resource for vinyl and CD collections. Used it for many years now very reliable and excellent support. — Chris Davies on CLZ Music
August 11, 2021
Fantastic software, I rely on it totally. — Alan Petschack on CLZ Music
August 02, 2021
App muito bom!
Estava procurando um app simples pra catalogar a coleção de discos, achei CLZ excelente! — Bibica Oliveira on CLZ Music
July 30, 2021
CLZ Music
Klasse Datenbank... guter Support. — Aramis on CLZ Music
July 16, 2021
Prima app die soepel synchroniseert met de online applicatie. — PaulF1957 on CLZ Music
July 12, 2021
Amazing App!!
I’ve used this app for many years to document my vinyl collection. Never any complaints. Their support team is very timely in their response. Usually the next day. If you are looking for the best, look no more! — MatthewBerry on CLZ Music
July 12, 2021
So far so good!
Works fast compared to my previous used app. Editing is convenient. — mrqs01 on CLZ Music
July 10, 2021
Music collection app
Great way to catalog my music. — Yveltal on CLZ Music
July 09, 2021
Very useful app
Years ago I used to carry a bulky printout of my music collection with me, to use when I went to record stores (that's what we called them then), in order to avoid purchasing duplicates. Now, with this extremely useful Music Collector app, I always have my entire music database with me. It is definitely one of the best apps on my iPhone, and the customer service is excellent. — M35d (USA) on CLZ Music
July 04, 2021
Worth it
The best app by the best team... Well worth it. — V C on CLZ Music
July 03, 2021
Easy to use
I have been using CLZ for many years and it just keeps getting better, efficient and easy to use. — Brad Bell on CLZ Music
June 26, 2021
Thanks for all your support
I really would like to thank you very much for all the support you gave me and saved all my data. After more than 15 years using Collectorz, you only have confirmed my trust on your job.
I really would like to send a special thank to AJ with the patience and kindness he spent with me.
And by the end I would like to congratulate Alwin since the begining when I started my relation with Collectorz in 2005. — David Szpiro (Brazil) on Music Collector
June 26, 2021
Great app
Include search with barcode. — Frederic Schaerer on CLZ Music
June 26, 2021
Record and CD collection
Excellent for cataloguing my record and cd collection. — Bernard McGrath on CLZ Music
June 23, 2021
Keep track of my CD collection
Allows me to keep track of my CD collection while out and about, making sure I don't buy duplicates !! Owned the App for many years now and really impressed by the company. Always releasing updates, and swift to respond to queries or issues. — Paul Gibbs on CLZ Music
June 23, 2021
CLZ music database
I have been an audiophile for many years. With a large collection of Cd,s and a growing vinyl collection I was really struggling to keep track where they were filed. I was using spread sheets but there was just not enough information and it as also a tedious task. Then I found this app CLZ which is a music database. One of the beauties of this app is the simplicity in entering a new album purchased. 99% of my entries are via the barcode reader. Not only does it add the album but also shows all of the tracks, shows the cover pic, allows me to enter my personal file number and I can rate the album. It also gives a search facility by artist or song or genre. There is also my personal stats as well. I can not rate this app highly enough I absolutely recommend. — darlek1 on CLZ Music
June 17, 2021
Better and better
Thank you for the last updates,I like Collectorz.com very much,especially now,that the "LINKS" and all the other info in my database is now also in the CLOUD,thank you all for that and I appreciate all the work you all do to make COLLECTORZ,COM better and better again,keep up the good work. — Gerrit Poot (Netherlands) on Music Collector
June 15, 2021
Best news ever for classical music buffs like myself. With all these modifications to Music Connect, I may finally be able to let go of Music Collector Pro.
Really, folks, truly an impressive update! Thanks for not resting on your laurels and always working to make your software better. — Dave Marsh (USA) on Music Collector
June 15, 2021
Thorough. Efficient. Easy.
Thanks to Alwin Hoogerdijk and his professional staff, even a computer klutz such as I, can use this catalogue system for my huge and diverse music library. They go far above and beyond normal technical assistance offered by any other cataloguing apps.
I recommend it without reservation! — I'll! on CLZ Music
June 11, 2021
Keep up the great work!!
I LOVE the new enhancements made to Music Connect!! You guys continue to amaze me with your commitment to continuous improvement for your products!! I am in the middle of cataloging an album collection of about 5000 albums and I can tell you that I will be utilizing many of these enhancements right away!!
Your programs are the #1 reason I’ve been able to keep my big collections organized and easy to access. I now have about 5000 albums, 3000 books and 1400 movies. — Tom D (USA) on Music Collector
June 10, 2021
Must have for music collectors
If like me you love your music and are an avid collector this is a must to catalogue your collection. Syncs seamlessly if you have the desktop version so changes can be made on the go. Sorting and filtering offer superb flexibility. Enter the catalogue number and you’re done! Wouldn’t be without it. — Emac Dave on CLZ Music
June 09, 2021
Enjoying my music collection
Enjoying my music collection as displayed in this app. Lots of options to catalogue my music. Covers look great Also needed help from Support on one synching issue, which was resolved quickly. Thanks CLZ! — Barbs on CLZ Music
June 09, 2021
Best app in this genre
... best app in this genre with a perfect support >>> here you get help immediately TOP. — Rainer Mathey on CLZ Music
June 09, 2021
Incredible app!
I have hundreds of CDs I wanted to inventory. This app makes it so easy. The barcode reader scans cleanly despite the wide variety of backgrounds, identifies the album immediately, and is ready to scan the next one. Very few CDs not recognized, mostly self-published ones. Saved me tons of hours inputting manually. — JLC999 on CLZ Music
June 06, 2021
Danke CLZ
Die App ermöglicht die Erfassung meiner Musiksammlung wie ich es mir vorstellte. — Helmut Prokesch on CLZ Music
June 02, 2021
Happy 25th Anniversary
Alwin & the Team, I wish you next 25 years of developing the most fantastic tools for collectors. You bring us so much joy allowing to reshuffle our collections up and down.
Hope Covid passes you by and good mood stays with you each day.
Stay strong, keep smiling! — Jacek Witkowski (Poland) on Music Collector
June 01, 2021
Been using your software for 10 years now
Just wanted to say congratulations to all of you at Collectorz.com on your 25th anniversary! I started using your software when CD Trustee closed up shop. They recommended moving my database over to your software. I did and haven't regretted it. Keep up the good work! — Bruce Baer (USA) on Music Collector
May 31, 2021
Congratulations on your 25th anniversary
Just a note to say how much I appreciate the work you have done. My wife and I started cataloging our record collection back in the late 60's by hand on card files. Crazy. We did not get too far, about 100 plus cards. More crazy. As computers came into daily play I kept looking and trying several systems. Some came close but... I even tried using a regular data base program. Not too good and I am not a programmer. The closest, for our needs, was "Classical Music" (I think) by a doctor in the UK. I tried one of your earlier editions too. I am happy to say I tried yours again a few years back and was more than pleased. I spent a winter entering all my records and CD's. Being a two finger typist I was really impressed by the automation of most of the entries.
In short, congratulations and may your innovating work continue. Cheers and best wishes to all the crew — Martin Archer-Shee (Canada) on Music Collector
May 28, 2021
No more duplicates
Used to track my vinyl records. It keeps me from buying records that I already have in my collection. — A Google user on CLZ Music
May 21, 2021
Trouble-free program
I have loved using this program -- gets a little bit addictive. I appreciate that the program is trouble-free, but also that when I do need an answer, I feel that I am on a first-name basis with the top guy. That hasn't happened at Google for a long time!
When is the last time I came away from an encounter with a tech company actually feeling better? The last time I contacted Collectorz, that's when! — Art Newman (Canada) on Music Collector
May 19, 2021
Perfect and easy to use
This is by far the best app I could find to catalogue my music collection. It’s super easy to use: just scan the EAN barcode or enter artist and title in the search field. It uses multiple databases to find your album and displays a wealth of information. Highly recommended! Btw the other CLZ apps are great too, I also use CLZ Books and CLZ Movies. — Jos van den Berg on CLZ Music
May 18, 2021
Invaluable app
Fantastically useful - in fact, invaluable to anyone who has accumulated an extensive music library - whether CD or vinyl of any size. Your entire collection and wish list all in one place. — Burger Prods on CLZ Music
May 18, 2021
Fantastic app
Helps to organise your collection so you don't buy the same cd/records twice. Support always gets back to you whenever you send anything through. Helps to keep records for insurance purposes, who would remember what you have if you had to replace it. I recommend this app to anyone who will listen. — Trish Curtis on CLZ Music
May 17, 2021
First class
Absolutely amazing, this app contains everything I need. Especially helpful if I am out shopping for music and I need to check if I already own it. But hey, everything they do at Collectorz is first class. — A Google user on CLZ Music
May 15, 2021
THE Music cataloguing app
I’ve been using CLZ for a few years now and it is simply the best and easiest to use music cataloging app I’ve found. It’s Full Featured, very customisable and constantly updated with new or improved features. It’s also VERY cheap. Nothing else needs to be said really. Choose this one. — MickDude on CLZ Music
May 09, 2021
It's awesome
Can't believe i just got your app, it's awesome, so easy to use, even if my vinyl doesn't have a barcode it's still simple. Only 40 albums in so far lol, can't wait to get them all added and see how many i've bought twice (one so far) — Rab Kerr (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
May 02, 2021
Super useful
Pairs perfectly with the desktop app, quick syncing, super useful for working with our physical media library. — Andy Osterlund on CLZ Music
April 25, 2021
Top app
Top app, quick and helpful support. — Viktor MI?kovský on CLZ Music
April 24, 2021
Een uitstekende bibliotheek voor je muziekverzameling. — Een Google-gebruiker on CLZ Music
April 19, 2021
Excellente application pour collectionneur, exactement ce que je recherchais. Excellent service également, très réactif en cas de problèmes ! — Etienne Perchet on CLZ Music
April 18, 2021
Very helpful! — Rebecca Rhoades on CLZ Music
April 17, 2021
CLZ Music
Intuitivo e ben organizzato. — Ernesto Cortiello on CLZ Music
April 07, 2021
This is the most useful app I have!
A pleasure to use and it has saved me $$$. By having my entire music catalog with me at all times I no longer purchase duplicate CDs! — Mike Pastore on CLZ Music
March 31, 2021
Outstanding music database, with the option of a fully synchronized PC desktop version. — Tony Brook on CLZ Music
March 20, 2021
Truly wonderful piece of software
The most important thing though is to thank you and your crew for a truly wonderful piece of software that just gets better and better. I still find little shortcuts after all this time that I have used it. I just love it.
But, your company's dedication to constant improvement is simply amazing! So, thank you. — Terry Richardson (Canada) on Music Collector
March 18, 2021
Excellent product and great service
I have a large music collection and the need to catalogue it was getting obvious. I tried various products but this one was streets ahead of the others. I have been using it and the desktop version for years and whenever a problem crops up (as they are bound to from time to time) they are always fixed promptly and skilfully.
A massive thank you to the Collectorz team who have kept going, working from home throughout the pandemic and continue to provide their excellent support. — KeithieW (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
March 16, 2021
Excellent support
After using this app very successfully for a few years, I found a bug in a very obscure part of the program. It must be obscure, because it took me a long time to come across it. Nevertheless, I reported the bug to support, and it was fixed in a couple of days, then a new version was released. Now, that’s what I call support. — edsd010 on CLZ Music
March 12, 2021
Great App and EVEN Better Service
App is great for my 600+ cds and when I had issue with install they responded IMMEDIATELY . Highly recommend. — Gooddrmc on CLZ Music
March 11, 2021
Super Kombi
Super Kombi zum Desktop PC, damit sind alle CDs immer dabei im Handy. Kein Doppelkaufen mehr. Und ein super Support! — Andreas R. on CLZ Music
March 10, 2021
Good job!
This is the best app ever. Really. Nothing is perfect, but these guys update it very effectively and each update has features I wanted to be but didn't have time to ask about. — Roman Gordian on CLZ Music
March 07, 2021
Definitely recommend
I tried several versions of this type of app and found that this one to be the best in my opinion. — Steve on CLZ Music
March 06, 2021
Love your software
Stay safe and keep up the good work. I love your software (and the Comic version) and recommend it everywhere anyone will listen. — Larry Herrett (USA) on Music Collector
March 05, 2021
Worth every penny
Thank you for your help and thank you for the database. Worth every penny. Now if I want to listen to a song I know exactly where to go. Also much less likely to buy unwanted duplicates which pays for your service. — Raven Vollmer (USA) on Music Collector
February 27, 2021
Comprehensive app and database
Works well. Comprehensive. Out of my entire collection almost all of it was easily found and uploaded. — Jack Dogs on CLZ Music
February 26, 2021
Superb programmes
I have today downloaded CLZ Movies and CLZ Music and transferred all my data in less than 30 minutes. They are superb programmes and I must commend the quality, features and reliability of your software. Well done and thank you again. — Roy Claffey (United Kingdom) on CLZ Music
February 23, 2021
Extremely Useful!
The CLZ music application solved my problems with locating specific music in my collection of 1200+ LPs, and 800+ CDs. The program is easy to use, intuitive and when loaded on your phone or iPad extremely portable. The support offered by CLZ is among the best I have experienced. The folks at CLZ are patient and nicely aggressive in solving my few questions. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! — Edsrecords on CLZ Music
February 22, 2021
Top of the line
I have quite a large collection of albums and keeping their details in some sort of order is vital if I ever want to be able to find stuff. Initially I used the app on IOS and when I moved over to Android this was the first app I installed on my new phone.
Its must be 8 or 9 years now that I have been using CLZ and during that time my collection has grown hugely. The app has handled the amount of data really well and syncs beautifully with CLZ Cloud. You have a fair degree of control over how you manage your data as well as the ability to change the appearance of the app. This means you can have your collection displayed in a manner that makes sense to you.
One final point. Over the years I have had to contact CLZ customer support 2 or 3 times. On every occasion they have been excellent. They have always responded quickly and courteously and have resolved every problem I have thrown at them. They offer the best customer support of any app developer I have used. I recommend this app wholeheartedly. — Yesemite Sam on CLZ Music
February 22, 2021
Top of the line
I have quite a large collection of albums and keeping their details in some sort of order is vital if I ever want to be able to find stuff. Initially I used the app on IOS and when I moved over to Android this was the first app I installed on my new phone. Its must be 8 or 9 years now that I have been using CLZ and during that time my collection has grown hugely. The app has handled the amount of data really well and syncs beautifully with CLZ Cloud. You have a fair degree of control over how you manage your data as well as the ability to change the appearance of the app. This means you can have your collection displayed in a manner that makes sense to you. One final point. Over the years I have had to contact CLZ customer support 2 or 3 times. On every occasion they have been excellent. They have always responded quickly and courteously and have resolved every problem I have thrown at them. They offer the best customer support of any app developer I have used. I recommend this app wholeheartedly. — Yesemite Sam on CLZ Music
February 21, 2021
Excellent so far. — Malcolm Sauer on CLZ Music
February 11, 2021
Eine Klasse App
Es findet fast alle (93+%) der Alben. Da ich sehr viel aus Subgenres (Brutal Death Metal) höre ist das Top! Auch bei Fragen hilft der Service schnell, freundlich, kompetent und lösungsorientiert weiter! Danke:) — Anzle S. on CLZ Music
February 06, 2021
Very cool app!
It’s given me the ability to finally catalogue my cd’s and vinyl collection. I had forgot all the great music I have and now I’am listening to tracks I haven’t heard in many years!! — Ogami9 on CLZ Music
February 06, 2021
Jeden Cent wert!
Funktioniert ausgezeichnet und ist meiner Meinung nach jeden Cent wert! Sehr einfache Handhabung! — Sven Dederichs on CLZ Music
February 05, 2021
Top shelf!
I converted over to Connect. As expected, the UI, functionality, and features are top shelf! I am looking forward to exploring it more. — Mark K (USA) on Music Collector
February 04, 2021
Consigliata +++
Confetma le mie aspettative: legge i barcode col telefono e recupera le info da un db dove c'è (quasi) tutto, comprese le stampe italiane. Consigliata +++ — Sauro Zani on CLZ Music
January 30, 2021
A must for serious collector
The best collector software ever!!! — Carlo Cocirio on CLZ Music
January 30, 2021
Gute App
Sehr gut durchdachte Software. — K 2000 on CLZ Music
January 30, 2021
Highly recommended
Easy to use. Large database. Very friendly, helpful people. Great app overall. — Mr. X on CLZ Music
January 26, 2021
Excellent App for Music
I have been using CLZ Books for over 3 years and finally I decided to install de CLZ Music for my collection of Vinyl records and CD’s. I was amazed to find that this app has a lot of places that you can enter the information that you want to include.
It makes really a good program , easy to enter the information, even manually since the old vinyl records were manufactured before the barcode system was invented.
I also find the support I received is excellent , the reply to any question was good and quick considering the difference in time zone between Australia and the Netherlands.
The only regret is that I should have installed the CLZ Music long time ago. I recommend to anybody to give it a go and try this Great App
Congratulations — yoghino on CLZ Music
January 22, 2021
Can't say how much time I'm saving on this little chore I took on, thank you! — A Shark Named James on CLZ Music
January 22, 2021
Excellent app
Does exactly as stated. Easy to use and database is awesome ! Contacted by developers who seem friendly and very helpful if needed. — Andy Stride on CLZ Music
January 22, 2021
Saubere App
Tut was sie soll und ist meiner Meinung nach ihr Geld wert! — Lutz Elend on CLZ Music
January 19, 2021
Thank you guys for your tech support
I want to thank you guys for your tech support. This is the second or third time I've asked your help and you have always been quite prompt and thorough in your responses. I also want to thank you for adding a feature that allows me to input my older vinyl record catalogue numbers and getting a full listing of contents. Just tested with a 1965 Vanguard and it worked surprisingly well. You deserve a Nobel. I spent hours and hours entering my mostly jazz vinyl collection with 7.5. Now I think I can add my (equally large) folk and rural blues collection as well. — Bruce Allen (USA) on Music Collector
January 18, 2021
PHENOMENAL customer service
Your customer service is PHENOMENAL!!!! Thanks so much!
This is the type of old fashioned customer support that hasn’t been seen in two generations, which I remember growing up. I send in a question or request in the evening and the step by step solution is there waiting for me in the morning! It’s so refreshing that you’ve decided to run your business this way in this day and age! — Tom Mosby (USA) on Music Collector
January 18, 2021
Really wonderful software. I have over 2000 albums and discs to catalog now. — Bob Murphy (USA) on Music Collector
January 10, 2021
Beste CD Verwaltung
Beste CD Verwaltung, die ich bisher genutzt habe. Gut auch für große Sammlungen. — Hans-Burkhard Erbslöh on CLZ Music
January 10, 2021
All one can need to organize his records. The best I know. — António Marques on CLZ Music
January 09, 2021
Fantastic app
Fantastic app for cataloguing your collection. Subscription service is very reasonably priced, good value if you have a large collection. Very extensive online catalogue, ability to add your own covers, flexible and customizable system for defining the catalogue the way you want. Also, saving catalogue online means it is backed up and can be viewed from multiple devices. — Chris Keane on CLZ Music
January 07, 2021
The support is superb
Thank you very much for the quick and helpful reply. I rather suspected it was due to an older version, but decided to leave it in your very capable hands to straighten me out. I renewed my subscription and upgraded to the latest version of both Music and Movie. I really think your products are excellent and the support is superb. Thanks once more for getting me past this hurdle! — Thomas Pazel (USA) on Music Collector
January 04, 2021
Fantastisch programma
Het is ongelooflijk hoe jullie het steeds weer voor elkaar krijgen om nieuwe mogelijkheden aan een toch al fantastisch programma toe te voegen. Chapeau! — Cor Hollander (Netherlands) on Music Collector
January 04, 2021
Very helpful app
Easy to use software, accurate, very helpful to keep track of CDs. — A Google user on CLZ Music
January 04, 2021
Sehr freundlicher und lösungsorientierter Support. Innerhalb von 2 Tagen wurde der Fehler (Hinzufügen eines Albums zur wishlist ging nicht mehr) eingegrenzt und die app bekam ein update. Vielen Dank. — Michael Heller on CLZ Music
January 03, 2021
The best tool
The best tool to manage your music collection!!! — Teena Green on CLZ Music
January 01, 2021
Buena aplicación
Buena aplicación para indexar tu colección de música, en este caso. Excelente soporte técnico. — Alberto López on CLZ Music
January 01, 2021
Schöne App
Endlich Übersicht über meine LP Sammlung! Und sehr schneller Support! Danke! — jürgen w on CLZ Music