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Reviews from customers

December 06, 2004
Easy entry and great display
I've been working with you're program for two days now, beginning to put in the data for my 2,500 LPs. What a pleasure to use!!! Easy entry and great display.

I'm thrilled with it, and glad I found it. Kudos to the staff at collectorz.com. — Chuck Cuttic on Music Collector

December 01, 2004
The best piece of software
I would like to take this opportunity to say that Music Collector is probably the best piece of software on my PC and is getting better at every update.
Many thanks — Guy Hammond on Music Collector
November 04, 2004
Truly enjoy a piece of software
I just wanted to thank everyone at Collectorz.com for such a useful product. I have been happy with it since the day I bought it, and the updates keep making it better.
It is not often I am able to truly enjoy a piece of software, but not only do I enjoy Music collector, I have found I enjoy my music collection much more es well.

I applaud your development team, and want you to know I recommend Collectorz.com to all my friends. Keep up the fantastic work. — James Eacret on Music Collector

August 18, 2004
It is fantastic
I have just purchased your product and I must say it is fantastic, easily the best of it's type at a more than reasonable cost. — Christian Benci on Music Collector
August 17, 2004
Wonderful Music Collector software
I have just bought a full copy of your wonderful Music Collector software (and I mean wonderful, Ive been looking for a program like this for years!) and am looking forward to getting my hundreds of albums logged. — Martin Wooliscroft on Music Collector
August 08, 2004
A wonderful program
I just downloaded the newest update to Music Collectorz, and want to thank you for a wonderful program that was such a good price, and is always improved, at no extra cost. I bought it back when it was KIC, and there wasn't much info on line yet for classical music. Now it has been fantastic.
Also, after my computer crashed and needed a new hard drive, you were so helpful in providing my key code again. — Sheila McDaniel on Music Collector
July 30, 2004
Keep on rockin!
After some support from all of you and help on the forum, I have nearly finished fine-tweaking one of the templates to suit my specific needs, and can start the ever on-going process of adding in my collection! I love the setup of the program and it's ease of use.
I have searched for years for a program to catalogue all my collection but nothing has ever really been what I want. I was stoked when I came across MuC. Great for insurance and also just to remember what the hell I've actually got!

Thanx so much and keep on rockin! — Anthony Moore on Music Collector

February 16, 2004
The absolute best
Hello: First I want to say thank you for the absolute best music cataloging software available (I tried a lot before I bought). I showed it to two friends and one went home and bought it right away¬†and he loves it, the other will buy as soon as he gets settled in his new home. — Robert Lilley on Music Collector
January 27, 2004
Very pleased
I've been very pleased with Music Collector since I first installed it. It's quite convenient to navigate and get the information I want and I've found it spot on for managing my modest collection.

It's made me consider using Book Collector as well (I've tried the demo version). — Mac McLain on Music Collector

January 07, 2004
One of the best programs
Only occasionally does software come along which is really great. I've been using Music Collector for nearly two years and I think it's one of the best programs I own. Your support through the forums and regular bug fixes and updates is also excellent. — G. Wayne Meaney on Music Collector
January 03, 2004
Excellent piece of software
Yesterday I purchased your fine Music Collector Software. I've found that this software more than meets expectations and I'm actually very impressed with how well it works.
Congratulations, by the way, on creating an excellent piece of software. — Max Kelson on Music Collector