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Reviews from customers

December 01, 2015
Version 16
Just upgraded to version 16 of Collectorz with the orphan cover remover. It found 500 MB of extra pics. Of course I've had it for years but that's why we needed the tool. I think it found a few false positives but with 2600 entries a few is very tolerable to save half a GB of space. — Dan Weber (USA) on Music Collector
December 01, 2015
Act of God
The orphaned file tool is like an act of god.
I just deleted 2 gigs of crap and my software is screaming fast compared to what it was. No Issues either. Just zipped right through and done...
Thanks!!!! — Terry Mann (USA) on Music Collector
November 27, 2015
Best purchases I made all year
Thanks so much again…it took me YEARS of consideration before I purchased the Collectorz software, but it has proven to be one of the best purchases I made all year…even if I have SO much work ahead of me to get my collection all in there!!! — Damion Rowan (Canada) on Music Collector
November 16, 2015
Way easier
I stumbled upon your web site. After giving it a try, I downloaded the pro version of music collector. My collection is fast approaching 1000 CDs. I was using a spreadsheet to maintain my collection. I am finding this program way easier. I love the graphical view of each album cover.
I have a long way to go before my entire collection is scanned into the database, but I know it will be way too easy with this program. — Andrew Roy (Canada) on Music Collector
November 10, 2015
Easy to use
I confess to having used various programs, but none as good, comprehensive and easy to use as the Collectorz programs. It is wonderful to have this program, everything becomes easier and pleasurable. — Tarcisio Gomide Filho (Brazil) on Music Collector
November 01, 2015
Just great
A really amazing toy. You can enter all the cd as easily as you ever hoped to do it. The scan works perfectly well. — DMarcel on CLZ Music
October 20, 2015
Greatest thing in the world
Thank you (as always) for all your time and trouble. At least it gave me an excuse to say "Hi" and let you know (again) that I still think your Collectorz program is the greatest thing in the world and that you and your co-workers are exceptional in every way.... — Jay Shepard (USA) on Music Collector
October 09, 2015
Love it
I love both this app and the movie app. They keep me from buying duplicate discs. — Patrick Burns on CLZ Music
October 07, 2015
So very easy to use
Thanks you for Music Collector Pro. So very easy to use, compared to the now outdated "Platearkivet".
For me, the great stuff is to edit directly in the list, and changing data in around 70 albums in one bang (multi edit). — Andrew Thomsen (Norway) on Music Collector
October 05, 2015
I am going to enjoy this. And thanks for fixing the sync so quickly. Tou deserve a 6****** — Ndlalambi Sibeko on CLZ Music
October 04, 2015
A godsend
I've been using your excellent Music Collector both on my Mac and Android Tablet for some time now and consider it excellent value for money. I find being able to check what's in my music collection essential when out and about in record shops browsing for new music; so being able to synch collections between desktop and tablet is a godsend. — Kevin Cross (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
September 17, 2015
I must say that whoever designed this software is an incredible genius. organisation of my cds in a nutshell. to tell you the truth, i havent seen anything better than this as of yet. I have search all over the place on Google etc... still no match! keep up the good work guys. Brilliant work. you've made my life much easier and i will definitely recommend.
Well done! — Tony Edwards (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
September 12, 2015
First and foremost thank you so very very much for the greatest site I have ever seen for music collectors. Just fantastic. — Charlie Tahaney (USA) on Music Collector
September 11, 2015
Nice to have
I have used various desktop editions of this program for 10+ years. While the iOS version doesn't have all of the functionality of the desktop version, it does allow me to check the information on the go. It syncs efficiently with my desktop version. — Jonathan Oz on CLZ Music
September 01, 2015
Wonderful product
I love the Collectorz.com software and you folks do a terrific job of creating a wonderful product! — Mike Schmidt (USA) on Music Collector
August 17, 2015
Great App
Beyond what I was looking for.. thank you — bryan simmons on CLZ Music
August 07, 2015
Pays for itself
You have a great product with Collectorz Music. My collection of music exceeds 2500 items and I need the indexing capability to find my way around the collection. In addition, your product pays for itself several times a year. When I am about to buy a CD/DVD, I often quickly consult Collectorz Music database. In so doing I have, on a number occasions, avoided buying Discs/files that already exist in my collection. — Robert Best (Australia) on Music Collector
August 04, 2015
The best music catalogue app by far..love it. — Paul Dobson on CLZ Music
July 25, 2015
Brilliant Addition
ABC Bar Brilliant Addition....Easy as ABC......Well Done. — Sean Kearney (Ireland) on Music Collector
July 24, 2015
The alphabet tool is a super addition
Once again, you've done a great job. I enjoy using your product to find a song or version. The alphabet tool is a super addition. I also appreciate the ease of installing the update. — Grant Strzelczyk (USA) on Music Collector
July 21, 2015
Alphabetic sort ribbon is brilliant
Just wanted to say thanks for the latest updates, the inclusion of the Alphabetic sort ribbon is brilliant. — Alan Gardner (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
July 14, 2015
Most impressed
Thanks once again Sytske, it's amazing how easy things can be when you have the right advise. I now have my collection on both computers.
I have been most impressed with your innovative and continually developing products and in particular, your after sales service and support. I recommend Collectors com to all my friends. — Antony Marshall (USA) on Music Collector
June 23, 2015
The best!!!!
You guys are the best!!!! A gem of an app. To bad I could only give it 5 stars! — Brian Mc Laine on CLZ Music
June 19, 2015
inally 3.0
After some initial problems, it works like a charm now. As a long-time user, this is exactly what I was hoping this app would eventually turn into. — Bjørn Scharloo on CLZ Music
June 15, 2015
Good stuff!
Really love the new version of the app hence the 5 star rating ! The only thing I wish was added is the capability to sort by band name and then the original year the cd was released !! — FRANK LANGILLE on CLZ Music
June 15, 2015
Works perfect
Just wanted you to know that I am impressed with your program every time I use it. Thanks for your latest update! Everything works perfect - every time! — Al Elkins (USA) on Music Collector
June 12, 2015
I am going to enjoy this. And thanks for fixing the sync so quickly. You deserve a 6****** — Ndlalambi Sibeko on CLZ Music
June 12, 2015
What I was looking for
This is what I wanted years ago when Collectorz first announced mobile apps. It took a while, but they came through. — Tom Brincefield on CLZ Music
June 11, 2015
Thanks for bring CLZ Cloud functionality to the Music app. — Chris Brown on CLZ Music
May 27, 2015
Excellent Cloud-base Database
Admittedly this is not a cheap App it does however work extremely well and of course some of the few (a one off by the way) goes to maintain the cloud storage.
There are a few perfections but the developer is improving the App all the time. I would like editing power over the track titles but otherwise it is first rate.
The scanner function works well in most cases and where it doesn't. The manual search finds what you need (I only have one disc I cannot find listed from over 1500 CDs and vinyl records, so I am happy with that. — Uncle Drewford on CLZ Music
May 08, 2015
Finally, a decent and good-looking music database! Love it! Now, the thing that would make it a masterpiece would be to integrate music listening apps to it. For example, I search for a piece of music that I have in my collection at home while im on the road, and there's a button that allows me to search for that same song on Spotify or Beats so i can have my music collection available online. — Pepetalk on CLZ Music
May 05, 2015
Sync 2.0
Thanks for the new Sync 2.0, I have waited for this a loong time! And it works really good! — Hans Appelqvist (Sweden) on Music Collector
May 03, 2015
Beautiful software
I want to thank you for this beautiful software. When I was young, I used the demo. Then I couldn't pay for it, so I forgot the software. After a decade of searching for a free solution, I came back to the improved Music Collectorz. Immediately I bought it. — Pieter van Heugten (Netherlands) on Music Collector
April 17, 2015
Best product combined with perfect services
I’m a vinyl collector (fan) for more than 50 years and in the past twenty years I’ve tested countless software to get my collection organized – once and for all time. Unfortunately, none of the programs has fulfilled the demands and the necessary high standards I do expect today.
Collectorz Music software exceeds all my expectations by far and I wonder what more can any collector ask for? Pretty often I get caught by the program itself but I never get tired of typing and the adding of information like picture etc., to achieve the very best result, possible.
Finally, I won't close without saying thank you very much to all at Collectorz for the immediate help and prompt assistance. It's great to know you guys and to experience your support and backing straight away whenever needed. — Guenter Hein (Germany) on Music Collector
March 25, 2015
Love the software
Really love the software. I've been using it for several years and there's no other way I could manage my 10,395 albums/CDs (and counting). — Chris Kouzes (USA) on Music Collector
March 15, 2015
Great system
Just downloaded the latest version. Thanks so much! Great system!
Love it! And it just keeps getting better! — Alvin Elkins (USA) on Music Collector
March 07, 2015
Fantastic inventory program
I have to tell you this is the most fantastic music inventory program I have ever seen. years ago I had a program I think was on XP system (maybe before) that came in handy, but it is nothing compared to this. the search saved me days upon days of manually entering everything. You made my life much easier by making this great program & I can't thank you enough — Craig Russell (USA) on Music Collector
March 05, 2015
Very useful addition....
.... to the desktop version which I use to keep track of my vinyl collection when I'm out and about. Easily syncs my collection over a Wi-Fi connection. Occasional glitch when it fails to connect loses it a star but apart from that minor issue I'm very pleased with the app. — Kevin Cross on CLZ Music
March 01, 2015
One of the most used app on my phone
5 stars for the app as it is perfect to keep my album collection up to date. 99% of the albums I scanned were directly found and the manual search found the remaining 1%. Only few bugs and slowness that will be fixed in the future releases I am sure. However, 2 stars for the support team. — Rostopofolokolovich on CLZ Music
February 25, 2015
Love your software
I wish to let you know that I really love your software. It does all the things I wanted done and much more. Thanks again. — Harry Cazzola (USA) on Music Collector
February 21, 2015
It works fine now! The best in genre.
The title says it all... — Home_Phone_Et on CLZ Music
January 14, 2015
Best cataloging program there is
Music Collectorz is clearly the most powerful and best cataloging program there is, hands down!
I've been using it for 3 years now and it is one of the best accessories you can get for your music collection. The features are far too many to list here. I love how flexible it is for customizing even in the standard edition and ultimately in the pro edition. You can be as brief or as detailed as you like when entering your collection.
I also like how very well supported it is with plenty of updates and enhancements often and a very active forum where the developers are very active and listen to users. Whether you get the standard edition or the pro edition, it is worth every dime. Personally, having Music Collectorz has helped prevent me from purchasing unneeded duplicate records and enhanced my enjoyment of my collection. — Eric Elliott (USA) on Music Collector