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Reviews from customers

December 15, 2000
Getting better all the time
I am a presenter (announcer) at our local community FM radio station here in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia and I use your program to keep track of my private music collections and to submit reports about albums and tracks I have played. I find it most satisfactory for this purpose.

Your program is getting better all the time and I cannot sing its praises loud enough. I will most certainly recommend it to my fellow presenters.
All the best of luck in your future endeavors. — Fred Clarke on Music Collector

December 14, 2000
Thought you might like to recieve feedback from a user.
I've been using Music Collector to keep track of my small (125 disc) CD collection in a jukebox. Works perfectly. Really appreciate the ability to produce reports in various sort orders, such as by index or alphabetically.

Amazed at the number of CD's in the library, especially some obscure ones such as 'Aangenaam Klassiek'. Yes, I am Dutch by origin, but moved to Canada about 27 years ago! — Bernard Pon on Music Collector

November 22, 2000
Excellent product
Some kudos: You have an excellent product -- worthy of competing with the very best out there. I've tried many, but have never been happier as I have been since discovering Collectorz. — Paul R. Fraker on Music Collector
August 10, 2000
Wonderful program
Everytime I get a new Update I wonder how more perfect your program can become, as it is already great. Then I discover all the new improvements you make.
The new Music Collector is no exception. It is really super, and I love the new view one has of the album covers.

Thanks very much for a wonderful program. — Irmgard Kaiser on Music Collector