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Reviews from customers

December 08, 2002
It is fantastic
I downloaded the trial version and within about twenty minutes had decided that I should buy the programme - it is fantastic, really looking forward to using it properly (it's still only half an hour since I downloaded the trial version!).
Many thanks. — Paul Hughes on Music Collector
November 28, 2002
The best one
I found the program at ZDNet.com download section and installed the software. My wife and I have been evaluating other CD databases and yours was the best one for the money. — Lynn & Marc Myers on Music Collector
November 25, 2002
A satisfied customer
I just wanted to send you an email and say that I have been using Music Collector a long time now and I just LOVE it. I would recommend it to anybody looking for a music database.

It doesn't crash, it has excellent features and the upgrades are good too.
Keep up the good work.
Wendy Chapman a.k.a. a satisfied customer — Wendy Chapman on Music Collector

November 13, 2002
Great product
I would just like to take this opportunity to let you know what a great product you have developed in "Music Collector". I'm approaching 5,000 CD's now and it has been a great help in organizing and keeping track of my CD collection.

I purchased the program in October 2001 and and have enjoyed compiling my list. For the most part the program has performed flawlessly. The size of my file is approaching 9.5 Mb, so I'm contemplating separating the collection into files for each genre so it will be a little more manageable. I have lots of classical and jazz as well as a good selection of lots of other types of music.

I've only added CD covers to the favourites from my collection as this is a bit time consuming and some covers for older (or deleted) releases are hard to find. I look forward to upcoming releases and updates to this great program. — Greg Parks on Music Collector

November 11, 2002
I found your product through download.com. I downloaded and tested a number of other packages, but none of them had the features of your product. I am pleased to hear that you are offering a discount on another product as I was thinking about purchasing MP3 collector. — Paul Beasley on Music Collector
November 10, 2002
You have a winner!
For the past month or so I've been trialing almost every shareware on the web for music cataloging.

My collection consists of over 3,000 Classical CD's and well over 300 or 400 LD's, DVD's and VHS'. As you may well know, Classical Music is pretty troublesome to catalog. Yes, there is software out there specifically for Classical Music collectors but they just don't have or do what I wish.
Last night, I had almost made up my mind in going back to the terribly boring MS Excel which I've been using for this matter. Suddenly, in my AOL search, I find Music Collector. Boy, I've been using it for hours turning it upside down and testing any imaginable thing. Congratulations, you have a winner!

Your software is excellent and incredibly customizable. It is as though it was tailor made for my needs. Finally I can keep my whole collection in one place. Why in the world couldn't I find you guys before?
I am extremely satisfied with my purchase! Next stop, Movie and Book Collector. And I can assure you, If I hadn't sold some years ago my Comic Books, Comic Collector would have been purchased also.

Thank you kindly for your professionalism and for being there for us Classical Music lovers. — Tony Gonz├ílez on Music Collector

November 03, 2002
Everything that I wanted and more
I had searched the internet for any type of music collector database, and each one did not have the features I was looking for. I evently came across your version through the "google" search function and you have everything in your program that I wanted plus more.
I will be recommending this program to others, as friends/ family etc are looking for the same product as well.

Many thanks for a great product, keep up the good work. — Sonia Gambrell on Music Collector

September 17, 2002
Musiccollector ist immer noch super!!!!! — Rudi Sattler on Music Collector
September 15, 2002
Extremely impressed
I have around 400 CD's and was keeping track of them in a database I had originally set up in Dbase IV under DOS years ago then later duplicated it under Access 97 and have been using it ever since. It was very time consuming keeping it updated.

When I purchased Audiograbber I liked the CDDB feature and thought there had to be a database program to catalogue CD's that also used CDDB so I started searching and evaluating various programs. I finally settled on Music Collector earlier this year using version 4.4.3. I reached the 25 limit and decided to buy it as it did everything I required and I was extremely impressed with your work.

Since that time I have also started collecting DVD's so when I had enough money to register decided to purchase Movie Collector at the same time. I did not even bother evaluating other DVD database programs, I bought it on the strength of Music Collector. — Michael Tod on Music Collector

September 06, 2002
Recommend Music Collector
I found your site after reading a review in the Sunday Times. The programme works fine and only my lack of expertise is slowing me down. Nevertheless I have scanned in 250+ CDs today and expect to finish tomorrow.

I would recommend music collector to anyone looking to manage their music collection. — Richard Loder on Music Collector

August 20, 2002
I had to have it
I bought Book Collector, then saw the Music software on your website. After your email offering a discount, I had to have it. It is the easiest software ever! Batch scanning makes the job so simple - and quick!!! — Deidre Anderson on Music Collector
August 19, 2002
Absolutely love it
Read about your product in The Sunday Times in the UK. Looked at a few similar programmes but yours looked the best. Absolutely love it; it's saved me probably days of time cataloguing my cd collection.

Rare that you come across a product that does exactly what it says it will, with the minimum of fuss and actually saves you time and does a better job than you could yourself.
Thanks! — Steve Oakes on Music Collector

August 04, 2002
So easy to use
I first heard of your music collection prog in the English Newspaper, The Sunday Times, which gave it a very good review in their computer section. I downloaded the sample prog, which i found easy to use and so bought the full product yesterday! I love it!!

It is so easy to use and think the speed with which it logs each cd and track is excellent.

John — John Dalkin on Music Collector

July 23, 2002
Great program
I purchased one of your early editions of Music Collector (in fact it had a different name). I have a large music collection and thought that I could never type in all the details - of course I was not keeping up to date with all the changes you have implemented into the program.
I could not believe how easy it was to scan a CD and download all details about the disc from the CDDB and then to be able to adjust some details that were not quite right quickly. I have always wanted to have a true data base of all my discs - now I will.
Thank you for a great program. — Mark Drummond on Music Collector
July 12, 2002
Thanks for a great program!
I tried various programs for cataloguing my CD collection (hovering around 1,300 at the moment), and nothing impressed me until I found Music Collector. It is very easy to use, the interface is attractive and the extensive reports that can be printed out in various formats make this program the best for my purposes.

I have a fair number of obscure classical CDs that don't exist in any on-line database (yet), but even then MC attempts to help out with as much info as it can clean from the discs. I have not had to use support, save for losing my registration key when I changed computers, but from the limited contact I have had with Alwin Hoogerdijk, I know that if/when the time comes, my questions/concerns will be dealt with quickly and efficiently and, most important of all, with a personal touch.

Thanks for a great program! — Chris Mounteer on Music Collector

July 04, 2002
The best software product
After 24 hours using this software, I can honestly say that it's the best software product I have ever purchased! I've so far logged 350 of approx 700 CDs into it.
I am also amazed at the small size of the DB.
Good work, keep it up. — Gary Brown (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
June 02, 2002
Superbly crafted piece of software
The Sunday Times reviewed it, I tried the evaluation copy and was so impressed and bought it. Have sent details to various friends and family. I think is just excellent, a superbly crafted piece of software. — Mike Beckett on Music Collector
May 31, 2002
Sold on your product
Just to let you know, I searched at Yahoo.com for "Music Collection Software" and found your site. I was so impressed with what I saw, that I downloaded the trial version before I left the site. Then, about five minutes later, after I had scanned a variety of CD's that were in my collection, I was sold on your product! I purchased the license key and began scanning my CD's right away.

I have purchased other "collectors" software in the past, but nothing compares to this one, it is great! I have been in the music business for quite some time now and will be forwarding your site on to all of my friends.

Thanks for a great program & a great website! — Richard P. Durden on Music Collector

May 21, 2002
It's a godsend
I heard about your product from a friend who downloaded the limited version and was convinced within minutes... It took an hour for me to be just as convinced!!! The review in the Times also was a plus!

I have managed to confuse CDDB twice so far, (within the first 5 albums) perhaps my choice of music is a tad esoteric at times. As for the product, it does as we say here 'exactly what it says on the tin' and with 300 plus CD's to catalogue it's a godsend...

keep up the good work. — Marc Kolakowski on Music Collector

May 21, 2002
Surpassed all my expectations
I saw an item in the Doors section of the Sunday Times (May 12 edition), the program looked to be just what I have been looking for, I have over 1,000 CDs and was not looking forward to cataloguing them all manually.

Music collector has surpassed all my expectations. Many thanks. — Peter Whitelaw on Music Collector

May 16, 2002
This keeps getting better and better
I have a collection of about 750 CDs and host a number of music quizzes each year. I have a lifelong, anally-retentive interest in which bass player is the cousin of so-and-so's keyboard player, and have always maintained a data-base (of sorts) of my music. As a teenager in the 70's I used a type-writer to detail track listings, personnel and the really boring bits that no-one else is interested in, such as recording studio, artwork etc.

I found details of your web site in our national Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Times. Someone equally anally-retentive wrote to the computer section enquiring as to how he could document his CDs. I kept the article and contacted you from that. Hope this info is of help.

Thanks for answering a 25 year old prayer. Your database is fantastic. I found that by saving the jpegs of CD covers from Amazon in the My Pictures file I can import them into my Cd database. This keeps getting better and better (but my wife and kids think I'm a bit obsessive)! Logging on to Collectorz is like going back to the mothership :) — Philip Couch on Music Collector

May 15, 2002
Fantastic product
Thanks, fantastic product. With over 500 CDs, it will make my life so much easier than through the Access file I created myself (very low tech!). Read about Collectorz through The Sunday Times last Sunday.

I'm now off to trial Book Collector... — Simon Goode on Music Collector

May 15, 2002
Hooked in about 2 nanoseconds
Hi there, as a result of reading 'The Sunday Times' 13 May 2002 I decided to download the trial version of Musiccollector, I was hooked in about 2 nanoseconds! - and immediately ordered the full version.

My music collection ranges from premediaeval to modern, encompassing jazz,folk, serious and every other form of music you could think of. Your system makes cataloguing a possibility that paper and pen just could not get near, and at a price that makes programming MS Media player in conjunction with MS Access a non starter! Thank you again. — Michael Shail on Music Collector

May 13, 2002
Exactly suits my needs
I downloaded music collector yesterday and have found it exactly suits my needs! I particularly like the statistics facility. — Terry Wallis on Music Collector
May 13, 2002
Excellent program
I must say that even though I have used Music Collector for only a short while, I think that you have an excellent program, and that the level of support that you provide is extraordinary for this day and age. — Russ Gazzara on Music Collector
May 09, 2002
I have just downloaded your music programme and I think it is AWESOME. I have been looking for something like this for some time but haven't found anything like it. I bought the Davilex Music Manager and found it cumbersome to use whereas yours is user friendly.

I have 1,300 CD's to catalogue so you can see typing that into a database would tiresome (especially if you are like me with two fingers). So far I have entered 170 CD's into your programs database so you can see very easy to use.

So thanks for coming up with this great program. I have told other friends of mine about it because like me, they are music fans and have large music collections. — Harry Kerr on Music Collector

January 31, 2002
It sure works well!
Just a short note to let you know that I think Music Collector is the most brilliant piece of software ever conceived & developed. Pretty heady compliment considering I regularly use programs for graphic design (Adobe, Quark etc.).

I currently have about 350 CD's, with more on the way. I used to keep a fairly up to date record of what I have in a book. However I let that lapse about 3 or 4 years ago. Since that time I have been 'meaning' to compile a catalogue of my CD's into my computer, but the thought of typing in all those entries... Well; let's just say I never got around to doing it.
Last week I finally motivated myself and did a search of the Tucows site (www.tucows.com) and came up with your software. I was pretty skeptical at first. A lot of my music is pretty obscure - I currently have 4 CD's on order and they are all special back order. So I doubted that the CDDB would pick up very many of them. Well, so far I have catalogued 77 CD's and the data base hasn't missed a single one. I don't know how it works, but it sure works well!

Your software seems to have every possible entry available for adding & editing CD data. The only thing that worries me is that my CD ROM might wear out from opening & closing before I get finished. On the other hand; I just bought a new computer and the CD ROM is under warranty for 3 years - so who cares!!

Keep up the good work. And double the price of the software - it's worth it... Errr... That's double the price to all customers except me! — Keith Stanton on Music Collector