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Reviews from customers

March 25, 2001
You are a life saver
You are a life saver. Thank you very much. Music Collector is the most useful music database organizer I have ever seen. I am extremely satisfied with it. — Ken Merson on Music Collector
February 06, 2001
Enjoyed using the program
I just completed the cataloging of 129 CDs and organized my collection for the first time in many years. I really enjoyed using the program and I'm going to send letters of recommendation to some of my musician friends. Thanks. — Herman Susser on Music Collector
January 20, 2001
The best investment
I just wanted to thank you guys for this app. I have been looking for about 2 years for something that would enable me to catalog my cd's.

I am a private party DJ and have around 800 cd's. Cataloging was going to be a nightmare no matter how I approached it. Spending the 25 bucks was the best investment my company has ever made. I had ALL my cd's cataloged within a week thanks to CDDB and this app. I was able to use it that weekend at a charity party I did.

The program helps tremendously with my search for that requested song that I just couldn't put my hands on. Now I don't have to say.. "yeah, I think I have that." My new response is, "let me check". — John Crutchfield on Music Collector