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Reviews from customers

December 31, 2012
Totally Awesome Program!!
I've been collecting music (LPs, 78s, CDs, some 45s and Reel to Reels) since 1956 and still have most of my collection...I have never had such fun entering the info and then checking out the results....You guys are just above and beyond my wildest expectations...

...and then there's the support...Athan-Jon, Sonny, Chris...Hey, the whole crew bends over backwards to make sure that everything works properly and even an old codger like myself can understand and thereby enjoy this "Totally Awesome Program!!!"

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart....I've waited 56 years for something like this...I'm glad that I'll have at least a few more years to enjoy it!!!! — James Shepard (USA) on Music Collector

December 10, 2012
My husband has been collecting CD's for a lifetime and I believe he has exceeded 3,000 at this point.. we've always dreaded trying to figure out how to catalog his music and I just started googling this for a great Christmas present for him!
I was very pleased your program exists and it will be fun to tackle the project! — Liza Pantazis-Butera (USA) on Music Collector
November 30, 2012
Very Nice App!
Almost perfect! But who is that, really ! — Lars Borch Nielsen on CLZ Music
November 24, 2012
Great App
I have used CLZ Movie Collector for years. So I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday sale and get Music Collector along with this app. (For now you need the desktop software to use this app.) It took me about 10 hours to completely catalog my collection of about 200 CD's. I was very happy with this because I have a number of oddball items that I had to manually type in the names of all the tracks.

For any recent or more mainstream disks it is easy to add to your collection by using either bar codes or scanning the CD Itself.
I also scanned any covers that we're not available online. So with newer discs you can probably catalog 30-50 per hour. Bar codes are quickest (of course you need a scanner for this).
I haven't used it yet to catalog any digital files so I can't comment on that but it's great for what I wanted to do with it. — mrbb2000 on CLZ Music

November 20, 2012
This is the perfect accompaniment to the desktop app. — mlg238 on CLZ Music
November 06, 2012
Best ever. — Harold Fidler on CLZ Music
October 29, 2012
I purchased your CD Collectorz software & love it, and have since bought Movie Collectorz Software for my 1,000 plus DVD & BluRay collection and just LOVE them both.
I bought a barcode reader and it is just soooo good entering the DVDs. I haven't finished entering them all yet, but I've been wanting this kind of database for years & years. The search facility for tracks on the CD database is MAGIC.
Keep up the good work — Lawrence Taylor (New Zealand) on Music Collector
October 19, 2012
By the way, these are quite amazing databases for inventorying collections. — Gary Ingram (USA) on Music Collector
October 13, 2012
More than 5 years using collectorz........fantastic!!! — Carlo giacomo Cocirio on CLZ Music
October 12, 2012
The right cataloging software
I am really grateful to you for your generous and helpful assistance over the past three days, which has resolved all of my difficulties with this Software. The screenshot resolved the 'genre issue' in 30 seconds!

Despite these minor glitches, I had been able, in two days, to input data for 200 CD/DVD albums and I was certain that I had chosen the 'right' cataloging software. I am delighted with the Music Collector Pro Version software and for me it really does resolve the issue of satisfactorily and speedily cataloging a significantly large classical music collection. — Brian (Australia) on Music Collector

October 10, 2012
I've been happily using your product for about ten years now (the nerdy joy of entering a record into the database is almost as good as listening to it). — Greg Peterson (USA) on Music Collector
September 25, 2012
Excellent app — Erik Van de gehuchte on CLZ Music
September 13, 2012
La única y por lo tanto mejor aplicación para mantener tu biblioteca de música controlada. Sólo le veo 2 "mejoras":

1. para funcionar, tienes que tener también el programa en tu ordenador
2. sería muy interesante poder entrar los datos también a traves de la app

Cuando tenga esto, le daré la quinta estrella — Quijote58 on CLZ Music

September 11, 2012
Muito Fácil de usar
Ainda estou usando para testes e aprender com um banco de dados menor. Estou atualizando meu banco de dados com cerca de 2.300 álbuns. Muito bom. — Rohonczy on CLZ Music
September 10, 2012
Recording them in Music Collector
I have a few thousand records. I'm about 2/3 of the way through recording them all to my computer as well as recording them all in music collector and discogs.
Long slow task but I take my time to do it properly. :) — Steve O'Neil (Australia) on Music Collector
September 09, 2012
Keep track
My music collection currently consists of 3,809 CD's, records, music DVD's, tapes, 8 tracks, etc.
I love using MuC to keep track of it all! — Nick Munford (USA) on Music Collector
September 08, 2012
Such wonderful software
I just recently bought the Music Collector Pro software for my Mac and have started entering of all my vinyls and CD's. The more I go through the process, the more I discover, and the more I realize there is a lot more to learn.
Actually my collecting started approximately 62 years ago -- time flies, but the music has always been rewarding. When I get finished with the music aspect . . . perhaps I'll start on the DVD's.
Thank you for such wonderful software, as it fulfills a wish for cataloging all my music and having the flexibility and convenience of locating exactly what I want . . . and when I need it.
My best to your company, and I wish you continued good success. — Russell Page (USA) on Music Collector
August 17, 2012
I am at #2053
Great job on Music Collector 10, a day doesn't go by where I don't use it, editing or adding music, you guys made my inventory fun to put together. I am at #2053.
Thanks! — Mark Bleckmann (USA) on Music Collector
August 05, 2012
A superior product
I am a former user of Intelliscanner. I started to have problems with their software but after repeated requests for help, I was simply brushed off. I began to look for another solution to my extensive DVD, CD, & son's video game collections and found Collectorz.com.
This is by far a superior product & since I have started to work with it, I get amazed with it each time. BTW, I was able to use the scanner I already had by installing a driver for it.
I highly recommend the products from Collectorz.com. — Ralph Di Pancrazio (Canada) on Music Collector
July 10, 2012
My inspiration
I LOVE the book and CD collector- they are my inspiration for getting organized around here!
Have a wonderful day and thank you for the great customer support. — Teresa Halkow (Canada) on Music Collector
June 24, 2012
Clz is great
Great app. — BassEddie on CLZ Music
June 18, 2012
Dear Alwin & Co,

I'm very proud to know you are also a collector.
I have 5 thousands CDs and many jazz magazines, books and DVDs. It's my dream to include all my items on Collector File. In my opinion, it is the most incredible file music in years..
At the same time, one of my great friends also started to use your program for his collection. He acquired a license to use it.
I have 64 years old and I love jazz since 1959. — Chico Flavio Rodrigues (Brazil) on Music Collector

June 16, 2012
Well done
Congrats on an excellent upgrade for Mac Music collector....absolutely LOVE it...
Well done guys..!!!! — Neil Chris Middleton (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
June 15, 2012
Collectorz music
Appli très sympa. C'est un vrai plus de pouvoir consulter toute sa collection sur son iPhone ! — Benlaurom on CLZ Music
June 14, 2012
Your money's worth
After my cataloging software (Organize Your Collection) became obsolete and would not run on Vista, I have switched over to Collectorz and really like the graphic display options and search options. Also the ability to print isolated lists. It really allows you to enter as much detail as you would like specific to each listing.
I would recommend it and believe that you get your money's worth. — Thomas Middlestadt (USA) on Music Collector
June 01, 2012
CLZ music
As a working dj, although i use mainly computer based media players i also have a back up twin cd player. I need to be able to find songs in my cd collection quickly obviously and also need a quick and easy method of adding details of new cds.
CLZ is the perfect solution. If my computer went down completely i can still find songs quickly having imported the collection to my mobile phone.
Highly recommended! Excellent bit of software. — Djbobleeds on CLZ Music
May 31, 2012
The best programme
I am for many years enthusiastically from the Music programme, I have shopped of course V10.
Continues thus - it is probably the best programme what it on the market gives. already the previous versionswere great. Continues in such a way!!!! Thank you very much! — Gerd Weber (Germany) on Music Collector
May 30, 2012
Worth the money
Bah... just done it. Bought Music Collector Pro :-).
And that is my third Collectorz Pro-program (I have already Books and Movies). But serious... it is great software, more then worth the money!!!
Thanks for making it and the wonderful support on it! — Rob Berkers (Netherlands) on Music Collector
May 30, 2012
The only way
Collectorz is the only way I can keep track of all my 100's of books, CD's & Movies. — Nancy Alexander (USA) on Music Collector
May 25, 2012
1,155 CDs are catalogued
After one week 1,155 CDs are catalogued, but there are still 1,300 waiting.
It has been a close encounter with the collection. — Tor Hauken (Norway) on Music Collector
May 19, 2012
Great app
Excellent support. — Gary Good on CLZ Music
May 18, 2012
Worth every penny
If you use Collectorz Music Collector already and have a compatible smart phone... What are you waiting for? If you don't use CMC, then check it out. — Captain Larry Dart on CLZ Music
May 18, 2012
Loving the software
Working with Collectorz software (Books, Music, Games, Movies and recently MP3).
Loving the software and it keeps getting better all the time! — Edgar Peet (Netherlands) on Music Collector
April 24, 2012
This does what it says on the box, and very well. Definitely recommended. — Tom Sexton on CLZ Music
April 24, 2012
The best system on the planet
As a music reviewer I can attest that this is the best system on the planet.
If you collect anything, go to these guys. — RJ Lannan (USA) on Music Collector
April 23, 2012
Makes it so much easier
I finally finished cataloging my cd collection (1,993 in total - A-Z only). It has taken about 5 months off and on. Having a small break before I tackle the compilation CDs, there are hundreds of them, LOL.
One thing I did discover while adding the CDs is that there we have so many cds that we had double, triple and sometimes quadruple copies of the same album (we will be having a garage sale one day so we will be able to sell them then)
BTW I love this program, makes it so much easier to get the job done. — Jackie Russett (Australia) on Music Collector
April 20, 2012
Thank you a 100 times
Thank you a 100 times - I have been a Mac user for over 10 years and could not find a decent programme to catalogue my music cd or movie collection - have over 4,000 music cds and 2,000 movies. :-D Thanks again for creating these programmes. — Margaret Lunel (India) on Music Collector
April 09, 2012
I love Music Collector
I love Music Collector I've used it since V7! The only database I've seen where I can share online....my iPhone and store on my PC.
Can't wait to see V10....where are the screen shots? ;-) — Jim Bolden (USA) on Music Collector
March 22, 2012
Wow am i amazed
i found this today a database to store all of my old vinyl and cds> wow am i amazed at this i am gonna buy it and the scanner it will save me loads of time — David Mcnally (USA) on Music Collector
March 22, 2012
Very impressed
Got the Music one from you today. Very impressed about the database! Even very old cd covers, of very seldom cd´s, available.
Checked out a lot of programs before, than found your one through an ad. — Steffen Schade (Germany) on Music Collector
March 17, 2012
Not a chore!
Still cataloging my music. Not a chore with a good database program! — Dave Gay (USA) on Music Collector
March 14, 2012
Bullet proof
You folks are wonderful! Every time I have the smallest issue, you come to the rescue. It's the easiest software I've ever used and the most bullet proof, too!!!
I recommend you to everyone!!!!! — Barry Solomon (USA) on Music Collector
March 02, 2012
Prima app!
Prima app! — Renzo on CLZ Music
February 29, 2012
Loving Music Collector Pro
I am loving Music Collector Pro, I started cataloging my cds I think it is going to take til this December to get the rest done :) — Jackie Russett (Australia) on Music Collector
February 28, 2012
Its exactly what i needed
Just purchased Music Collector Pro. Its exactly what i needed.
Perfect. — Denis Duquet (Canada) on Music Collector
February 28, 2012
This is a GREAT idea!
I have some 2,000 cd's and maybe 3,500 vinyl titles...
This is a GREAT idea! — Jim Boxley (USA) on Music Collector
February 18, 2012
so happy to find this software a couple yrs ago - love that it can keep track of my entire collection in all it's varying formats!
even better that I can keep it with me now on my ph! — crystally312 on CLZ Music
February 13, 2012
The best
Been using music and moviecollector for several years now. Still the best progs for collections I came across... — Ton van N (Netherlands) on Music Collector
February 07, 2012
Einfach, Spitze !
Es gibt kein besseres ! — Nikolaos Orfanakos on CLZ Music
February 07, 2012
I just love it
I love your proger for Music I have the Pro. Im a DJ and i have my own collection so I'm try to download all my cds to the program. Now I just love it. — Roger Grover (USA) on Music Collector
February 06, 2012
Can't live without it!!!
Great app, worth every penny spent. — jazzkovacs on CLZ Music
January 27, 2012
Keep track at all times
I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am very Happy with My Music Collection Database....
It is so Awesome that I can keep track of my collection at all times. It keeps growing and I enjoy it gracefully. — Todd Simon (USA) on Music Collector
January 21, 2012
Great application
Excellente application pour avoir toute sa discothèque dans sa poche afin de pas racheter un disque Que l'on a déjà. — ibmprc on CLZ Music
January 21, 2012
No more duplicate CD purchases!
I bought the app for my PC a couple of years ago and then the iPhone app as soon as it came out. So I went from memory to a giant printout to hoping the music store had Internet access I could use to now!!!
My entire collection listing on a device I'm going to be carrying with me anyway! I love it. — Mookie114 on CLZ Music
January 19, 2012
Prima database
De app is fantastisch en geeft een mooi beeld van mijn CD-verzameling van bijna 500 CD's. — John vd Velden on CLZ Music
January 18, 2012
At this very moment i am building a catalogue of all Duran Duran releases from all over the word in Music Collector. I can easily indicate which ones i have in my collection and which are on my wishlist. I am near to 1,000 items already and only at 1/3 of their catalogue.
Love working on it and the results look brilliant! — Peter Brinkhof (Netherlands) on Music Collector
January 17, 2012
great app
This is a great app. It allows you to take the basic information from the database on your home computer.
I find it very helpful when at the store to remember what CD's I already have. — fdmac on CLZ Music
January 09, 2012
100% satisfaction
The perfect complement to the music collector software. 100% satisfaction — holiday on CLZ Music
January 04, 2012
Very easy to use and simple app.
A decent CD collection App. — Spyraker on CLZ Music