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Sep 11, 2021 Sep 9, 2021

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CLZ Comics reviews from customers

September 21, 2021
Love this app
Just wanted to say I love this app and keep up the good work! — Justin (United Kingdom) on CLZ Comics
September 10, 2021
Essential app
Essential for every comicbook collector. — Joshua Montell on CLZ Comics
September 10, 2021
The best
The most important app I own. — Steve A on CLZ Comics
September 09, 2021
Love it!
This is the best app for keeping up with your collection. I have had it for a long time and love it. So much nicer then carrying a note book around for what you need or want. — Matt Brown on CLZ Comics
September 09, 2021
So good
This app gives me a huge boner it's so good. — P Niss on CLZ Comics
September 09, 2021
Indispensable tool
An indispensable tool for any comic lover! — Jon Mahoney on CLZ Comics
September 09, 2021
Keep track of your comic books
Great way to track your comic books. If you own graded books, the app will track the value too. No-brainer paying the $15 annual fee, value in the info far exceeds the price. — Charlie C. on CLZ Comics
September 09, 2021
Very helpful
Love the ability to stack multiple scans- I can scan my whole pull list without having to jump back n' forth! I'm looking forward to cataloging my 50-year-long collection. Many new features make the app easier to use and even more helpful in keeping track of my collection. — Lare Watson-Haley on CLZ Comics
September 08, 2021
No more duplicates
Outstanding app to have if you have a nice size collection...helps you keep track of your books to avoid buying multiple copies of books you don't want. — Reginald Aikens on CLZ Comics
September 07, 2021
Excellent to keep track of your collection
So easy to use and cloud function keeps data safe. Highly recommend. — TeamTiny Relaxation on CLZ Comics

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