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Apr 17, 2024 Apr 17, 2024

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We are official CovrPrice partners

Did you know we have a partnership with CovrPrice.com, one of the best comic values services online? Through this partnership, you can get up-to-date comic values, right there inside your CLZ Comics app or Comic Connnect software.

How to get comic values from CovrPrice:

To get access to the comic values from CovrPrice.com, you will need a subscription to the CovrPrice "PREMIUM" plan (US $6.95 per month or US $60 per year).

To subscribe, use this special CLZ/CovrPrice Sign Up page and follow the steps there to

  1. Create an account
  2. Pay for the Premium plan and then...
  3. Link your CLZ and CovrPrice accounts

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Tip: use CLZ Comics together with the Comic Connect web-based software

Our Comic Connect web-based software is a great companion to the CLZ Comics mobile app, as it lets you work on your collection on your computer. That is, on a big screen, with a real keyboard and mouse.

Of course, you can easily sync your collection data between them through our CLZ Cloud.

Learn about Comic Connect

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CLZ Comics reviews from customers

April 11, 2024
Absolutely AMAZING
You Comics tracker is absolutely AMAZING, and I’m very happy with the customer service. — Matt P. (USA) on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2024
Fast and easy to use
What a great way to get organized. — Juggalo Guy on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2024
This app has made cataloging my collection a breeze! Very happy with it! — Cheshire Cat on CLZ Comics
April 05, 2024
Must have
A must have. Especially if you have a vast collection or getting started. — Vic Vega on CLZ Comics
April 04, 2024
The best
Best comic book catalog App so far! — Gus Villacis on CLZ Comics
April 04, 2024
Absolutely love this app
It's really helping me keep track of my collection. I love the "wish list" feature. — Gino Ames on CLZ Comics
April 02, 2024
Must have app
Best app for comic collectors. A must have! Keeps track of graphic novels as well. Also lets me keep track of where I store my comic ex... What room in my house and what box its in. Makes it much easier than digging through old boxes. Customer support is great and will respond back to questions and help fix any issues you have. — Nate on CLZ Comics
March 31, 2024
Keep track of all your comics
Great app to keep track of all your comics. Very easy to use. Support is always fast and takes care of your issue. Well worth the annual fee, and can be combined with CovrPrice for your books value. — Paul L on CLZ Comics
March 28, 2024
Excelente programa para organizar tu colección. — Un usuario de Google on CLZ Comics
March 27, 2024
Great App
This is a great app to keep track of all your comics and it has a great support staff. — Crispydude (USA) on CLZ Comics

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