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May 29, 2020 Jun 23, 2020

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CLZ Comics reviews from customers

July 05, 2020
Amazingly easy
Amazingly easy to catalog your personal collection. — Simon Aylett on CLZ Comics
July 05, 2020
Electronic database
Very easy to scan and add comics. Love having an electronic database for my collection! — Marc Pride on CLZ Comics
July 03, 2020
Use this app all the time
Use this app all the time when I'm out looking for comics to avoid accidentally buying doubles. Love that I can use it to also look up summaries of series I'm interested in and that it provides images of covers, which is super helpful for variant covers. — Brynna Graham on CLZ Comics
July 03, 2020
The best
Best app I've ever spent money on. — Derek Thunders on CLZ Comics
July 03, 2020
The best comic collection program I've ever used. The bar code scanning and easy edit feature makes this a great tool for any true comic collector. No matter the size of your collection this is a must have for anyone serious about keeping track of any and all things comic book related, awesome..!!! — David Williams on CLZ Comics
July 03, 2020
Great app
Great, now I have a way to catalog my comics, and I always have it with me when visiting used comics shops to help me fill in my missing issues. — Edward Gorey on CLZ Comics
July 01, 2020
Thank you!
This has made my life SO much easier!!! Thank you! — Cameron Montney on CLZ Comics
July 01, 2020
Love it
I can finally track my comics properly. The information here is very extensive. There is pricing for your comics but it's based on slabbed ones. My only suggestion is that they also put prices for raw comics but I'm giving this app 5 stars anyway. Please put the raw comic pricing in the future. This app is perfect for collectors. There's a subscription but I'm willing to pay it because it's that great. — JR Claridad on CLZ Comics
July 01, 2020
Easy to use
Been using this app for a while now and it make organising my collection much easier. — Herp OwO on CLZ Comics
June 28, 2020
Pretty slick
Gonna recommend to my fellow collectors. — Dylan Hackler on CLZ Comics

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