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Apr 30, 2021 Apr 30, 2021

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CLZ Comics reviews from customers

May 11, 2021
Love the app
Well thanks for the great contact and feedback. I love the app. Been collecting for 45 years and I am really enjoying what you all have done here. — Chris on CLZ Comics
May 09, 2021
Loving this app
Thank you so much for this great app I’m loving it! — Thiago Prado on CLZ Comics
April 30, 2021
Your app is amazingly simple
Your app is amazingly simple and full of search options. Easy to find and add issues to collection folders, set personal details for grading, inventory and more. See everything alphabetically for quick searches of issues in my collection.. Definitely happy I found it. — Jason L. on CLZ Comics
April 30, 2021
Great app
Great app to keep track of your collection. Thanks for offering this to us. — Milt Rushow (USA) on CLZ Comics
April 29, 2021
Easy to use
Can not live without this app. Even changed phones and all my data transfered no problem. Scanning is awesome and great statistics and note. A must have for collectors. — Stan Gardner on CLZ Comics
April 28, 2021
Had a problem recently with my wish list not working right. Contacted their support site and they figured out what I was doing wrong. They were very friendly and helpful, I would recommend this site highly. Special thanks to Alwin Hoogerdijk for his help! — Larry Ames on CLZ Comics
April 26, 2021
Best Comic Database
Best database I have ever used, you can even put it into the cloud and work on it via PC in connection with mobile app. — Jayandy on CLZ Comics
April 26, 2021
Must Have
This app has everything, that you need to catalogue all your comics plus the wish list is awesome! This is a must for any collector!!!! — Matthew Osborne on CLZ Comics
April 26, 2021
This app is completely amazing
I have to catalog over 4,000 books. I set up a stand for my phone.. got about 2k cataloged in one day.. I really love the interface and the automatic prompt for variant covers. I highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to catalog their collection. — Jason Kaluzny on CLZ Comics
April 26, 2021
I highly recommend this app for any collector!
I've used the CLZ app for a year or so now... I love it!! I utilize the app to organize my collection & collecting of Superman books. To be able to have my collection with me where ever i go is fantastic!! My experience with staff has be great as well. They always respond promptly when i have questions and are very helpful. — Jeff Perdziak on CLZ Comics

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