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CLZ Comics reviews

May 31, 2023
One of the best apps ever produced
Just a quick note to say, I think this is one of the best apps ever produced.
Google Maps is great for directions.
DoorDash is great for food.
CLZ Comics is amazing for cataloging comic collections.
Great work and keep it up. — Jeremy on CLZ Comics
May 21, 2023
Answer to comic geeks' prayers. — Ryan Brewster on CLZ Comics
May 21, 2023
Love this app!
So easy to use and makes my collection organization 100% easier! — Kathryn Herrick on CLZ Comics
May 21, 2023
The Best
I have been using this app for years and it's the best I have found for tracking my collection. Highly recommend! — Mark Williams on CLZ Comics
May 21, 2023
Comic collecting made easy
The best Comic collecting software available. — Shadow Contact on CLZ Comics
May 16, 2023
Dragged my feet on purchasing an app to catalog my comics and boy am I glad I finally downloaded it. Nice that it backs to the cloud in case anything happens to my phone. It's very clear and clean as far as operation goes. It is also good for pointing out that odd issue you may be missing or for spotting a variant that you didn't know existed. — K M on CLZ Comics
May 12, 2023
This is truly a world class app!
I've been using CLZ Comics for a couple of years now, and it's become a vital tool to manage my collection and sales. It's very intuitive and easy to make small simple changes or sweeping and complicated adjustments to my database, with more ways to organize a collection and more customizable book details I could ever use.
It's just a superb app, and support is amazing as well, with quick and detailed responses and troubleshooting walkthroughs. — Ian Alaniz on CLZ Comics
May 11, 2023
So far? Awesome!!!! — Christopher Michael Robinson on CLZ Comics
May 07, 2023
This is an excellent app
For the cost value I am so glad I am using clz to organize my 7000 comic book collection. It is easy to use and their core catalog has only missed a couple of issues. There are very few apps that I give a glowing recommendation but this is one.
P.s. Please add trading cards — Dan Bulos on CLZ Comics
May 07, 2023
Very handy
Been using CLZ Comics for years now and it's been getting better and better and comes in handy when out hunting for comics. — Rey Zapata on CLZ Comics
May 06, 2023
Great app to have for a large collection or just starting out. — Robert Gibson on CLZ Comics
May 05, 2023
Easy to use and offers statistics I didn't even think about! — Joshua Hawthorn on CLZ Comics
May 04, 2023
Highly recommended
Exceptional App for comic cataloging and great customer service and support. — PSN greenhulkster on CLZ Comics
April 30, 2023
Exceptional app!
Excellent- adding order to my collection. — DVDConnoisseur on CLZ Comics
April 27, 2023
Easy to use
Pretty easy to use and subscription is affordable. — angel pougnet on CLZ Comics
April 26, 2023
Best comic catalogue app
Best comic catalogue app/website I've found yet. Connects with CovrPrice for values and the barcode scabbing actually works. — Tim Woodruff on CLZ Comics
April 24, 2023
Super simple and fast
Just what I needed. Super simple and fast. Totally worth the cost. The series checkbox function is perfect for direct issues. I cataloged 3 boxes of comics in 15 minutes. By sure to make an account for the backup option!!! — tenaxnidor on CLZ Comics
April 24, 2023
Amazing support
I've had this for approx 2 hours and it is literally so easy. Logged about 500 issues so far, excited to slog my way through the rest! It has recognised even ones i wouldn't expect it to, and only missed one which was a tko boxset! Love it so far. If it stays the same, definitely keeping my subscription.
Update about 3 years later! Still loving the app, got some amazing support from Sytske when I had an issue! — Jamie Myrtle on CLZ Comics
April 19, 2023
Great way to track what you have
Love keeping track of my comics in the convenience of an app on my phone. — STAR Collector on CLZ Comics
April 17, 2023
Great tech support! Had an issue with my subscription and Alwin helped me get the problem solved! A must for any comic book collector. — Andrew Aguirre on CLZ Comics
April 17, 2023
Had it for years highly recommend!
This app has saved me from buying the same comic more than once on several occasions. It’s fantastic for keeping track and filling in gaps in runs. If you don’t have it, I would suggest you get it for a beginner collector or a veteran. — Dude360x813 (USA) on CLZ Comics
April 16, 2023
Easy, efficient and affordable
So far this app has been amazing! I couldn't have found out about this app without the help and guidance of Comic Shop Galactic Quest's Employee, Jason. I'm obsessed with this app and wouldn't know how to use it without his help! — Jordan Powell on CLZ Comics
April 13, 2023
Very useful tracking app
Easy to use and very useful in keeping track of my collection. — Maureen Jacobs on CLZ Comics
April 11, 2023
Wonderful support
I have had this app for several years without any issues. It’s very easy to enter to your comics, either by series or by scanning the barcode. I love checking the app when I’m shopping to see what I need or what I have. When I did run into an issue, I received help immediately and the issue was resolved quickly. I recommend this app to everyone who collects comics (and I’m probably also going to get the book one). — love cats (USA) on CLZ Comics
April 09, 2023
Categorize your collection
They have everybody I have so far. Great way to categorize your collection. — Matt Harder on CLZ Comics
April 08, 2023
Wonderful and easy to use
Awesome way to keep track of your comics. — Robbie Jacobs on CLZ Comics
April 07, 2023
Smooth and easy process, I highly recommend it. — Yujiro Hanma on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2023
Very easy to scan and enter tags for your comic collection. So far it's a blast keeping track of my comic collection. — in4pain on CLZ Comics
April 04, 2023
Amazing customer support and an awesome app for comic books!
Athan-Jon of CLZ helped me out big time in resolving my issues I had with app very professionally and promptly. I am very satisfied with app and plan to continue on using more and more. I believe it’s the best comic book data base for imputing and tracking my extensive comic book collection. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who collects comics. — BillyBushMan (Canada) on CLZ Comics
April 04, 2023
Excellent customer service
Had a problem with getting CLZ to link up with my Covrprice app, took just one email and we figured it all out. Thanks so much well worth the money. — MarkVE67 (USA) on CLZ Comics
April 03, 2023
Great for organizing and tracking your collection
Kept me from buying duplicates multiple times over. Update 4/3/23 Just had an issue where it wasn't working right and they responded quickly and fixed it. App and web tools weren't able to communicate. Super quick service when needed. — Chase Montague on CLZ Comics
April 02, 2023
Easy to use
Easy to use, and data of Comics are great. Syncs well with CovrPrice. — Loc Ha on CLZ Comics
March 31, 2023
Great app!
Love everything about it. — Saltyrogue on CLZ Comics
March 30, 2023
Customer support is 10/10
By far the best app on the market for keeping track of slabbed or raw books. customer support is 10/10. real review, not a bot. real user here. — Nave Ztemah on CLZ Comics
March 30, 2023
Huge help
Pretty stoked on the app! Overall a huge help and great set up! It has def improved over the past year by adding key info. — In Human Creation Media on CLZ Comics
March 29, 2023
Superb App and aftercare!
My favourite App bar none. I have 30,000 comics and I can grade sort and list them every which way in CLZ.
I accidentally deleted over 100 comics recently and when I contacted CLZ they solved my problem in a heartbeat. Deleted comics restored and panic over!
It’s a bargain and a joy to use! Highly recommended. — Piranski (United Kingdom) on CLZ Comics
March 28, 2023
This will always be the only one I recommend when fellow collectors ask for advice. Easy to use and the amazing team listens to their users regarding what to do / what not to do with the app next. Multiple means of contact and really, really helpful. For example: I had a major cloud sync problem - Fixed within eight hours of first contact with the team and email correspondence throughout. That's why it's the best as far as I'm concerned. — Duncan Bird on CLZ Comics
March 28, 2023
Good Stuff !!
Cataloging done right! Upload everything from your comics, sketch covers add your own photos, which label you have, write any book notes you need, values, everything you need and want! — Big fat long Woody (USA) on CLZ Comics
March 28, 2023
Very respected in the comic book community
This app is great and well worth the minimal cost to catalog your books and get prices, or even to see what variants are available. The info is detailed for each book and any issues or updates needed are addressed by the creator quickly. — Burton Steele on CLZ Comics
March 25, 2023
Works good
Awesome app to keep track of your comic collection!!! — Victor Laster on CLZ Comics
March 23, 2023
The best
Hands down the best out there for comics! Active fb group to help &/or ridicule you. — Vann Rudolph on CLZ Comics
March 23, 2023
Fantastic 4 comics
10/10 the benchmark is set. Concise and simple . Superb app for any comic collector. — Sh4dowfax88 (United Kingdom) on CLZ Comics
March 20, 2023
Great app for cataloging comics. — Ismael Cordero on CLZ Comics
March 18, 2023
The best
Love everything about this app. — Tommy Cramer on CLZ Comics
March 17, 2023
Easy to use
Huge database can find just about any title no matter how obscure. — Josh Coutu on CLZ Comics
March 16, 2023
Works really well
Works really well, very few series that it doesn't have. It is paid, but the pricing is very reasonable. — Eli Cole on CLZ Comics
March 14, 2023
The Best Comic Storage App Ever
I have tried to maintain an accurate account of all my comics and have been very unsuccessful I’ve used tons of apps and none have work as well as this I could not believe how quickly I’m logging my collection and the scanning feature really makes the process very fast. Also is catalogue of comics makes it even more easy to type in titles and select the comics you have. I love this app. I hope they can move into the realm of toy collecting as well. — Frustrated Fans Comics (USA) on CLZ Comics
March 13, 2023
I whole heartedly recommend!
So easy to use & the one time I had to use customer support they were so quick & on the money. — Ian Richardson on CLZ Comics
March 11, 2023
No more buying duplicates
Excellent, easy to use app. Having over 12k comics, it has saved me from accidentally buying duplicates more than once. — Gary Morrison on CLZ Comics
March 11, 2023
I don't know how I've gotten by without it! — Rhyatt Gere on CLZ Comics
March 10, 2023
My best friend!!
I'm new to collecting and this app is my best friend!!! Now no digging around! Plus you can link with covr price and have updated values every day. — jerry squizz on CLZ Comics
March 10, 2023
Great app!
This is the greatest comic app there is bar none. — jay ochrymowicz on CLZ Comics
March 10, 2023
Absolutely worth it for any long-term funnybook collector. Easy to use, navigate,etc.. and the stat section is awesome. DEFINITELY GIVE THIS A TRY! — boodikhan jones on CLZ Comics
March 09, 2023
I love it
I've been an annual member for 2 years now and plan on continuing to use it. The updates we get are great! — Daniel Mitchel on CLZ Comics
March 09, 2023
Perfect app for my collection
I’ve been using the desktop app since 2012. It’s been a huge asset to managing my collection and want lists. Using the desktop app along with the Mobil app helps me when I’m out looking for books to see what I have and what I am missing/want. The improvements over the years have been amazing and the team seems to really listen to their customers on feature requests. Amazing product and would highly recommend this to anyone who is needing a way to manage and sort their books. — Hockeypuck1515 (USA) on CLZ Comics
March 08, 2023
Thank you, guys, for fixing the sync issues. I emailed support, and they got right on it to fix the problem. Great communication A++++++ — Matt Broyles (USA) on CLZ Comics
March 08, 2023
A superb app for any comic book collector. Best £12.99 i have spent. Highly recommend. If you experience any problems with the app, it is backed by one of the best Customer support teams, their service & help are amazing. — Karl Adams (United Kingdom) on CLZ Comics
March 08, 2023
Just switched from a different app wondering what took me so long this is phenomenal!!!! — Thomas Kanyo on CLZ Comics
March 07, 2023
Great way to keep track of all your comics. Lots of updates to improve the app. — cbm831 on CLZ Comics
March 04, 2023
Blown away
I set up an account for the free trial and was blown away by how comprehensive and easy to use this app is. If you want to catalog your comics, it doesn't get better than CLZ. For only $15 a year, it's a steal. The days of buying duplicates because I can't remember if I already have something are gone, which will more than make up for the annual cost! — CriterionComics on CLZ Comics
March 04, 2023
Love this app
I can always reference it to make sure I'm not buying any comics that I already have in my collection. It also keeps my comics organized. I also love that I can see the value of my books if you pair it with CovrPrice. — Manny Marquez on CLZ Comics
March 03, 2023
Cool app
It organizes your books, shows key appearance, gives you other variants. I’m obsessed. Definitely worth the money. — Badbill12 (USA) on CLZ Comics
February 23, 2023
Love how organized it keeps it — Benjamin Hunter on CLZ Comics
February 22, 2023
Covrprice and CLZ integration
I reached out to support to assist with seeing the new Covrprice values in the app and all it took was logging out and then logging in. Support was every helpful though and this app saves me so much time and effort. — Papablessishere (USA) on CLZ Comics
February 22, 2023
Great App
Really great to be able to see if you have a comic while in your lcs. Also enjoy being able to add notes, tags and your rating or grade. Being able to update the current value is also a nice.
The support is also great. I have had questions and the response time was great and they have always been able to either update or answer my questions. — HughG72 (USA) on CLZ Comics
February 22, 2023
Organized and detailed
The app is very organized and detailed. And they are constantly improving. — Garrett Windley on CLZ Comics
February 21, 2023
Great customer service
With CovrPrice pricing, it's an invaluable asset for organizing your collection. The annual subscription is also very affordable. — Pro testant on CLZ Comics
February 20, 2023
Excellent tool
This tool saved me hours cataloguing and the subscription price is well worth it. — Konerius on CLZ Comics
February 20, 2023
Pretty solid app
Easy to use and take with you everywhere. I'd be lost without it! — Steve Schwinn on CLZ Comics
February 19, 2023
A must
This app is a must for any collector. — jim mcnamee jr on CLZ Comics
February 18, 2023
Best comic app
Very handy to keep track of my comics. 5 stars! — nGwac (USA) on CLZ Comics
February 16, 2023
Comic collecting made easy
Best thing for comic collecting by a long shot. — jesse groet shelford on CLZ Comics
February 13, 2023
Better Late than never
I don’t know why I waited so long to upgrade my account. You only live once so go all out. I’m able to see daily updates on my collection. This app is top notch!!! — RayJr73 (USA) on CLZ Comics
February 13, 2023
My best friend right in my pocket.
Updated 2/12/23 I contacted customer service with a sync issue and they got back to me and figured it out in no time. Nothing was wrong with the app, just a way I had done something was not showing in a way that I was trying to view it. — larry wooten on CLZ Comics
February 13, 2023
Great app! I got the year subscription. — kevin tillery on CLZ Comics
February 10, 2023
My favorite app, easily. — william ceyrolles on CLZ Comics
February 09, 2023
Keeps me from buying duplicates
I have had this app for about 3 years and I just got a new phone and had a problem which customer service was quick and perfect in solving! This app has saved me a ton of money by me now knowing my collection when in new stores searching long boxes, which keeps me from buying duplicates and helps me find exactly the comics I'm missing...I could write a few paragraphs about how great this app is but I will just say their customer service is top notch! Seriously. — Gw Wg on CLZ Comics
February 09, 2023
Easy, cool, and fun
The barcode scanner is just thrilling me to bits right now. — anonope (USA) on CLZ Comics
February 07, 2023
Barcode scanner works great
The app is very easy to use and can keep track of a large number of comics. The barcode scanner works great and support is very kind and prompt with replies. It's worth the money for sure! — Piper Null on CLZ Comics
February 05, 2023
I love it!
I own way too many comic books to keep track of in my head. This app is incredibly easy and convenient when thumbing through potential purchases. I've also learned how many comics are out there that I never knew existed. — Benjamin Ordung on CLZ Comics
February 04, 2023
No typing required
Awesome app, let's you easily check off comics you own with no typing required. — Robert Hyatt on CLZ Comics
February 03, 2023
Great app
Well maintained by the creators and improved. — Sam Short on CLZ Comics
February 02, 2023
Absolutely love it
This is exactly what I was looking for. Allows me to track and catalog all my comics. Even has additional features for graded books and allows me to add a storage location so I can easily find them when looking for storage. Super descriptive. — Darrell Green on CLZ Comics
February 02, 2023
Easy to use
Does everything it claims and more and it does it seamlessly. — Alan Russen on CLZ Comics
January 31, 2023
Great way to catalog your entire collection
Having 1000's of books, low grade to mint , golden age to modern-day its really good to find such a large data base and not just key issues , but trade paper backs, even odd comic magazines, great way to catalog your entire collection , bonus of being able to custom your covers if you got autographs or sketches on them.. when I finally get my entire collection done I will probably upgrade to get the current value, it's a great deal for collection , as not everyone wants a autoprice guide. — Kyle Clark on CLZ Comics
January 28, 2023
Saved me money
This app has saved me a ton of money. — Charles Hall on CLZ Comics
January 28, 2023
Fun and easy to use
Absolutely loving this app!!! — Edgar Silva on CLZ Comics
January 28, 2023
Easy to use and extremely helpful
Easy to track the comics I own and avoid buying doubles. — galactica1981 on CLZ Comics
January 28, 2023
User friendly
So so so user friendly and way better than using my old notebook. — Mark Greene on CLZ Comics
January 27, 2023
A must for comic collectors
This app has been amazing. After the initial time spent setting up your collection in the app, it will make your life a thousand times easier. Always be able to know how many comics you have, whether or not you have a particular comic, and even know roughly how much your collection is worth! And the support team is excellent as well in case you ever run into a problem. Highly recommend! — seeninsingapore (USA) on CLZ Comics
January 25, 2023
CLZ is the best
I love this app. — SmokeyMcTree (USA) on CLZ Comics
January 25, 2023
A great app & great problem solving support!
Not being the best dealing with technology I frequently run into problems (mostly due to my own incompetence) CLZ is a joy to use to keep track of my comics & estimated value of my collection but when I do run into issues, the support in fixing said issue is second to none. Prompt replies to emails & helpful resolution to said issue no matter how trivial. — Peter Botta on CLZ Comics
January 25, 2023
Amazing tool
It's a paid app, but it's cheap and no ads. Amazing tool to keep track of collection. Highly recommend!! — Chris Owen on CLZ Comics
January 25, 2023
Fantastic staff
The best inventory app in existence. Excellent community and response to feedback by fantastic staff. — Mike Jordan on CLZ Comics
January 24, 2023
The best Comic Collecting app out there
For years I spent hours cataloging comics on spread sheets. Time consuming is a polite word to use. NOW I scan and the program does the rest. — Dan Benway on CLZ Comics
January 20, 2023
Pretty pleased
This app makes it really easy to keep track of my collection. It's super simple to add comics, edit lots of information about the book, organize, search, make comments, etc. It's also nice to scroll through seeing the covers and be able to drill down into each individual series and issue. I really dont love that it's a subsription service, but it's also not very expensive for an annual subscription. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the CLZ Comics app! — Zack Hefner on CLZ Comics
January 18, 2023
Love the app
Customer service was very helpful in solving an issue for me. — Keith Lucas on CLZ Comics
January 18, 2023
Worth it
If I didn't have this I would have so many duplicates right now! It's worth a little bit of money that I paid for this app! — James Johnson on CLZ Comics
January 16, 2023
Must have
If you want to keep track of your collection, this is a must have app! — Stanley Harris on CLZ Comics
January 16, 2023
Excellent app
Very user friendly. Love the scan option. Covrprice update is a perfect match. — Steve Hern on CLZ Comics
January 14, 2023
Love the app
Very helpful. — Anthony Soucar on CLZ Comics
January 13, 2023
Love the app
Saved me fortune and got me organised. Easy to use. — matthew moorcroft on CLZ Comics
January 12, 2023
Highly recommend!
Best comic collection app hands down, no contest! It's so easy to use and has so many features that the amazing staff work on daily and keep coming up with more, highly recommend! — MikenSarah Nixon on CLZ Comics
January 10, 2023
Comic collection
Great app for keeping track of your entire comic collection. — Robert Craven on CLZ Comics
January 08, 2023
The best
This is by far the best Comic Book Collection app I have used. — Theo Rushin Jr on CLZ Comics
January 06, 2023
Excellent Customer service!!
Love the app. I had a few user issues getting everything to run right. Customer service was super helpful and clear with directions. Recommend 10/10 to anyone looking to stay organized and up to date with current market. — whisknchop (USA) on CLZ Comics
January 05, 2023
Great product
Very nice app for comics collector. I had an issue and ask for help with support team. They replied me within few hours with great answer. Super experience with the support. — Charles Germain on CLZ Comics
January 04, 2023
Incredibly helpful
I refer to this app EVERY TIME we go comic shopping. It's a great resource and easy to use. Perfect to flaunt our collection to fellow nerds. — Derick Aguilar on CLZ Comics
January 02, 2023
Greatest app ever for collectors! — James Kohlenberg on CLZ Comics
January 01, 2023
Lists my comics
Awesome app list my comics and shows what I am missing out on love my variants found so many more never new existed thank you. — Andy Westpotter on CLZ Comics