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CLZ Comics reviews

January 14, 2021
Thoroughly impressed
So far, I've used it for one night. I am thoroughly impressed at the quality and dental that the devs put into this app, the subscription fee is mere pennies compared to what you're really getting out of it especially if you're an avid collector like me. — Isaac Devries on CLZ Comics
January 13, 2021
Solid app
Excellent application for anyone who collects comics, syncs with clz on the computer so you'll always know what's in your collection! — Benjamin Pritchard on CLZ Comics
January 12, 2021
Phenomenal app!
It makes everything so easy to do, from cataloging, to getting fair value prices for select comics in my inventory. Very glad I bought and subscribed to this app, worth it! Oh and the cloud feature is a very nice add-on! — Jeremy Reynolds on CLZ Comics
January 11, 2021
Great customer service
Had an issue finding comic format, mostly my fault, great customer service got me back. — Joseph Torba on CLZ Comics
January 10, 2021
Best comic book app
Best comic book app, now with estimated value? Awesome! — Mark Shellenberger on CLZ Comics
January 10, 2021
So easy
A friend of mine told me about this & I JUST downloaded it yesterday! I had to MAKE myself go to bed! It's definitely better than logging books in on a notebook app! It makes collecting & logging info easier!! — Channel 1ACE7 on CLZ Comics
January 10, 2021
This app is awesome!
I feel like a kid in a comic store. And while itemizing my collection I've felt a sense of nostalgia I haven't felt in years. You can't put a star rating on that, but I'll give you all the days I can. Thanks! — Nathan Elliott on CLZ Comics
January 10, 2021
I highly recommend!!
Very easy to use. Scanned a box in no time flat! A great app. — John Daugherty on CLZ Comics
January 10, 2021
Really helpful app
This app is on point with the accuracy of the search, the scan, and even the manual part of it. thank you oh also the way it keeps your collection and puts it in order by vol. and # it really helps people like me with O.C.D. — Crystal Bennett on CLZ Comics
January 09, 2021
Great for keeping up with my collection
I bought this app a few years ago. And it has been great for keeping up with my collection. No more rummaging thru my books just to see what I've got. (Comics can receive alot of damage, just from pulling them in and out of boxes). I really enjoy the new update. Having updated prices added to my graded comics, adds a sense of accomplishment to my time and efforts as a collector. I did contact the support team once for clarification on the subscription. They responded to my email within minutes. — Toby Barbee on CLZ Comics
January 09, 2021
My collection
This is great to help sort my collection. — Quinton Sloan on CLZ Comics
January 08, 2021
Great resource
Great resource and handy for on the spot look ups. — Toby Roberts on CLZ Comics
January 07, 2021
Easy to use app for logging your comics. Many useful updates to it, quick response time for any user help questions. — Ruth Russ on CLZ Comics
January 06, 2021
Awesome user-experience
Enjoying every seconds scanning the barcode. — Ibat Harahap on CLZ Comics
January 05, 2021
Handy app
This is by far the best and easiest way to catalog all of my comics. Comes in handy when I'm out trying to pick up back issues or trying to figure out what I already own. Works perfectly. — RaymondGW on CLZ Comics
January 05, 2021
Best yet
This is the best app I’ve found for cataloguing my collection thus far. — Dasexymexy on CLZ Comics
January 05, 2021
Every collector should have this app. — Randall Davis on CLZ Comics
January 04, 2021
Great experience
Great experience of collecting comics. Enjoying the input process which makes it very easy. — Ibat Harahap on CLZ Comics
January 04, 2021
One of my favorite apps
One of my favorite apps PERIOD. POINT BLANK. PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! — Ray Jones on CLZ Comics
January 03, 2021
The best out there
Best comic app out there. Saves me from buying multiples. — Autumn Johnson on CLZ Comics
January 02, 2021
So easy to catalog comics
I love how easy it is to add and catalog comics. And syncing with the cloud just makes it even better! — Ronnie Obenhaus on CLZ Comics
January 01, 2021
Great app
Great for comic organization. — Robert Levy on CLZ Comics