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April 08, 2021
The Best Period
The best app i have found period. Nothing more to say. — Frank Welsh on CLZ Comics
April 07, 2021
Perfect app for keeping track of a growing comic collection. — Ademir Huerta on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2021
CLZ makes it easy
Don't know why it took me this long to catalog my comics, but CLZ makes it so easy! The bar code scan is great, solid UI, and the cloud sync helps a lot. — Kyle William on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2021
Rich metadata
A great app! Chock full of metadata like writer, cover artist and more! — soundmonkeykeith on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2021
A Quick Review
Watched a video on YouTube, guy recommended, tried the trial, day one paid the money for annual payment. I have spent the last 48hours, barcode scanning my collection, it has been strangely addictive, app is great, no crashes, no slowness it works really well. I am still working out all the different aspects to the app, so far statistics is the best review of what I have. Finally a reliable app for my catalogue. Thanks CLZ team. — vivaldi123 on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2021
Best in class comic book app
I have been using this app since about 2015. I can say this continues to be an excellent product overall, and an integral part in keeping my collection organized! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to track and organize their comics. — MDubbs508 on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2021
Goodbye Excel hello CLZ Comics!
The comics app is great very user friendly and a great amount of functionality, anyway you wish to cut your data, by publisher, imprint, crossover, year is all possible at the tap of a button. Adding comics couldn’t be easier either using the barcode scanner or selecting from those in the search function. It’s a huge leap forward from excel sheets and memory! Highly recommended! — Th0rnt5 on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2021
I love app
I love app..finds everything..works perfect.! Reinstalled on new cell. My original purchase didn't show. Had to get in touch with customer service..Who explained now run by subscription. So I got..now it works..!!! — ice King on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2021
Love using this app
First time user. Novice comic book collector. The app is pretty easy to use, and although I don't have any slabbed comics yet, I use the graded/value feature to give me a general idea of the value of my collection. — Cesar Canizalez on CLZ Comics
April 03, 2021
Totally awesome
Love this app i use it almost everyday it has up to date prices and keeps track of your comics totally awesome. — Rodney Guthrie on CLZ Comics
April 03, 2021
Excellent app!!
Easy to use and extremely helpful. — Jonathan Leduc on CLZ Comics
April 03, 2021
The best hands down
Been collecting comics for almost two decades this is hands down the best tool for organization I've found. — brett garrick on CLZ Comics
April 02, 2021
Honestly amazing!
I just tried it for the free demo...but now I’m keeping it to do my entire collection. Barcode scanner makes it easy! — Gmupats on CLZ Comics
April 01, 2021
Awesome app to track your collection
Incredible app, a work of genius. — Aaron Kurtzer on CLZ Comics
March 31, 2021
Great app!
CLZ allows me to have up to date info of my collection in my pocket wherever I go. The app keeps me organized - no more buying copies of a book I already have in my collection. The app is very versatile so you can personalize it to suit your needs. CLZ is an essential part of the hobby for me. — Bones408 on CLZ Comics
March 30, 2021
Love it! A must need for comic book collectors to keep track of their comic book library, — Havokae86 on CLZ Comics
March 30, 2021
Support help
There support staff is great they helped me out so much to retrieve my account after switching phones . And the app it’s self is top notch , I got over 5000 comics stored on there and never had a problem. — GCPD GRAYSON on CLZ Comics
March 29, 2021
Awesome app
This app is amazing! Found 4 plastic tub boxes full of comics from the 60,70, 80 & 90’s and this app helped me organise them all. What an amazing app. — Ramirezus5 on CLZ Comics
March 29, 2021
Amazing app if you have a lot of comics. — Adrian Diaz on CLZ Comics
March 28, 2021
Great tracking app
Great app for keeping track of your collection. Always use it when I am searching for missing issues. — Spidey's web74 on CLZ Comics
March 27, 2021
Hyper organized
Easy to use, hyper organized. Never going back to paper and pencil. It's even colour coded. — Kayla Marceniuk on CLZ Comics
March 26, 2021
The best!!
I love this app!! It let’s you know how many variants are with that comic and what I am missing. The customer support was very helpful and fast response. This app is great for any diehard comic book collectors. — Gerringer on CLZ Comics
March 26, 2021
Awesome tool
For a collector or just anybody this is a great way to catalog your books! So fast so easy, no more spreadsheets no more looking the issues up, just scan them! — clayton stokes on CLZ Comics
March 25, 2021
New website links
Excellent! Thanks for adding those. You guys have been very productive in lockdown; loving all the new enhancements — keep up the good work! — Janine Earley (USA) on Comic Collector
March 25, 2021
Thank you for this tool!
I just wanted to thank you and your staff for this awesome application. It has done nothing but help me keep control of my collection and empower me to expand upon it. The ease of use and thoughtful updates that have been applied over the past year have been well received (by myself) and are utilized in my daily activities. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the great work! — Chris A. on CLZ Comics
March 25, 2021
Great for the avid, occasional or selective collector
Great help for keeping track of your comic collection!! — Kenneth Holmes Jr on CLZ Comics
March 24, 2021
I don't have doubles anymore
Fastest way to inventory your comics from raw to slabs. — Dan Luna on CLZ Comics
March 24, 2021
Everything I wanted
Everything I wanted, there are a couple little things and not sure where they are getting the info about the worth of some comics but as far as cataloging and organizing, it's the exact app I was looking for! Keep on killing it CLZ!! — Andrew Lauterborn on CLZ Comics
March 22, 2021
Best app for comic collectors
Amazing app... if you collect comics and have a big collection, you'll love this app. — adam dischler on CLZ Comics
March 22, 2021
Worth every penny
Didn't know how much I needed this till I got it. Easy to use. Worth every penny. I highly recommend this app. — Sean O'Day on CLZ Comics
March 21, 2021
What an awesome app!
Best app for comic collectors. — Harley Tilley on CLZ Comics
March 21, 2021
Excellent app
I’ve long wanted an app that easily organized my collection. As well as making it simple to add to my collection. CLZ does this with ease. Using the camera to scan bar codes, using folders to tag series or create your own folder. Using this app is fun and easy. The cloud sync is fantastic. I can easily export, if needed, from my cloud back up. CLZ is an excellent app. — t_meg on CLZ Comics
March 21, 2021
Best, Most Flexible, Comic Collecting App
Looking for the best comic book collecting app on iOS? This is it. You can log your comics, make changes, automatically import lots of data about those comics, and instantly sync the app with GoCollect’s fair market value for a graded version of that comic. Of course, you always want more - and CLZ keeps bringing it to you. I have never subscribed to an app that keeps improving as much as this one does. Just take a look for yourself. — mjholthaus on CLZ Comics
March 20, 2021
Great App and Even Greater Support!!
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. This app makes it incredibly easy to manage my 7000+ collection. The comic book value function is incredible as well as the missing issues feature. This app is incredibly deep with features. The developers are constantly adding updates to make it even better. Speaking of the developers, they are very responsive. I submitted a new feature question and within minutes they responded. Great app and even greater support. If you need an app to manage your collection, this is the one! — Wikutundra (USA) on CLZ Comics
March 19, 2021
Love this app so much!
Excellent way to track your collection and want lists! Great value compared to on line programs. Update - just went with the premium version which in an absolute steal at $14.99 a year! Highly recommend for any comic collector, you won't find a better way to track, inventory and keep updated on comics. — Brian Tobin on CLZ Comics
March 18, 2021
Fantastic app for your comic collection
CLZ is truly an amazing app to organize and track your comic book collection. It is extremely easy to submit book with the barcode scanner or search bar and has never failed to identify a book. It has so many ways you can categorize and “tag” your collection and and to be able to pull up what books are in that category is awesome! This last update made the app even better as you can track your current pull list and see future issues from that series! To me this app just keeps getting better and better the more I learn about it and if you have a question or suggestion, the support is amazing and they are quick to respond to you for help! This app is well worth the money! — GarekF on CLZ Comics
March 18, 2021
CLZ amazing app and support
User friendly easy to input your collection. Great updates and developers are responsive. — THIRDWORLD037 on CLZ Comics
March 17, 2021
Love this app
I still love my spreadsheets but this app is amazing! Two words... barcode scanner. Having my library on my phone or tablet when I walk into a new store or Con is worth the price right there. Everything else this app does is gravy. 8 months later - it's only gotten better! New features, new data fields. My old spreadsheets are abandoned. — Jedi Nhite on CLZ Comics
March 17, 2021
Very helpful
Great resouce and handy for on the spot look ups and great app for keeping track of your collection. Easy and very helpful to use. — Toby Roberts on CLZ Comics
March 17, 2021
Excellent costumer support too
Amazing app, constantly getting updated with new features. Excellent costumer support, too. I love seeing my collection all in one place. Yearly subscription is more than worth it :) — Miggy Andres-Bray on CLZ Comics
March 16, 2021
Such a convenient app to have when dealing with large collections. — splorqqqq on CLZ Comics
March 14, 2021
Lovin it!
If you are a serious collector, you should have this app. — Travis Randall on CLZ Comics
March 14, 2021
This Far it's been great. Have had fun with the app, going through my son's collection with him, Looking at comic books, scanning them, occasionally reading them lol. It's a great app, give it a try you won't be disappointed. — Joe Luna on CLZ Comics
March 14, 2021
Great app. I found it very easy to use to catalog my books. — Kevin Blalock on CLZ Comics
March 11, 2021
Super easy
Glad I can finally categorize all my comics. — Joshua miller on CLZ Comics
March 10, 2021
Good price for a great app
This app has a lot of functions available for sorting. I would highly recommend using it if you're into collecting comics. — Luke Bishop on CLZ Comics
March 08, 2021
Perfect app
Here since the start. Perfect for you comics, — Gerard Diaz on CLZ Comics
March 08, 2021
My entire collection in my pocket
The free version was so good I had to get the full version. Lots of options and configurations. Will have my entire collection in my pocket in no time. Awesome app!
Update: Still great to use 3 years later. The app has definitely been a benefit to my collecting. — Joseph Banks on CLZ Comics
March 06, 2021
I have been using this for years its amazing. — Sargent Raze on CLZ Comics
March 06, 2021
Could not ask for more!
I really like this app. It helps me avoid double buying, and gives me a place to easily see my collection. Highly recommend. It also updates as new comics come out. Love this app! — shroomychicky on CLZ Comics
March 05, 2021
Stellar product
I was having trouble keeping track of my collection but this app helps make me feel less crazy about whether or not I actually have the comic when I can't find it. Also when buying books is handy to have so you can see what you already have and what you need. Also customer services is really helpful and very quick with its responses! — Travice Bothma on CLZ Comics
March 04, 2021
So easy to use and a very responsive help desk
Just finished my trial period and purchased the yearly membership. Tremendous value!
New to CLZ, I read about this app online and saw it reviewed in a YouTube video. I have a large collection that I have never fully inventoried and I’ve had to use multiple sources for cataloging and Value determination. I initially signed up for their desktop trial which was very functional but since I use my phone more frequently, I was having to sign in through Safari to access the program and my collection. I realized that I was probably better off with their phone app. I had a couple correspondences with their helpdesk ( Big call out to Alwin!!) to try and understand which platform would be better for me and if I could still access my inventory that I had placed in desktop program during my free trial if I now switched to the phone app. It turns out that since everything is stored in the cloud it can be retrieved by either program. The transition was seamless. Near immediate syncing.
I emailed them three times with questions and I received a response within five minutes of each request to their support desk. Great service and for only $15 a year of membership, one of the best purchases I’ve made.
Absolutely recommend this program. So simple and intuitive. — trashcan975 on CLZ Comics
March 03, 2021
The perfect app
Any true collector or someone who wants to categorize and catalog their collection possibly see value for grated books and really just be able to manage their collection this is a perfect app worth the money. — Julius Lane on CLZ Comics
March 03, 2021
Outstanding Functionality & Support
Comic Collecterz is an incredible tool to organise and value anybody’s comic collection. From individual issue details to Wishlisting titles, it addresses ever need. Shout out to Sytske in Support, whose politeness is rivalled by his ability to sort out any concern! — Hisdangerousness on CLZ Comics
March 03, 2021
#1 comic app
This app is everything a comic collector could hope for! Awesome for organizing your collection. If you have any "How To" questions about using the app, the developer is quick to respond back. Great customer support. — Jason Creason on CLZ Comics
March 02, 2021
wesome application for any collector
I have been very happy with this app. I find it very helpful in managing my comic collection. — Michael Udlock on CLZ Comics
March 02, 2021
Best App Ever!!!
Easy to use, plus updating to the cloud is a great option. — curt m on CLZ Comics
March 01, 2021
Great app
This app is great for comics, including local Australian comics. Only needed support help with one of the the new features for the subscription service and the staff were great. They did a bulk update on my data to make the new stats feature work correctly. — LilTiller76 on CLZ Comics
March 01, 2021
Easy to use
Awesome app! Keeping my collection organized has never been easier! — Todd Martin on CLZ Comics
March 01, 2021
Great App and Tech Support
I have over 500 titles in this app and I love how it presents them and organizes them. One of the best features is the amount it allows me to customize each entry to be a solid representation of the grade and or condition of the item. I use this for Comic Books and recently was it able to get the values to download. I contacted support and even given that they are almost on the other side of the world from me, they were great to work with. I would solidly recommend this app to any collector. I am a Mac user and have had seamless interaction between it on my phone and computer. Thank you. — Gnw29 on CLZ Comics
February 27, 2021
Great for knowing what I have
Great and easier way to keep track of all my books. — Diego Gonzales jr. on CLZ Comics
February 26, 2021
This app is like a dream come true! Had an issue and in less than a day, the issue was solved. The support team is out of this world! I only gave them 5* 'cause I couldn't give them 6! — Sagrario Faison on CLZ Comics
February 25, 2021
Easy to use and extremely helpful
This is, by far, the best comic inventory software! It is constantly being updated making it even easier to use, and with new features. At a glance, I can see the issues I need to complete a series. Or I can dive deeper to find out what my graded comics are worth, and what I paid for them. The app itself is super fast and I love the cloud backup (for when you change phones). This app is a must for all comic book collectors! — Andrew Seiser on CLZ Comics
February 24, 2021
Great app, great service
I downloaded the update which they seem to always be upgrading and adding cool new features but somehow the latest update (2021 / 02 / 23) wasn't syncing with my collection on the cloud, so all gone!
I was worried and upset and wrote a message to the service department, they replied the very next day but the problem was resolved with another update the same day.
Love the app and appreciate the customer service! — Steven J Vincent on CLZ Comics
February 23, 2021
Game changer for organization
Easy to use, and a game changer for organization. The new stats screen put it over the top as far as awesome perks. I can't believe I waited so long to buy this. — Robert Oeser on CLZ Comics
February 23, 2021
Amazing app with outstanding support
This app is a must for anyone cataloging their comic book collection!!! They have a fast and helpful support staff if needed. Do yourself a favor and get it today!!! — PoorMikeStudios on CLZ Comics
February 23, 2021
Very well organized
Best app for cataloging your collection and keeping track of your want lists. Very responsive to questions. — jim sheehan on CLZ Comics
February 22, 2021
Excellent App and Customer Service
I have been collecting comics for over 30 years and CLZ has been an excellent way to manage my large collection. I love the ability to scan the barcodes and have most of the data prefill for me. I had a question about cover images appearing in the app so I emailed support a question. They responded extremely fast with an answer. I am very impressed with both the app itself and the support behind it. Would highly recommend to any other comic collectors. — EricPears on CLZ Comics
February 22, 2021
Having my fun putting my comic collection on it, amazing way to keep track of them. — Edgar Lopez on CLZ Comics
February 22, 2021
The best app
Works great, worth every penny. — Mike Brown on CLZ Comics
February 22, 2021
Great Comics App & Customer Support
This has been a great tool for organizing my comic collection. Customer support service has been super helpful as well when it has been needed. Highly recommended if you have a collection that you want to keep track of. — Hernandez3381 on CLZ Comics
February 20, 2021
Great software
I was hesitant to switch from Collector to your Comic Connect web-based software, but have been very pleasantly surprised by how simple yet powerful it is. It does exactly the things I need it to do as an average collector, and the learning curve was super easy.
Thank you for having great software, the time and effort that you put into your product, and keeping your clients needs at the center of your business. It doesn't go unnoticed. — Will (USA) on Comic Collector
February 20, 2021
Nothing but the BEST!
I just wanted to tell you guys how AWESOME you guys have made the Collectorz app. What I really love about the app is the price settings. Now I can see which comics are increasing (green) in value and by how much and which are not (red). This app is AMAZING! Keep it coming. — Ren (USA) on Comic Collector
February 20, 2021
Being able to scan the barcode is the best feature. — Daniel Carter on CLZ Comics
February 20, 2021
Fine App
Very handy app to keep track of your comic collection. It includes a wish list. Support is excellent and fast — Spoor on CLZ Comics
February 19, 2021
The app is great!
I was so pleased to find it...I had used your software many years ago and lost all my info when my computer crashed and I was unable to retrieve anything! I was gutted and lost a lot of interest in everything over the years due to some mental health issues sadly.
But now, after nearly 10 years of digging my way out of the hole I had left myself in (and that already being years after using your software!) I regained my enthusiasm and searched for a comic database app (oh how technology has moved on!)...and found CLZ alive, kicking and flourishing! I was ecstatic and downloaded straight away.
So thanks for keeping up the excellent work you started all those years ago. — Mike Greenstreet (United Kingdom) on CLZ Comics
February 19, 2021
Best App for organizing your comics
Being a freak for keeping my comics collection tidy and organized, I have navigated through several websites and apps looking for one that could fill my needs.
I’ve found CLZ and I couldn’t be happier, the app has an extensive database, allows you to customize your covers and even add missing items. The barcode reader is the best tool you need to avoid spending long time identifying your items.
The subscription price is worth. App recommended! — fenomenico62 on CLZ Comics
February 19, 2021
Very user-friendly
Very helpful in organizing collection and very user-friendly interface. — Mark Young on CLZ Comics
February 19, 2021
Love it
Been using this app for a week and I love it. Made managing my collection so much easier. Some of my favourite features include: Ability to add by selection or barcode, batch updates. The estimated value, duplicate and missing issues. Multi-field, multi-issue editing The ability to search by many fields I including writer, character etc. — macedonboy on CLZ Comics
February 18, 2021
Easy to use and very detailed
My best experience of seeing my comic collection on the go I could have. Never have to second guess what I do and don't have!! Thank You CLZ!! — Space Hippy on CLZ Comics
February 17, 2021
I love it!
Best way to keep track of your collection! I've been collecting for over 30 years and have used almost every program out there...from CDs to other online websites to other apps and CLZ is the only one to keep up with me. Download it and just buy the base subscription and you'll be happy. JUST make sure you backup constantly as not be screwed if you need to replace your phone (like I did recently) — Committed Comics on CLZ Comics
February 15, 2021
Fast and easy to use
Trying it with the free trial and will most likely suscribe to it. — graypliskin on CLZ Comics
February 15, 2021
Customer Service
Only been using the app a little while and so far it is FANTASTIC. I had a problem I couldn’t figure out and the customer support is the best. Got back to me in the middle of the night and when that fix didn’t work, we exchanged emails in a matter of minutes and my problem was resolved. — Tag2collectibles on CLZ Comics
February 15, 2021
I recommend this app to all my comic collecting friends. The initial price is daunting, but I've never regretted it. Automatically categorizes, easy interface, and great syncing with my desktop. The latest update really improved the bar code scanner for the galaxy. — dominic pileri on CLZ Comics
February 14, 2021
The Best!
This is the best comic database tool available! — Jeremiah Jones-Goldstein on CLZ Comics
February 13, 2021
Great program
I just want to say this is such a great program. Keep up the great work. I especially like that the values are in Canadian. — Terrance Machalek (Canada) on Comic Collector
February 13, 2021
Incredibly informative
Very easy to use and incredibly informative. — Enrique Chapman on CLZ Comics
February 12, 2021
Must Have
This app is a must for every comic collector out there. — byra blanton on CLZ Comics
February 11, 2021
The most helpful app on my phone!
With a collection as large as mine it’s impossible to keep track of my collection. This app makes it super easy and simple. — Kosmikazie on CLZ Comics
February 10, 2021
Top notch
Great way to keep track of your collection. Customer support is top notch. Solved my problem that day within 3-4hrs, might have been less. — Rezz Alvarez on CLZ Comics
February 10, 2021
Great app
Most useful app I own. — Lee Soames on CLZ Comics
February 09, 2021
Great job!
I traded in and switched my Comic Collection to Comic Connect. I also have your Movie and Music database should I do the same with them. I currently have the music data base on my phone and iPad, And the Movie data base on my phone, iPad and computer.
You guys are doing a great job! Really enjoy your data bases! — Jose Ayala (USA) on Comic Collector
February 09, 2021
Awesome app for all my comics
Best comic collection app bar none! — Eric Downton on CLZ Comics
February 07, 2021
I keep track of all of my comics using this app. Results are knowing what I'm missing in my collections when browsing comic shops! — Tyler Hoskins on CLZ Comics
February 07, 2021
Works great scanning in comics
Super easy to use, and never seems to have any glitches. Absolutely great app! — Eric Chapman on CLZ Comics
February 07, 2021
Love this app
Great app to keep your collection organized i love this app. — Lazyhulk on CLZ Comics
February 05, 2021
Great app for comic book collectors... Recommended. — Calum Thomson on CLZ Comics
February 05, 2021
Great app for cataloging your comics
Love this app! This has been real easy and awesome for cataloging my collection. And the bar code scan feature is huge for getting the newer books into the collection. — Dgcdghgxd on CLZ Comics
February 04, 2021
Keeping track of my comic collection
Great app for keeping track of your comic book collection. They keep adding features to make it better. — John Zblewskl on CLZ Comics
February 04, 2021
A comic app that reads Bar Codes!
Finally an comic app that reads Bar Codes! It scans comic issues, trades and even my magazine copies of Heavy Metal and Image+. Definitely worth the yearly subscription. Thank you from a very grateful comic book horder. — Jennifer Zeman on CLZ Comics
February 03, 2021
No more duplicates
Help to not buy multiple copies of the same comic. — Brian Mazi on CLZ Comics
February 02, 2021
Easy to use and user friendly
Wonderful app. Thanks! — John Caligiuri on CLZ Comics
February 02, 2021
Great app
Just started using the value option and enjoying the values I'm seeing. — Emanuel Ribeiro on CLZ Comics
February 02, 2021
Easy to organize my collection. Ability to scan bar codes is a godsend — Christopher Mrkvicka on CLZ Comics
February 01, 2021
Easy to use app
I am enjoying the ease of the app! Love that it shows potential going price of books! — Maureen Rodriguez on CLZ Comics
January 31, 2021
Worth every penny
This app is worth every penny. Simple to use and keeps your comics organized effortlessly. — IW Beagle on CLZ Comics
January 30, 2021
Fun and easy
When first collecting comics, I could keep a mental catalog of my collection by remembering the covers. As my collection grew and variant covers became common, I had to start cataloging my acquisitions. First in an Excel spreadsheet, then an Access database, which migrated to an online SQL database; but the work of cataloging was arduous and time consuming. CLZ has the tools that make keeping track of my collection fun and easy. The mobile app has allowed me to scan over a 1000 books a day. — Spider Bob on CLZ Comics
January 30, 2021
The BEST comics organizer
Wow, this is the BEST comics organizer I've ever used!! Well worth the subscription price!! — Mike Cruz on CLZ Comics
January 30, 2021
Excellent App!
I didn't know how I was going to manage to keep an inventory of my comics I have almost 1,500. Or how I was even going to get an idea of how much my collection would be worth. I was looking for an inventory logging app and I saw this. What a relief someone thought to make this. It has almost every comic I've ever entered in their database with detailed info on most. I can scan them with my phone. Easy, easy, I'm super happy with this app worth every cent. — earth belowskyabove on CLZ Comics
January 30, 2021
The best app ever!!
This has everything a comic book collector could ever need. — Cal waite on CLZ Comics
January 29, 2021
Fantastic app
Fantastic app! Easy to use and input comics simply by scanning the barcode! Can't wait to finish getting everything added in and seeing my collection at a glance rather than rummaging through boxes! — Ray C on CLZ Comics
January 29, 2021
Awesome by far the best ever!! — Rick Allen on CLZ Comics
January 29, 2021
Great app
This app is the fastest and easiest way to organize and manage your collection. Customer service is incredibly quick to respond and help to solve any problems. — Steve O on CLZ Comics
January 29, 2021
Quick and easy service
I’ve been waiting for 30 years to get back into cataloging what I have. And I realized that I had over 20,000 comics and was drowning moving them from spot to spot. With this app and the simplicity of the way it works it’s the perfect comic book look up tool you would ever need. Thanks CLZ... — Helmut-CMG on CLZ Comics
January 28, 2021
A nerdgasm for comics and organization!
I am OBSESSED with your app. I have been looking for a way to catalog my collection, add cover images and we'll everything your app provides. Since we all have time on our hands it seemed like a good idea to go through my stuff but was kinda putting it off from the dread of gettint all the info I wanted. (Cover images, grading, details, variants, organization, etc.) I did some searches and found your app and it rocked my nerd world lol. I've been telling people about it and I've only used it a few days!
I'm about halfway through documenting my collection then go back and do some more deep dive on grading and adding more info but thank you for creating such an amazing tool! It's helped me organize but also realized variants I didn't know about that I can look for to add to my collection. Utilizing your app has really resparked my joy of collecting. If you ever need a poster child to share the love of your app then look no further!
Kudos and thank you! — k3llygp on CLZ Comics
January 28, 2021
Great tracker
I have way to many comics yo keep track of and this app helps alot. — Austin Striemer on CLZ Comics
January 28, 2021
Marvellous and very useful App
Found this cheap and amazing App while trying to sort my Comic collection...no more paper needed. Allows user to add owned and keep track of future purchases including variants.
Appears to be the best app on the market of its kind and £12 for a year is a bargain (£1PM) Wish I had found this app years ago and would highly recommended. — rdandrew on CLZ Comics
January 27, 2021
Love it
Pain free and amazing I've been searching for an app that keeps my comics straight and organized cause I forget what I bought sometimes and if I'm not wanting a variant cover or a duplicate this comes in handy....thank you!!!!! — ss clan gamer87 on CLZ Comics
January 26, 2021
Best comic tracker
Tried the free trial skeptical of the subscription fee. Now I have no issue with it. Easily organizes my comics, very user friendly and intuitive and even makes it easy to see what I still need to get. I'm even thinking of expanding my hobby now that I can easily see what copies of older comics I have! — Austin Buckius on CLZ Comics
January 25, 2021
You're a star and thanks very much. Brilliant customer support you have a CLZ, I'm really impressed. The app is just magnificent too and has made my collecting/ reading life so much easier. I'm a subber for life I reckon. — Steev (United Kingdom) on CLZ Comics
January 25, 2021
Great app for collectors
Amazing way to keep track of your collection of comics! Useful tool when looking for missing books or variant art. The time saved searching for variants or missing pieces is definitely worth the subscription price. — WillDevlin7 on CLZ Comics
January 24, 2021
CLZ Review
I love the app. I’ve waited years for something this comprehensive and easy to use. — An defy onion op on CLZ Comics
January 24, 2021
Comics inventory
Great way to quickly manage my comics inventory. Just started using it and I'm loving the bar-code scanner. It scans right though the bag and recognizes comics dating back to the Bronze Age. — Spider Bob on CLZ Comics
January 24, 2021
Amazing App For Cataloging A Collection
Let me just say that your app has exceeded all my expectations. I have acquired quite a large amount of issues throughout the years and this is a personal collection I have built up. That being said, I have never categorized nor organized them. It just seemed to be too daunting. Your app, in a matter of hours, has helped put my collection into order and put into perspective some very interesting data on my collection. It's very satisfying seeing such a clean record of my issues. I most enjoy seeing all of the covers while I scroll and I am fascinated with the statistics page and would love to see even more statistics available in graph format. — Phranklin27 on CLZ Comics
January 23, 2021
This APP is a god send not only does it assist greatly with preventing double purchases week to week but the information it provides on each book allows to maintain a solid hold on a collection that can get out of control fast. I can’t see any reason why any collector or comic book store would be without this fantastic tool. The updates make sense and provide useful tools along with emails from administrators makes it one of my favorite applications. — EVIL Father on CLZ Comics
January 22, 2021
Works pretty well
After looking for a program to catalogue my 30 year collection this one has proven to be a pleasant surprise. It is very easy to use and intuitive. — David Marshall on CLZ Comics
January 22, 2021
Highly recommended
This highlight of this app is the interface (app & web) and the ease of use. The developers really put a lot of thought into the app by giving you the ability to see your entire collection's value at a glance, export a list of your comics in multiple formats, and offering you in depth information of every comic in your collection. I highly recommend this app to every comic collector out there. — Benjamin Chapman on CLZ Comics
January 22, 2021
I got to catalogue all my comics and it was awesome to do so. — Shageru on CLZ Comics
January 20, 2021
Great app
Great app, good interface, easy-to-use. — Diberyan Powell on CLZ Comics
January 20, 2021
Easy to use
Not only is this app easy to use - and met all my needs for figuring out what i had and what i was still missing in my collection - but there is a desktop app i can use with my large , easy to ready if you have bad eyes like me screen, and there is a mobile version that syncs up to it for comic store visits.
I was more than surprised at how many obscure comics were already in the database; and how easy it was to add the ones that were not. And probably the best customer service i have had with any software company. Maybe best customer service all around. — PAK 5000 on CLZ Comics
January 19, 2021
The comic organization app. Period. — Eric Durrance on CLZ Comics
January 18, 2021
Amazing App
After years of a hiatus and gifting my childhood books to my Godson I wanted to get back into with my youngest daughter who ironically loves comics. So we began on a new collecting journey and one of the guys at that shop that we frequent recommended this app. He gave me a quick tutorial and I immediately downloaded it. I couldn’t wait to get home and start logging my new collection.
This app is incredible and I would highly recommend it to other collectors new and old. My only complaint is that now I just want to keep buying books to log in the app. LOL
The other thing is that customer service is great! They reach out to YOU to see if everything is ok and they offer suggestions. So happy with this app and it is well worth the membership. Don’t hesitate! This is the APP for you good people! Enjoy it! — allbean32 (USA) on CLZ Comics
January 17, 2021
Easy app
Makes getting your collection in order MUCH easier. — Grimnir Vlad on CLZ Comics
January 17, 2021
No more mess
Very easy to categories all your comics without it looking like a mess. — Robert Tylock on CLZ Comics
January 16, 2021
Great customer support, very responsive
The perfect app for all kind of collectors. Always updated, It have also great support from it's creators. — Diego Acciaccarelli on CLZ Comics
January 16, 2021
Highly recommended
Really fun app. A few books here and there not in the system but otherwise this is great. — Joseph Rice on CLZ Comics
January 16, 2021
Love the app
Love the app and everything it does. Has everything I need. — Clark Kent on CLZ Comics
January 16, 2021
Good app
Very intuitive and complete. If you collect comics, you need this. — Jon Skinner on CLZ Comics
January 14, 2021
Thoroughly impressed
So far, I've used it for one night. I am thoroughly impressed at the quality and dental that the devs put into this app, the subscription fee is mere pennies compared to what you're really getting out of it especially if you're an avid collector like me. — Isaac Devries on CLZ Comics
January 14, 2021
Excellent app
Excellent way to keep track of your collection online and off! — C Williams on CLZ Comics
January 13, 2021
Solid app
Excellent application for anyone who collects comics, syncs with clz on the computer so you'll always know what's in your collection! — Benjamin Pritchard on CLZ Comics
January 12, 2021
Phenomenal app!
It makes everything so easy to do, from cataloging, to getting fair value prices for select comics in my inventory. Very glad I bought and subscribed to this app, worth it! Oh and the cloud feature is a very nice add-on! — Jeremy Reynolds on CLZ Comics
January 11, 2021
Great customer service
Had an issue finding comic format, mostly my fault, great customer service got me back. — Joseph Torba on CLZ Comics
January 10, 2021
Best comic book app
Best comic book app, now with estimated value? Awesome! — Mark Shellenberger on CLZ Comics
January 10, 2021
So easy
A friend of mine told me about this & I JUST downloaded it yesterday! I had to MAKE myself go to bed! It's definitely better than logging books in on a notebook app! It makes collecting & logging info easier!! — Channel 1ACE7 on CLZ Comics
January 10, 2021
This app is awesome!
I feel like a kid in a comic store. And while itemizing my collection I've felt a sense of nostalgia I haven't felt in years. You can't put a star rating on that, but I'll give you all the days I can. Thanks! — Nathan Elliott on CLZ Comics
January 10, 2021
I highly recommend!!
Very easy to use. Scanned a box in no time flat! A great app. — John Daugherty on CLZ Comics
January 10, 2021
Really helpful app
This app is on point with the accuracy of the search, the scan, and even the manual part of it. thank you oh also the way it keeps your collection and puts it in order by vol. and # it really helps people like me with O.C.D. — Crystal Bennett on CLZ Comics
January 09, 2021
Great for keeping up with my collection
I bought this app a few years ago. And it has been great for keeping up with my collection. No more rummaging thru my books just to see what I've got. (Comics can receive alot of damage, just from pulling them in and out of boxes). I really enjoy the new update. Having updated prices added to my graded comics, adds a sense of accomplishment to my time and efforts as a collector. I did contact the support team once for clarification on the subscription. They responded to my email within minutes. — Toby Barbee on CLZ Comics
January 09, 2021
My collection
This is great to help sort my collection. — Quinton Sloan on CLZ Comics
January 08, 2021
Great resource
Great resource and handy for on the spot look ups. — Toby Roberts on CLZ Comics
January 07, 2021
Easy to use app for logging your comics. Many useful updates to it, quick response time for any user help questions. — Ruth Russ on CLZ Comics
January 06, 2021
Wonderful software
By the way, your comic software is wonderful to use - makes cataloguing, etc. a pleasure. — Dale Klassen (Canada) on Comic Collector
January 06, 2021
Spectacular service
The support you all render is outstanding. I’ll be telling everyone at the comic shop (OK….not too many show up anymore at one time thanks to COVID) about your spectacular service. They already know how much I like your program. — Marshall Williams (USA) on Comic Collector
January 06, 2021
Awesome user-experience
Enjoying every seconds scanning the barcode. — Ibat Harahap on CLZ Comics
January 05, 2021
Handy app
This is by far the best and easiest way to catalog all of my comics. Comes in handy when I'm out trying to pick up back issues or trying to figure out what I already own. Works perfectly. — RaymondGW on CLZ Comics
January 05, 2021
Best yet
This is the best app I’ve found for cataloguing my collection thus far. — Dasexymexy on CLZ Comics
January 05, 2021
Every collector should have this app. — Randall Davis on CLZ Comics
January 04, 2021
Great experience
Great experience of collecting comics. Enjoying the input process which makes it very easy. — Ibat Harahap on CLZ Comics
January 04, 2021
One of my favorite apps
One of my favorite apps PERIOD. POINT BLANK. PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! — Ray Jones on CLZ Comics
January 03, 2021
The best out there
Best comic app out there. Saves me from buying multiples. — Autumn Johnson on CLZ Comics
January 02, 2021
So easy to catalog comics
I love how easy it is to add and catalog comics. And syncing with the cloud just makes it even better! — Ronnie Obenhaus on CLZ Comics
January 01, 2021
Great app
Great for comic organization. — Robert Levy on CLZ Comics