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Reviews from customers

December 03, 2009
Absolutely amazing
Can I take the opportunity to complement you on the software.
I had previously used some rather rough homemade systems and a new computer meant I needed to look around for something else.
I have to say your software is absolutely amazing. The range of features and ease of use is such that this is probably the best piece of personal software I have used and the ability to download a huge amount of information so easily is absolutely fantastic. — Martin Reed on Comic Collector
September 09, 2009
Immense Time Savings
I love Comic Collector Pro so far.
I had been using my own Access database and your product saves an immense amount of time with its pre-loaded information.
I'm in the process of entering my collection of appx. 50,000 comics into Comic Collector (about 3,000 loaded thus far). I have also bought the companion app for my iPhone, which I love!
I've been manually exporting to Excel and loading onto a PDA, but this is another immense time savings for me. — Jeffrey Anderson on Comic Collector
August 14, 2009
The right tool
I bought the Comic book pro edition last night for my home laptop. I am so impressed with the software.
I have a sizable collection and have been looking for the right tool to catalogue it.
Not so much a fan of dry lists so being able to look at the covers and read the credits and synopsis is fantastic for me.
Well done for making such a great product at such a great price. — Tony Frate on Comic Collector
May 27, 2009
Great deal of fun
This program has been a humongous time-saver for me.
I have six children at home and it is difficult enough making time to read my comics, let alone inventory them. Collectorz.com has made the task of inventorying my books not only quick, but a great deal of fun. — Shane Bricker on Comic Collector
April 15, 2009
Great program
Hello to everyone at Collectorz; first off I would like to say that I really glad that a site like you exist, I'm a comic book fan and I 100% LOVE the Comic Collectors program I have running on my computer.

I get excited every time I get home with new comic books; read them, and then open the program and start adding them to the list!
You guys truly do have a great program with Comic Collector; honestly, I don't know how I've been calling myself as comic fan without it.

And I am really glad to hear that great mind think alike as far as you guys working on a Collectorz version for the Iphone. I can't wait to till it's ready! — Tory Moody on Comic Collector

April 05, 2009
A must have
I really love your product. I spent about two weeks every night entering my comics into the system.
Keep up the great work. I don't actually buy many products, I seek out free alternatives but your application was a must have. — Paul Stewart on Comic Collector
April 03, 2009
I'm having a blast
There was a web-site that "reviewed" three of the most popular comic collection software. They gave yours an overall 2.5 stars and Comic Base 4.5 stars.

Naturally, I downloaded the trial for the Comic Base. I used it for about 2 minutes and REMOVED the trial program from my computer. What a piece of s*~t! I guess the guy reviewing owns stock in Comic Base.

Maybe I didn't know how to use it but I approached both Comic Base and Collectorz the same; no idea how to use either and was completely impartial. Collectorz was a breeze to pick up and Comic Base could make a sober person drink themselves into debt.

Outstanding product... I'm having a blast. This is the first time in 25 years, that I can actually know (and find) what I have in my collection! I LOVE this program! — Chuck LoBianco on Comic Collector