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Reviews from customers

December 26, 2013
The Best
I've only just begun and have entered one box, I have a total of +/- 16,000 books (for sale) and I can say that this system is the best that I have used bar none. I definitely recommend it to any and everyone that has a need for this type of data entry. Buy it you will not regret it. — Forrest Beckner on CLZ Comics
December 24, 2013
Love your app
By the way, love your app. It is the best system I've found. And I've been collecting comics for over 30 years. Thank you for it! — Todd Thomas on CLZ Comics
December 22, 2013
Love love love
I love love love your comic collecting app. It's incredible, and I can't see anything doing the job better than you guys have done it. — Chas Naylor (USA) on Comic Collector
December 21, 2013
Great app
Excellent companion app to the desktop version. Let's me manage on the go at shows or shops & then sync with the desktop version via the cloud service. I highly recommend it if you also use the desktop version or if you just want to manage a big collection & sometimes can't remember what you already have & what you need. — ScienceJesus on CLZ Comics
December 18, 2013
Continuing to make even better
Add and edit last update is great. This company continues to upgrade the product to match device enhancements. Already saved me from duplicate buys. Thanks! — mobius1953 on CLZ Comics
November 28, 2013
Great app
I am very impressed. I also have the PC version and I can sync between devices. This is a big help as I can keep a want list on my phone and refer to it when I am comic book shopping. — PK1957 on CLZ Comics
November 25, 2013
Long time collector
This is good. Have collected for years. Now I have to get my stuff together and this is the tool for the job! — Master Boltz on CLZ Comics
November 24, 2013
Awesome app. Great Cust. Service. Does all you need, and all you could want. I have used other more expensive software, and this is by far the best!!! — Big Bullyx on CLZ Comics
November 21, 2013
Great app. Best comic collector on the market. A little expensive. But worth it. — Kryptonian Kidd on CLZ Comics
November 21, 2013
Awesome App!
Made cataloging a breeze. Super easy to use. Thanks to this app I never buy duplicate copies of comics I already have. — DaPrate on CLZ Comics
November 20, 2013
Completely awesome app. Best $15 spent in a while. — Chadwick1983 on CLZ Comics
November 16, 2013
Catalog my comics
I love being able to catalog my comics like this. I also want to say how really appreciative that I am. Anytime I have had a problem I get a really quick, easy and helpful response. I wish there was more people out there that took care of their customers like you guys do. — J. Linton (USA) on Comic Collector
November 15, 2013
Great app!!!
Great app, well worth the money. barcode reader works really good and makes inputting comics very easy. Works great for my cataloging needs! — Lord Sitan on CLZ Comics
November 14, 2013
Best app
This app helps so much keeps everything nice and organized an extremely easy to find. A+++ — Mattzilla attacker 9000 on CLZ Comics
November 14, 2013
Useful and well made
Nice app, great to add comics in your collection by scanning it! — Junior Belanger on CLZ Comics
November 12, 2013
Comics Catalog
Just got it but I'm loving it so far! — tpRN2009 on CLZ Comics
November 11, 2013
Great for any comic collector
I started with a small collection and it has grown exponentially. I shopped around for a good comic catalogue program and I found CLZ. It has been a wonderful program and this app is a great companion to it. I can check my comics on the go to make sure I don't buy duplicates and I can track where they are and who has them. I recommend this app for any collector, whether your collection is large or small. — donleyst on CLZ Comics
November 05, 2013
Didn't think it was worth 15 bucks but it definitely was. — Harrysacbulls on CLZ Comics
November 03, 2013
Excellent app for comics, best in the app store
I bought just about every other comic inventory app in the app store (for iPad) because of the hefty price of this app. Hopefully this review will save you from doing the same. Just buy it, it is great. Where the other apps missed issues, this one had them all. It also had a more intuitive UI than the others. This app also offers the barcode scanner, which is a great time saver. — Scooter3232 on CLZ Comics
October 26, 2013
CLZ app
Does exactly what it was made for. Not as detailed as it's PC/Mac counterpart but perfect for a quick reference guide to your collection and really useful for accessing your wishlist while sifting through shelves. — Duncan Allcoat on CLZ Comics
October 25, 2013
One fine app to organize my comics
Before I had this app I was in comic organization chaos, then when I had tried out the Mac app I was blown that it helped me organize my comics!
No other app for iOS app can do that! CLZ Comics is my recommended choice for comic collectors. — Zanic The Zone Cop on CLZ Comics
October 18, 2013
made my comic collecting easier
I have the phone app as well as the pc version and I love them both!
You guys have made a product that has definitely made my comic shopping / collecting much easier! — Ryan Reynolds (USA) on Comic Collector
October 16, 2013
Keep track
I can't wait for the update I love this software! It's easy to use and helps me keep track of my every growing collection and see where I might have some gaps. — Jason White (USA) on Comic Collector
October 10, 2013
Very quickly
Done. Just bought the full Comic Collector. Best function on it is the capacity to find and add multiple titles very quickly. Like how you've included a trade paperbacks & Hardcover books in the search as I'm buying the Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel series. — Peter Xuereb (Australia) on Comic Collector
October 06, 2013
Great app.
Works well. — easthollow on CLZ Comics
October 06, 2013
Just what I needed
Just getting started and all's well. Besides being organized my main reason for buying the app is to prevent myself from purchasing duplicates. — Motley 1 on CLZ Comics
October 05, 2013
Great app
This keeps all my comics organized and linked up to my collecterz program at home. Great ideas and really helpful. Def recommend. — Christian VanWhy on CLZ Comics
October 02, 2013
Track of my collection
Your clz comic product are great. I use it to keep track of my collection and to help me when I go to shows and seeing what I need. — Michael Botticelli (USA) on Comic Collector
October 02, 2013
CLZ Comics
This is The best 14.99 I have ever spent!!
Thanks again.. I have comics to scan! — Aaron J. Wolf on CLZ Comics
October 01, 2013
Love this software to pieces!
My comic book collection - 9,048 comics, trade paperbacks and graphic novels and counting! I have short boxes and bookcases elsewhere. Keeping this all straight has never been easier thanks to Comic Collector. Getting my wish list ready for cons, pulling books to get autographed, updating with new additions (or sales)...love this software to pieces! — Glenn Anderson (USA) on Comic Collector
September 28, 2013
Muy bueno
Imprescindible para los coleccionistas de comics — Abelfp76 on CLZ Comics
September 28, 2013
.....thing works briliant! a great customer service as well. — exva on CLZ Comics
September 27, 2013
LOVE the Comic Book app
Absolutely LOVE the Comic Book android app! Loaded up about 60 books in 5-10 minutes last night! — Michael McKee on CLZ Comics
September 27, 2013
Comic Book lovers old and new
Great app! Seamless transferring over from computer app to mobile. — realdeal on CLZ Comics
September 23, 2013
The best software
I also wish to thank your company for creating by far the best software and database for organizing a comic book collection. — Justin Fleming (USA) on Comic Collector
September 22, 2013
Great app!
I've been using the desktop version of this program since CLZ released it for the Mac, and I've always liked it. The iPad version is even better because my collection is almost always with me. Syncing with CLZ's cloud storage is simple, and I can keep both versions of the program updated. — Mou101 on CLZ Comics
September 21, 2013
It works really well
This is the best way I have found to accurately categorize my comic collection. The use of the camera to scan in barcodes is well thought out, it includes cover variations. — ViceZorb on CLZ Comics
September 20, 2013
Fantastic App!
The title says it all. Fantastic app, really useful with lots of great features - it keeps getting better. Amazing company who provide constant useful info and updates through Facebook - such a dedicated team! They put most other software companies to shame. If you have a large comic collection, or it's starting to grow, this is THE only comic database app you should buy - I tried others and they were nowhere near as good!

Updated now for iOS 7 and it looks great, very in keeping with the OS whilst still providing all the functionality you could need! — ImWatchingTheWatchmen on CLZ Comics

September 20, 2013
Fantastic App! [CLZ Comics for iOS]
The title says it all. Fantastic app, really useful with lots of great features - it keeps getting better. Amazing company who provide constant useful info and updates through Facebook - such a dedicated team!
They put most other software companies to shame.
If you have a large comic collection, or it's starting to grow, this is THE only comic database app you should buy - I tried others and they were nowhere near as good! Updated now for iOS 7 and it looks great, very in keeping with the OS whilst still providing all the functionality you could need! — ImWatchingTheWatchmen (USA) on Comic Collector
September 19, 2013
Awesome comic cataloging app
Very impressed with this app. I wish that syncing was faster or even automatic between devices and computers but the scanning feature and wish list use in a shop is totally worth the price. — theandrewvolta on CLZ Comics
September 19, 2013
Still the best of the App Store
By far the best comic book collecting app, although there aren't many to choose from.
I still wish I could have a sorting option of what's read and what's not read. Other then that, I have no complaints of the app at all. — fraggot on CLZ Comics
September 13, 2013
Great app!!
App works great. I now don't need to remember what comics I buy but just look at my phone. — Xander1983 on CLZ Comics
September 01, 2013
Never leave home without it
Just wanted to say the Comic Collector and the iPhone app are the best!!
Now I never leave home without my collection. — John Tancredi (USA) on Comic Collector
August 30, 2013
Serieus verzamelen
Als verzamelaar van films, strips en comic was ik al een tijdje op zoek naar een goede database om de collecties overzichtelijk in bij te houden. Toen ik begon met het serieus verzamelen, was ik begonnen in Excel om een eigen vorm van een database te maken, wat enorm veel tijd kost en niet echt heel overzichtelijk is.
Een aantal jaar later begonnen diverse software ontwikkelaars database programma’s uit te brengen waar ik er een aantal van geprobeerd heb, tot ik op een gegeven moment Collectorz tegen kwam. De screenshots op de site zagen er geweldig uit en ik was gelijk geïnteresseerd.
Ik ben begonnen met het downloaden van de demo voor comics en was verbaasd over de beschikbaarheid in de database. Zeker omdat in Nederland de comic wereld niet zo heel groot is. Zelfs de zeldzame comics waren te vinden in de database. Totdat ik aan de limiet van de demo zat, heb ik overwogen om een licentie te kopen.
Na een mooie aanbieding heb ik standaard Comic Collector en Movie Collector aangekocht en hou er mijn collecties in bij. Het mooie is dat als je op titel of streepjescode kan zoeken en als een comic,strip of film niet in de database te vinden is, dat je deze dan zelf kan aanmaken. Je kan ook alle teksten aanpassen naar je eigen idee en smaak zodat je een mooie overzichtelijke database krijgt waar in staat wat je hebt, wat zoekt, wat je uitgeleend hebt of te koop hebt staan.
Sinds kort heb ik ook CLZ Comics voor Android aangeschaft en geïnstalleerd. Met deze app heb kun je je database van de pc zo overzetten op je smartphone. Dit heb ik gedaan omdat ik geregeld naar stripbeurzen ga en zo altijd mijn comic collectie bij me heb en snel kan zien of ik al iets heb of nog iets moet hebben.
Ik kan iedereen die grote verzamelingen heeft, deze software aanraden. Het is je investering echt waard! — Leon Burgs (Netherlands) on Comic Collector
August 24, 2013
I'm friends with a few other collectors here and there, and trust me, I'm not going to be able to recommend your software enough. I don't care about the software at this point...that's totally secondary. What I think is amazing is the level of care and communication you've exhibited to a total stranger. I'm in awe of your actions, Sir.

The key you sent works and I'm connected. I'm a firefighter/EMT and on-duty today. I can't wait to get home tonight to start going through some of my short boxes and getting everything entered. I even have the Overstreet Price Guide being delivered to my house on Monday so that I can also input current values for my older books.

As soon as I learn my way around the Standard Edition, you can rest assured that I'll be upgrading to 'Pro.' — Richard Cerzosimo (USA) on Comic Collector

August 22, 2013
Love it
Great way to keep track of your collection. Very user friendly. I use both the computer and smartphone app. Recommend to any collector. — oneunlucky13 on CLZ Comics
August 21, 2013
Mijn verzameling verzekerd
Ik gebruik comic collector om mijn verzameling verzekerd te hebben, ze krijgen elk jaar een update van mijn comics. Verder heb ik mijn comics ook op mijn mobiel, wanneer ik op een beurs ben kan ik snel mijn ontbrekende nummers opzoeken en kopen. — Jos Bots (Netherlands) on Comic Collector
August 20, 2013
Good app
This a very solid app. It has saved me a ton of trouble when it comes to looking up what I have on the fly(or what I have on my wish list, so you can grab back issues while in a shop). — TreyPlaysBass on CLZ Comics
August 19, 2013
Love it!
I had been looking for an easy way to keep track of all my comics and I have to say, this is perfect! It's connected to my laptop, iPad and my iPhone. As well as being super easy to use it also offers up a lot of information about the comics you enter. — Toastmefunny on CLZ Comics
August 18, 2013
I've been a paying customer of your service for two months now -- two of the best months of my 16-year comic-collecting career. I've tried to catalog my collection many times before, but until now, I've never been happy with how I did so. — Josh Marowitz (USA) on Comic Collector
August 18, 2013
Strip verzameling archiveren
ik gebruik Comic collector al jaren om mijn strip verzameling te archiveren. Het is een super handig en overzichtelijk programma wat je door vele instellingen prima naar je eigen hand kunt zetten. Mijn hele collectie staat er in en dagelijks maak ik diverse aanvullingen die je dan ook weer in de "cloud" kunt zetten via de functie CLZ Cloud. Dit natuurlijk zodat het voor nieuwe gebruikers weer makkelijker wordt om hun verzameling met enkele muisklikken in comic collector te plaatsen en om zo een gigantisch complete database te krijgen van alle strips/comics die er zijn ter wereld.
Zelf gebruik ik geen apps op mijn telefoon omdat er (nog) geen windows phone 8 app is, maar als die komt zal ik er niet aan twijfelen om ook die te gaan gebruiken. Ik sla mijn database nu vooral op in Skydrive zodat ik er altijd bij kan als ik de software om een of andere reden opnieuw moet installeren of als ik op mn laptop aan comic collector werk.
Kortom, ik vind comic collector makkelijk, gebruiksvriendelijk, overzichtenlijk en de makers goed luisterend naar de wensen van de gebruikers. — Rene Verhaar (Netherlands) on Comic Collector
August 17, 2013
Beste totaalprogramma
ik spaar al sinds de jaren 80 de Donald Duck Pocket. Daarnaast natuurlijk ook andere stripboeken waaronder Amerikaanse comics. In je hoofd weet je meestal wel wat je hebt, maar toch is een database een niet te missen onderdeel van de verzameling. In het begin had je alles in een boekje staan. en met de komst van de thuis-pc kwam Excel als ideaal programma voor het op een rijtje zetten van de diverse onderdelen van de verzameling. Zo is het jaren lang gegaan totdat ik bij toeval op het beste totaalprogramma stuitte.

Het comic collector programma was in het begin van zijn ontwikkeling al een verademing voor de gegevensjunkie, laat staan de huidige vorm van het programma. Het programma is zo uitgebreid en aanpasbaar dat ik mijn boekjes aan het uitpluizen ben op zoek naar nieuwe onderdelen om in het programma te verwerken. Het bijhouden en onderhouden van mijn hobby is een plezierige bezigheid met CC.

De ondersteuning van de software is ongelooflijk geweldig. De samenwerking tussen de ontwikkelaars en de gebruikers is ongeëvenaard. Voor mijzelf is het geweldig dat ik mijn steentje kan bijdragen door het opsturen van scans en diverse kenmerken van mijn zo geliefde DD-pockets. De Mickey-Maandblad reeks heb ik bijna geheel zelf ingestuurd. Ook al kan ik maar 1 iemand hier blij mee maken het is toch iets waar ik ontzettend blij mee ben.
Doordat veel gebruikers actief meewerken aan de ongelooflijk grote database is alles netjes onderhouden en hoef ik meestal nooit naar een scan te zoeken van mijn nieuw aangekochte comics.
De ipad/iphone programma's gebruik ik enkel als naslagwerk. Omdat ik met een gigantische mappenstructuur werk en dit nog niet en wellicht nooit geïmplementeerd zal worden.

Ondertussen gebruik ik ook alweer een tijdje de movie collector, waarbij ik wel gebruik maak van de uiterst handige cloud functie, en ben ik aan het nadenken over de aanschaf van de music collector voor mijn vinyl verzameling.
Uiteindelijk probeer ik steeds een smoes te verzinnen om weer een nieuw Collectorz product aan te schaffen. (Heb ik wel genoeg boeken? Heb ik wel genoeg vinyl?)
Verder moet ik zeggen dat ik met plezier voor deze programma's betaal. De ontwikkeling is erg transparant en in elke grote update is rekening gehouden met de wensen van de gebruikers. Een goed forum met altijd aanwezige ontwikkelaars en medewerkers sluit aan bij mijn wensen.
Mocht ik ooit in Amsterdam zijn (Ik woon in Maastricht) trakteer ik op een ijsje ;-) — Patrick de Heus (Netherlands) on Comic Collector

August 13, 2013
Having a blast
Look at the madness you have started... now I can finally see what I have... once I input it it. I do data entry during the week, but I am having a blast entering my collection into Comic Collector Pro. Thanks! — Sam Prus (USA) on Comic Collector
August 12, 2013
I love that app since the beginning
Any comic books lover should have this. Furthermore if you love books, movies, musics, you have the options of taking those version too. It's a must. — Jonathan Gervais on CLZ Comics
August 06, 2013
Amazing app goes above ad beyond perfect for the new collector. — Frankieee12345 on CLZ Comics
August 05, 2013
I just wanted go give out kudos to a great comic database application. I've been a pretty hard core comic collector for over 25 years with many thousands of comics in my collection. For a long time I have been looking for some kind of tool that could easily help me catalog my collection. And you all have done it!
Your application is just what I needed. It's quick, easy and highly effective. My only regret is that I didn't have this application many years ago as I'm currently in the process of cataloging my entire collection.
Thank you for such an awesome comic tool! — Therron Harrell (USA) on Comic Collector
August 03, 2013
Want an app that makes you spend more money on comics (in a good way)?
This is the app for you. Stick in all the comics and next time you are at a chc shop there will be no "have I got that one?"
To be honest I bought the PC version first and blasted through 500+ comics using the barcode scanner. Then synced it to the cloud and bought this app and there you have it. My whole collection at the touching my geeky hands. — AndyY1508 on CLZ Comics
July 30, 2013
fantastic app
paired it easily with my iMac installation. all set for dragoncon. now I'll never kick myself for leaving comics at home when the artist will be there. — derpimpkar on CLZ Comics
July 28, 2013
Great when you're diligent
I was not quite satisfied with my previous solution of printing a PDF report and using a text search to find my issues. That this is a real database for my most intense hobby is well worth the $10 considering that that is less than 5 comics.

There is room for improvement so this is not my one-stop solution yet. (managing the wish list from the PC is cumbersome -- not so much of a problem for the collection). If what you want is access to your comics, covers, and descriptions and you have the time to do the PC updates and uploads diligently, this app is a huge boon at a con: research, dynamic addition, cover art comparison, it really has been a game changer. — drjah69 on CLZ Comics

July 28, 2013
Better Than Spreadsheets
Makes tracking a lot easier! — Tchallenge on CLZ Comics
July 25, 2013
Great app!!!
I have added over 2000 comics to my database so far and the app works great. After I learned how, adding comic books is a breeze. — DDobbs on CLZ Comics
July 25, 2013
Amazing App
Compliments the desktop software and cloud software to a T. Amazing app. Would definitely recommend. — Shawn Statler on CLZ Comics
July 25, 2013
Comic colectorz
Super easy to use! I love it! — Hulk9933 on CLZ Comics
July 23, 2013
Awesome app
Works great for me. Wife uses it also and likes it allot. — B-Threat27 on CLZ Comics
July 22, 2013
Great app!
Adding comics to your collection is quick and easy. A+!!! — raptor4013 on CLZ Comics
July 21, 2013
This is my favorite app it works perfectly. — Scl69 on CLZ Comics
July 21, 2013
Exceptionally Useful
I use this on both the iPad and iPhone (as well as the desktop version). I find it to be incredibly useful software, especially on the "go" for trying to fill in gaps in the collection. I wish it would let you have freer reign over cover art (it would be helpful to be able to add your own scan or just opt out of cover art altogether to save space). I'd also like it to allow for easier adding/viewing of the particular issue(s) grade(s) in your collection. It would also be great to be able to "mass" move items from wish list to collection rather than one-by-one.
My complaints are minor and far outweighed by the benefits and ease of use. Not "perfect" but definitely the best on the platform. — tjs252 on CLZ Comics
July 20, 2013
Needed by all comic collectors
This app is really helpful for when I go to the comic store looking for books in my collection that I don't have. Great! — Spiderman8604 on CLZ Comics
July 18, 2013
Finally updated to perfection. I can now leverage CLZ Comics on my iPad 2 and scan them in on my iPhone. Perfect! — AlmightyMe on CLZ Comics
July 17, 2013
Best comic book collecting app!
This is easily the best app for keeping track of your comic book collection. It could do with other viewing options, such as listed by Author/Year/Artist/Story Arc. Also, some pictures don't show up properly. Other than that, great app! — Rob Murphy on CLZ Comics
July 15, 2013
Couldn't live without it
Absolutely brilliant app, well worth the money as now I can throw away all those screwed up pieces of paper with issue numbers written on them plus the barcode scanner works great. The only way I could think to improve the app is if it told you what issues in what series you were missing. I suggest to anyone who is/wants to collect comics to buy this app, it's made my life a whole lot easier :D — Josheey69 on CLZ Comics
July 14, 2013
Having this handy at my LCS helps me to not buy doubles of things I already have. Plus, the wish list feature lets me quickly see which issues I need. — James Kurz III on CLZ Comics
July 13, 2013
Great app for the price. It has more than paid for itself by alerting me to repeat buys beforehand. Couldn't make it without it. — Sojo soul on CLZ Comics
July 12, 2013
CLZ works as advertised
Fantastic; works very well. While adding my collection the app did drop a couple times but no info was lost. Very nice interface; found every comic I added with no problem (mostly 80's and 90's stuff though). — Acycloflow on CLZ Comics
July 07, 2013
I'm sure anyone looking at this app would hesitate due to it being $10. But I assure you, you will not be disappointed. I've had no problems with it, it sometimes can't find older issues via barcode but I cannot fault the app for that.
Overall solid app, especially compared to the others which most haven't been updated since 2012. — fraggot on CLZ Comics
July 04, 2013
The best app a comic collector could ask for! I have my 750 comics added and this app is going strong! — hoffmar24 on CLZ Comics
June 30, 2013
The best app for comic collectors
Being a comic collector it's hard to keep track of what comics you have and what comics you don't. With this app it makes the hobby and life much easier. I used to make the mistake of buying the same comic twice because I couldn't remember if I had it or not. Well not anymore. Now I just go to my iPhone and two seconds later I find. It's so convenient and it can pay for itself.
Like I mentioned before I bought multiple of the same comics because I didn't know what I had. At around $3-$4 a comic the math is simple. Anyway this app may be pricey but it's an absolute must for comic book collectors. — Jerahmy on CLZ Comics
June 28, 2013
Works for me
'Nuff said! — Eyedoll on CLZ Comics
June 26, 2013
You amaze me
I was typing an e-mail for a feature I've been trying to figure out and ended up coming across how to do pretty much exactly what I had in mind, so wanted to let you know how impressed I was that yet again, you amaze me by how well set-up you are! Thanks for being so AWESOME and having this functionality already in mind, taken care of & addressed! — Omkar Shertukde (USA) on Comic Collector
June 26, 2013
I recently got the program and I think it's AWSOME. I added over 1200 comics in now time. Some pre-barcode which I added title. I enjoy using the program. I would like to see an update that allowed the selection of an event that spanned several different series for example , "Age of Apocalypse" or "Civil war". This would make selection for reading, selling and buying easier for those looking for a specific book. — victor tirado on CLZ Comics
June 26, 2013
Works like a charm. — Robby guns on CLZ Comics
June 23, 2013
Best comic app out
Great app. The only one I've used to catalog comics that actually works. — Lfhaisjr on CLZ Comics
June 23, 2013
Great cb app
Unsure to buy since it was 9.99 but I was proven wrong its great didn't realize how many titles for certain comics out there but this app has it all. — DShultz8 on CLZ Comics
June 17, 2013
Great tool
Great tool for a collector!!! — Batimaniac on CLZ Comics
June 16, 2013
Loving IT !!!!!!
The only Way to keep Track of my Comic Collection!!! — Myselfandmeandi on CLZ Comics
June 15, 2013
Love the app!
Added my 300+ collection, mostly pre barcode, in an hour or so instead of hours doing it the some other apps make you do it. Ive tried do to it with a spreadsheet and always have up after the first 15 comics. This was sooo easy. The barcode section is great. Well worth the price. — Matthespian on CLZ Comics
June 11, 2013
Is great a strong enough word?
Best comic organization app I have ever seen, the cover flow is a great idea and its SO easy to add comics in. The only recommendation I would have is to be able to export and print the collection out in case of a loss of your device. Overall great app. Would recommend to any avid collector! — Sco420666 on CLZ Comics
June 09, 2013
Best Comic App EVER
I used to spend hours cataloging my comics on a computer spreadsheet, ten entering them manually onto an old phone. First thing I did when I got my iPhone was search for this kind of app. What used to take me countless hours was reduced to merely about an hour and a half. Hands down worth every penny! — Damon423 on CLZ Comics
June 08, 2013
Best comic organizer
Barcode scanning made my collection collecting a whole lot easier! Now I can visually see the issues and prints that I'm missing. — anewperfectday on CLZ Comics
June 07, 2013
Works great loving the scan feature, super fast and easy. — harkonen on CLZ Comics
June 03, 2013
Great app, with only a few qualms
First off I want to say that this app is like iTunes for comic books. The layout is great and it's visually appealing. Adding comics is easy because they give you multiple ways to accomplish it. However I do occasionally run into issues where the barcode scanner doesn't pull anything up and the search side goes blank (running on an ipad2), but to their defense I have not encountered this issue while running the app on my iPhone 5.
My biggest qualm is that they don't provide you with the current value of the comic. I'm a collector which means that not only do I read the books but I also purchase certain issues for hopeful value increases. I'm a bit disappointed that they don't provide you with current values of each comic, or better yet some sort of graph indicating each books value over time. Even if that was an additional service id be willing to pay it, although for a ten dollar app I think it should be included.
Lastly it would be great if there was a way to transfer your collection from one device to the next via iTunes on the pc. I know it seems like I'm bashing this app, however I'm not. It's just some constructive criticism that I think would make this app the one true comic collection app to rule them all. — Circle of Ash on CLZ Comics
May 31, 2013
Excellent App!
If you're a serious comic collector, then you need this app! It is worth every penny and coupled with the desktop software, it is the best way to keep track of a very large collection. No more spreadsheets or notebooks. Plenty of searchable and easily edited fields.
If I could have one change, it would be the ability to enter comics in batches or at be able to add the location in batches (which you can do in the desktop software). Still, even entering one comic at a time, you only have to do it once.
The built in barcode scanner is a real time save and I'm very impressed with the fact that I have comics that are over twenty years old and it still found it in their database, I have Web of Spider-Man number one (that's a twenty-nine year old comic) and it was in there! Get this app, you won't regret it! — Thumper2672 on CLZ Comics
May 31, 2013
Now I know exactly what I'm missing and what to buy next time I go to the comic book store! This app is top notch! — HighSp33D on CLZ Comics
May 30, 2013
A life saver!
I just wanted to tell you that I just downloaded the ipad app and as a collector with over 3,000 comics (and growing) your app is a life saver! I'm still figuring out what does what, but it has been a great help in inventorying all of my books.
I haven't gotten the desktop app yet, but I will be in the near future! I look forward to updates that will improve an already great product and continuing to use it! Thank you so much for this! — Michael Wimbush on CLZ Comics
May 30, 2013
Gebruikte de app vroeger reeds op win CPU, vandaag ook op iMac. Vond het altijd al een goed programma, en het wordt steeds beter. Maar nu ben ik echt reuze blij met het verschijnen van deze iOs-app. Heel je verzameling mee naar de shops, geweldig. Mijn verlanglijst groeit, mijn portemonnaie slinkt. En de comic kast... Al snel te klein! — Silke Moore on CLZ Comics
May 27, 2013
Best $10 I've spent at the App Store. — Wattobot on CLZ Comics
May 25, 2013
Great job
Just wanted to drop by & say Thanks again, for Comic Collectorz! Just Love how easy it's been keeping track of all my Comics. Please keep up the Great job.
Thank you. — Robb S. Havok (USA) on Comic Collector
May 24, 2013
Finally getting my collection under control.
Easy to use and cover scans of all my comics. Would really love if they had prices but even without that its a great app. — jtessier on CLZ Comics
May 18, 2013
User friendly
First I would like to say I love the Comic Collectorz software. I have a large collection and the software is user friendly and has a beautiful design. — Stephen SteinCruz (USA) on Comic Collector
May 17, 2013
About time!!! A must have for anyone serious about there collection. Great app! Worth the money. — Killer9572 on CLZ Comics
May 16, 2013
Worth every penny!
Is it expensive compared to a .99 app? Yes.
Is it worth it? Absolutely!!!
Think Lexus vs Smart Car. This app is awesome. Fast searching! The ability to add multiple issues of a series at one time has been great as I move from a far inferior app to this one. It will scan the complete barcode so it knows exactly which issue and which cover you have.
Oh and their support is the best of any app I have.
I HIGHLY recommend it! — GymR@t on CLZ Comics
May 15, 2013
Great database, easy iPhone scanning!
CLZ Comics has given me a way to catalogue all the comics that we have easily using the iPhone. We paid for the pro desktop version as well and now it syncs with our laptop. The pro version gave us unlimited syncing to Collectorz site. The only negative is that their database has some inaccuracies but not enough to hinder my decision of 4 stars. — future_106 on CLZ Comics
May 13, 2013
Worth every penny!
Is it expensive compared to a .99 app? Yes.
Is it worth it? Absolutely!!!
This app is awesome. Fast searching! The ability to add multiple issues at one time has been awesome as I move from a far inferior app to this one.
I HIGHLY recommend it!
UPDATE: Just used the barcode scanning. Best scanning ever! — GymR@t on CLZ Comics
May 13, 2013
Great App!!
Great app well worth the price of admission!! Beats the software version hands down!! — GreenLantern1999 on CLZ Comics
May 10, 2013
LOVE your software
I would first like to say that I LOVE your software and it has been the answer to all the problems I was having with cataloging my comics. — Dave Baxter (USA) on Comic Collector
May 10, 2013
Good app
Great app works quick and has a great database. Good choice for the average collector. — EMSanders42 on CLZ Comics
May 09, 2013
Best comic app everrrrrr!!
I love this app!! Must have for comic collectors. — Tunsoffun82 on CLZ Comics
May 08, 2013
I love it
This is the best app for collectors, and just what I needed before comic con. — Slop666 on CLZ Comics
May 07, 2013
Great app
Easy to use and looks great. — Jadefalchion on CLZ Comics
May 06, 2013
Excellent app
Does exactly what it says it does. Interface can be a little clunky sometimes, but highly recommended! — Andy Dekens on CLZ Comics
May 05, 2013
Expensive but worth it
I feel like this app will pay for itself by keeping me from buying duplicates while I'm at the store. Also this app will keep track of your trade paperbacks and collected editions. — Matt 0123 on CLZ Comics
May 04, 2013
Fantastic app!
Best comic DB ever! — IronJawedGrunt on CLZ Comics
May 04, 2013
Its the best. — brian whiting on CLZ Comics
May 01, 2013
Best iOS Comic Collector App
It's the best way to keep track of your large collection. — JacqueB on CLZ Comics
April 29, 2013
I just wanted to say how amazing this is! I also have the app for my phone. I have been looking for something like this for years. The amount of work that went into this just blows me away. — Jennifer Graevell on Comic Collector
April 28, 2013
Excellent app
Keep up the great work — Bobby Joe bob ray on CLZ Comics
April 28, 2013
Fast, simple way to catalog your comics. — Solrac07 on CLZ Comics
April 28, 2013
Really enjoying the app. Able to keep track of my collection and find the issues I'm missing and needing to add.
Recommend for comic book collectors. — Duffy21 on CLZ Comics
April 27, 2013
Pretty cool
App works pretty well. — Sdcsuxd on CLZ Comics
April 26, 2013
Nice app.
Makes it nice to have your catalog on you when you are at the comic store. — Mblg on CLZ Comics
April 26, 2013
Great app
Can easily add issues to my collection and also move from wish list to collection. — Amerone89 on CLZ Comics
April 23, 2013
Wonder how I ever functioned without it.
After losing too many comics over the course of five decades, I decided to start collecting again. I wanted to be able to keep track of what I have, so I purchased the Comic Collector software last month, and wonder how I ever functioned without it.

I am a disabled veteran, and am missing several fingers. It makes for very slow typing sometimes. The bar code scanner support was/is the best thing for me. Now I can load over 100 comics per hour into my database. Trying to type them in was frustrating and slow.
You have a lifelong customer. — Frank H (USA) on Comic Collector

April 22, 2013
Great app!
Works great and really helpful for storing collection info. I recommend it if you are a collector. — Oldefrothingslosh on CLZ Comics
April 19, 2013
Leary at first but.....
I was a little hesitant at first due to the price tag bit glad that I bought it. I couldn't tell you how many times that I have bought duplicate comics but not anymore.
I do have one suggestion that I would like to see that if you scan an issues the whole series comes up and you can either check off the ones you have and/or check to a wish list versus scanning each one. — Flap master on CLZ Comics
April 17, 2013
Just what I've been looking for!
I had been looking for an app just like this! I have hundreds of comics and have a hard time keeping track when I'm out buying more! This is just what I needed to prevent buying the same issue or variant or just to show off my collection.
Love this app! — xBACAx on CLZ Comics
April 17, 2013
So worth the price
This app is fantastic! I finally have a list of all my TPB in my pocket. I will never buy a duplicate copy again. — d.mort on CLZ Comics
April 17, 2013
Great app!!!
This app really helps having your comic collection at the tip of your fingers anywhere you are. It really helps to remind you what comics you already have in your collection. It is especially useful when I go to comic conventions. — jessejameslatin on CLZ Comics
April 16, 2013
Awesome app
This is a great app for the comic collector — Rrrrrrrerrr on CLZ Comics
April 10, 2013
Good. Like.
Machine make easy tracking comics. No scared of buying duplicates or eaten by dinosaur. — FutureCaveman on CLZ Comics
April 08, 2013
Perfect Comic Collector App
This app is perfect for managing your collection inventory. This is what you're looking for, it's worth the $10. — SAbigmike on CLZ Comics
April 06, 2013
I love being able to scan in my new purchases right after buying them! Goodbye excel spreadsheet. — Cosmic300xt on CLZ Comics
April 04, 2013
Great app
Well thought-out, saves me a ton of time, and the built-in bar code scanner works pretty well. Worth every penny! — Urban95 on CLZ Comics
April 03, 2013
Good job
Love this app! Wish you could access a digital version of all the comics. But I suppose that would be asking a lot! — Wyst13 on CLZ Comics
April 03, 2013
Best comic collector's app
Amazing, and worth every penny. Must have for anyone with a physical comic book collection. — Timultuoustimes on CLZ Comics
April 03, 2013
Best Comic App
This is the best comic inventory I have ever used. Integration and online library is top notch.
Worth more than what I paid! — Saishuu on CLZ Comics
April 03, 2013
Excellent cataloging for comics !
Really like this app, barcode scan makes this so simple, never question which back issues you have again. — Darkneuros on CLZ Comics
March 31, 2013
Love this app. And I can use it with the computer program too. It's just amazing! — Jennifer Graevell on CLZ Comics
March 26, 2013
Amazing App
What can I say that has not been said this an amazing app I have had this app for few days and have added over 1,000 comics to my database, it is so easy to do, also changing the cover for remarks and signed comics is as easy as taking a picture with the camera.
This has the best £6.99 I have spend on any app — Leon Brady on CLZ Comics
March 26, 2013
Clz comics
This Is the best comics collecting application you can find anywhere. A really massive database to make your comics referencing easy. What I was looking for since I started collecting without knowing it. Really great !!! — Sofynou on CLZ Comics
March 25, 2013
Fantastic app
Obviously older comics have to be put in manually however the ease to scan modern comics is fantastic right through plastic sleeves... — Nathanael Sierralta on CLZ Comics
March 25, 2013
Awesome program!! On Mac
Nice app!! On iPhone — Kenwrth on CLZ Comics
March 23, 2013
So good!
So good! Track all the comics — Werdterd on CLZ Comics
March 23, 2013
Great App - Recommended
The search is a little clunky (perhaps more recent volumes, or frequently searched would be on top?) - but overall it is a great, price effective app for easily cataloging your collection, and managing your titles.
Excellent value for money!! Great UI! — BryanG1 on CLZ Comics
March 21, 2013
I've uploaded my collection and already have it downloaded to my iPad...AWESOME!!! This is so helpful when walking a comic convention for deals. — Patrick Durkin (USA) on Comic Collector
March 21, 2013
Great program! Helps me keep track of my comics so I don't buy duplicates. — Saminch on CLZ Comics
March 18, 2013
Exceptionally Useful
I use this on both the iPad and iPhone (as well as the desktop version). I find it to be incredibly useful software, especially on the "go" for trying to fill in gaps in the collection.
I wish it would let you have free reign over cover art (it would be helpful to be able to add your own scan or just opt out of cover art altogether to save space).
I'd also like it to allow for easier adding/viewing of the particular issue(s) grade(s) in your collection.
My complaints are minor and far outweighed by the benefits and ease of use. Not "perfect" but definitely the best on the platform. — tjs252 on CLZ Comics
March 17, 2013
Works great
With the recent update allowing me to easily add comics to my wish list I feel this program now works amazingly well. It will be very useful in my upcoming trips to conventions when I look to fill in gaps within my series. — Lamecaster on CLZ Comics
March 17, 2013
Really helpful! — Sammehwise on CLZ Comics
March 14, 2013
Comic book fan's greatest tool
This is a great app for anybody who collects comics. I'm just starting out with the app, can't wait to try out all the sharing features! — King Narmer on CLZ Comics
March 09, 2013
Been meaning to catalog my comics and GNs for a long time now. With this and the PC version linked it means I can scan and add no matter where I am. Plus it's easy to ensure you don't get duplicates in your collection. — Gblinkhorn on CLZ Comics
March 05, 2013
Very nice
This app is very good and a very convenient piece of software for any comic collector to catalog your collection and bring with you to the comic shop to keep track of what you have. — Casey1262 on CLZ Comics
March 03, 2013
So far so good
Just getting started and all's well. Besides being organized my main reason for buying the app is to prevent myself from purchasing duplicates. — Motley 1 on CLZ Comics
March 03, 2013
Wonderful app
I never thought I would categorized so fast with this app. — CobaltFox on CLZ Comics
March 02, 2013
Works so far
This app has been pretty great so far. I have only used it on my iPhone (haven't tried the iPad version). So far the bar code scanner has read all of my comics, so it saved me a ton of time. — marebrood on CLZ Comics
February 26, 2013
Like it a lot
Scanner work good and I like the way it lists the comics...
Haven't tried older comics yet... — Psrule7 on CLZ Comics
February 24, 2013
The best
My wife purchased me the comic collector software and a C37 scanner for my birthday last september. I absolutely love it, and think it is the best collection software hands down.
However I left my scanner out one day and our new dog decided that it looked like a tasty snack. — Matt Camenzind (Canada) on Comic Collector
February 22, 2013
Quick and easy!
Barcode function works better than any other I've tried. Covers are consistent and look great when browsing.
I entered 3 short boxes of comics into the app in less than an hour. — M915 on CLZ Comics
February 22, 2013
Great App!
A breeze to use! — Bluewingedolive on CLZ Comics
February 20, 2013
Does the job!
Finally, a way to catalogue my collection that's not a spreadsheet. :) — dkpwv on CLZ Comics
February 20, 2013
Totally worth the $10. This app runs great and is perfect for managing your comic book collection. — Willhaswag on CLZ Comics
February 20, 2013
My entire collection in hand
I love mine, I have it synced to both my iphone and my ipad. It was the best investment I ever made.
I can now go to the store with my entire collection in hand and never worry about a duplicate. — Jonathan M. Thompson (USA) on Comic Collector
February 19, 2013
My collection
833 comics until I reach 15,000 unique (not doubled) comic books in my collection. — Clint Adams (USA) on Comic Collector
February 18, 2013
I couldn't find another way to send you guys and gal a compliment on the software and app for my iPhone. I have cataloged over 12k comics and the ap for my phone comes in quite handy when looking to pick up missing books. — Jeff Jones (USA) on Comic Collector
February 18, 2013
Absolutely love this application. Extremely handy and simple to use. Would love to see a price guide feature added in future updates. — CallumMako on CLZ Comics
February 18, 2013
This app allows you to import, export, scan, edit and add any new or old comics in your collection. Great for on the go!
Use it with Collectorz software for it to really be a complete package, but this could definitely be a stand alone app. — Dlong715 on CLZ Comics
February 17, 2013
Great app
Love this app! I get so much use out of it. — Challdan on CLZ Comics
February 15, 2013
The best!!!
Best app to keep control of your comic books. — Eduardo Villarreal Perez on CLZ Comics
February 14, 2013
This app is any comic collectors best friend. The way it categorizes your comics makes it easy to assure you never buy a comic you already have. It flows like an app should.
The way it shows the cover art makes it easier to keep up with variant covers as well. 5 stars all the way. — snaresmasher26 on CLZ Comics
February 13, 2013
Awesome software
I bought the Comic Collector last week and I am half way filing my collection, I just want to say thank you on having awesome software and the Catscanner is a lifesaver!!!!!!!!!!! — Jesse Morrison (USA) on Comic Collector
February 12, 2013
Great app
This app works great and works well with their software i have on my mac at home. — schroder33 on CLZ Comics
February 09, 2013
Great app
Thanks the great job. — June Goodwin on CLZ Comics
February 06, 2013
Great app for organizers!
I love this app! It is so handy for trips to the comic book store & comic conventions! Great for organizing & I love how it shows the covers in my collection. Keeps info updated regularly.
Thank you & keep up the wonderful work! — Discofreaq on CLZ Comics
February 05, 2013
Great app
I was handwritten cataloging until i stumbled onto this app. — Turtle123188 on CLZ Comics
February 04, 2013
Fa Twoom!
Really great app! A+++++ — altarboy on CLZ Comics
February 04, 2013
What can I say?..
I'm mad that I can't put more than 5 stars on this app lol it has EVERYTHING you need. Even separation with variants!
Only thing was like 1 or 2 comics didn't have like the 3rd print on it but they're newer comics.
Soooo worth more than $10 — Klayface94 on CLZ Comics
February 03, 2013
This app is completely worth it's price, it organizes and helps keep track of what I have and what I'm missing.
If you collect multiple runs then this is a must have. — Worth It! on CLZ Comics
February 03, 2013
Super Powered
After plenty of searching, I've never been so satisfied with this kind of checklist program. If you have a large collection, this is the app for you. I purchased the pro version bundle. Total worth it to sync the iPhone with the PC.
Won't need books or notepads full of checklists anymore. This is a huge timesaver. Now I can use my energy buying comics instead of scrounging thru notes when I go to conventions.
Worth the investment. — Squidly D. on CLZ Comics
January 31, 2013
Un'applicazione perfetta per chi colleziona fumetti. Ha un database centrale che copre praticamente ogni fumetto pubblicato. E' davvero molto versatile e adattabile ad ogni necessità.
Si può aggiungere la propria collezione manualmente e incremetare così il database centrale. O semplicemente si possono scaricare dal database centrale i fumetti che ci interessano e poi adattare la collezione alle proprie esigenze... E' praticamente perfetta, ma ogni upgrade presenta una sorpresa nuova e sicuramente utile.
Applicazione sicuramente utile e con un ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo. — Rescio on CLZ Comics
January 31, 2013
Btw, I was thrilled when you added the in app barcode scanning and the ability to sync collections among all devices using the connect feature. It makes things so much easier, especially for my large comic book collection.
I have been using various collectorz programs for years and have never been happier with them as i am now. — Robert Moffatt (Canada) on Comic Collector
January 31, 2013
Btw, I was thrilled when you added the in app barcode scanning and the ability to sync collections among all devices using the connect feature. It makes things so much easier, especially for my large comic book collection.
I have been using various collectorz programs for years and have never been happier with them as i am now. — Robert Moffatt on CLZ Comics
January 29, 2013
Best I've seen.
This bar none the best app for the iPhone/iPad and the best software for desktop. Highly recommended. — Glow In Dark Dork on CLZ Comics
January 26, 2013
Great app!
Makes it really easy when searching for back issues I am missing at stores and conventions. — Daishi00 on CLZ Comics
January 22, 2013
I know what I'm missing now.
Now I'm getting the ones I'm missing and not growing my collection by triplets. — RichK90113 on CLZ Comics
January 22, 2013
Outstanding App
I have been looking for a good collecting app. I got a great one. Thank you — Zoltar81 on CLZ Comics
January 22, 2013
Best app
This is the best Comics app available. So easy to use and know what you have or need. Well worth the money. — other fatty on CLZ Comics
January 21, 2013
It works well.
A bit expensive but it works well. — X-man fan on CLZ Comics
January 21, 2013
Good app
No complaints. — Delvinray on CLZ Comics
January 21, 2013
Excellent app
This is by far the best app for cataloging your comics. — TTTT88888 on CLZ Comics
January 20, 2013
Excellent tool for managing a comics collection
Well worth the asking price. Works well and is simple to use. Simply enter which issue of a series you wish enter and the app downloads the cover image and the relevant details of the comic. You can add notes and further information as required.
One niggle I had was that I couldn't use the barcode scanner but I have an old iPhone (3G) and it's just as easy to add comics by title. Overall it's a great way of managing a collection. — Hawkmoon27 on CLZ Comics
January 17, 2013
Love it
Good work Alwin!! — Bruno-Pascal Bernier on CLZ Comics
January 11, 2013
Some limitations but great
I have the pro home software and this product is excellent. Well worth the money. The app is worthwhile if only for the money you save not buying duplicates accidentally.
I have over 6,000 comics in my database. Uploading and downloading can take time with a collection that large, but the way Collectorz works is amazing. — M HULL on CLZ Comics
January 09, 2013
Altamente recomendado!!! — Marcos Neiva on CLZ Comics
January 06, 2013
Great app love it — J Revoredo on CLZ Comics
January 05, 2013
Great app for comic collectors
Great app!! — Nycrolus on CLZ Comics
January 05, 2013
Great app!
I've been looking for a app like this for some time to catalog my comic book collection. This app does a really good job very happy with it glad I made a purchase. — Jmansyot on CLZ Comics
January 04, 2013
Awesome app
I love this app and the desktop version. I have been looking for a good site to catalog my huge comic collection and Collectorz came into my life.
The barcode scanner is a lil strict but if u line up the barcodes on the comics it works awesome as long as it's steady.
Awesome app and I advise people to buy the computer version also. — Bobby simmons 3 on CLZ Comics
January 03, 2013
Great buy!
I've never written a review before, but felt I had to with this one. Needs some minor bug fixes but otherwise amazing. I have tried other apps to do the same thing and not one has worked as well as this one.
A great buy if a real collector. Now you'll know all the comics you have at the touch of a button. — Oxst on CLZ Comics
January 01, 2013
Looking good
Only just started using it but so far seems great easy to add new comics very helpful — Danlikeseasygames on CLZ Comics