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Reviews from customers

July 11, 2010
Love this software! Makes cataloging my comics SO EASY.
I used to have a database where I manually entered everything in a spreadsheet. No longer.
The ability to add comics automatically AND have the cover images is AWESOME! — Jesse Stewart (USA) on Comic Collector
May 20, 2010
Comic Collector Rocks!
As an IT administrator and computer hobbyist, I've tested and utilized countless programs and I can say without hestitation that Comic Collector is one of the very best applications I've ever used.
It's extraordinarily powerful, customizable, and easy to use.

As a DBA I've worked with many relational databases and Comic Collector represents the very best of what a well-designed database can achieve. It is both elegant and flexible.
The online repository of comics is very comprehensible - I've found entries for every one of the 1000+ comics I've inputted thus far.
I especially like the HTML export feature - I'm able to generate web interfaces for any dataset and, if appropriate, link entries to digital comic files. For example, I can create a website for my daughter, which she can use to easily select and read her favorite comics.

Your product has greatly increased my enjoyment of a hobby that I was already very passionate about. In short, Comic Collector rocks! — Scott Christensen on Comic Collector

May 10, 2010
Top Notch Software
Downloaded it, tried it, loved it, bought it. Absolute top notch software for any collector. I purchased Comic Collector and would recommend it to anyone. — Bryan Keith Brown on Comic Collector
May 01, 2010
So Quickly
I have just started entering all my comic books into the Comic Book software and I am impressed with the info already entered.
I figured I would have to spend WEEKS entering them all in, but it is going so quickly!
Thanks! — Court Biggerstaff on Comic Collector
April 18, 2010
I Freaking Love It!
Just want to say that I purchased your Comic Collector software last weekend and I gotta say that I freaking love it!
I've tried similar products before and was depleased with all of them. Keep up the great work! — Chris Churchill on Comic Collector
April 11, 2010
Excellent Software
Love, Love, Love this software!
I have cataloged 1,000 comics in just over 6 hours! Now I am moving onto the bulk of my archived collection (almost 6,500 comics) and can't wait to get started.
The iTouch / iPhone app is awesome as well. I love being able to retrieve my collection info at a touch!
Excellent software... highly recommended for anyone! — Jeff Keeping on Comic Collector
April 07, 2010
The Icing on the Cake
I've been using Comic Collector for a few years now and think it's a terrific program.
I have over 8,000 comics/ trades/ hardcovers in my collection and it's the best way, hands down, for cataloguing a collection of that size.

I used to use a word document that I had to painstakingly update every week. With Comic Collector the inputting is so easy, and fun to do. The export to i-pod touch is just the icing on the cake.

Thanks again, you guys have put out an amazing product with the highest level of customer support. — Des Hughes on Comic Collector

April 07, 2010
It Is Great!
hey guys, just started using Comic Collectorz and it is great!
Best comic database program out there. Thanks so much! — Anthony Scipione on Comic Collector
March 30, 2010
BEST Comic collector I have ever used and the BEST support you could ask for. — Mack Starnes on Comic Collector
March 30, 2010
It Helps Me Keep Track
I used Comic Collector and Clz Comic app for my iTouch.
I love it. It helps me keep track and prevents me from buying duplicates unless I want them. — Walter Wilkins on Comic Collector
March 29, 2010
Easy To Use
I've been using Comic Collector for 5 years and have catalogued my 7,167 item collection (until it gets bigger again on Thursday!)
I find it easy to use and regularly contribute entries to the database. — John French on Comic Collector
March 27, 2010
Really Fun
Long-time user of Comic Collectorz and just DL'd Comic Collectorz Pro and the iPod application.
Synchronization was a snap. It's really fun to browse my collection on the iPod and the next time I'm at the comic shop I'll know what I already own. — Steven Epstein on Comic Collector