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Reviews from customers

December 27, 2015
Helping my addiction!!!
I'm a comic junkie and I LOVE this app. I'll have my collection at my finger tips so when I go to cons or the comic store I'll be ready. Stinks it's not included in the subscription/package for the computer software but ultimately I'm alright with it. Best decision ever! — frost85 on CLZ Comics
December 27, 2015
Organization and more
This app is so helpful. I have to re-buy all of my old comics and this will help me so much. So far this app has been so amazing. — Picless18 on CLZ Comics
December 27, 2015
Perfect for cataloging comic collections
If you are a comic collector, this is the best app on the market for cataloging/organizing your collection. It makes keeping track of large collections a lot more manageable. The bar code scanner sometimes has trouble recognizing the correct issue on older bar codes, but it works perfectly on newer books. — Jay Katy on CLZ Comics
December 24, 2015
CLZ Comics app
Great way to organise even the most disorganised collection, very user friendly and easy to use! Highly recommended for large to very large collections! — Lozrinskis on CLZ Comics
December 23, 2015
Good for cataloging your collection
The app is pretty easy to use. I logged my first long box of comics (235 issues) and was able to enter everything except for one obscure comic, even all of the variant covers. I like that it had covers for all of the second printings and variants. I didn't notice that the app doesn't show the comic value before I bought it. I guess that is too much maintenance for a $10 app. The online database I was using had values but charged a subscription fee so so wanted to try this out. I will probably continue to enter them into this but disappointed there aren't values; I wanted to sort issued by value. Also, this does have a manual sync to/from the cloud. Just have to remember to manually sync every time. I would like the sync to be automatic. — Matt_M on CLZ Comics
December 21, 2015
Great App!
Best catalogue app I've found! Would love to learn how to share my library with other people so they can see what I have and what I want (wishlist) makes Christmas shopping easy! :) — Ken Everson on CLZ Comics
December 20, 2015
Great app!! Love using this collector. Keep up the good job!!! — Disciple98 on CLZ Comics
December 17, 2015
Almost perfect
This app has come a long way and I wouldn't be without it. It makes buying and adding new comics a breeze and the new sync system is so much better. Here's hoping it keeps on this way and maybe trading cards and action figures get their own apps too. — Adam Smith on CLZ Comics
December 16, 2015
Totally worth the price!
This app is the best organizer for keeping track of the comics I have in my collection and the ones on my wish list. Super convenient for going to conventions or to my lcs on NCBD! It lets you add comics by simply scanning the barcode or typing in a search manually. If you are a comic book reader/collector, this app is a must have! — SqueakyNarwhal on CLZ Comics
December 13, 2015
I just wanted to share how pleased I am with your program. I purchased it this year and I separately bought a bar scanner. I have entered over 19,000 comic of my collection which is probably in excess of 50,000. I am thrilled with how easy it is and how much info there is in the program. I am estatic at being able to share my database with others since my ultimate goal is to sell the physical books and just have ecomics with a very limited paper collection. I have renewed with your Christmas special and as I said, I am thrilled with your program. All things should be as efficient and good. Please keep up the great work. — John Hepner (USA) on Comic Collector
December 10, 2015
Exactly what I was looking for!
This app is great! I highly recommend this for every comic collector. — Russinsane on CLZ Comics
November 23, 2015
Takes time to get the hang of it, but is a greatway to know what I have and will avoid buying the same issues again. Lesson learned to know what you have in order to avoid buying variant covers instead of the ones your missing. — A Google user on CLZ Comics
November 23, 2015
Great so far
Seems to be working great so far. Makes collecting a heck of a lot easier. — Emil Blonsky on CLZ Comics
November 20, 2015
Overall solid app
There are a few minor things that could be improved upon, but overall this is a really solid app. It doesn't grab every comic by barcode, but it gets the vast majority of them. Also, more creator info would be great (writer, artist, inker, colorist, cover etc) but it has a ton of them - especially for the more mainstream books. Worth the money, but I would have paid more if there were a few more options. — BubbaDrock on CLZ Comics
November 15, 2015
No more buying double and triple of the same book
Very easy to use. The app will pay for itself on the next haul. — Smokey240sx on CLZ Comics
November 15, 2015
Great Program!!!!
Great program! Really well-made defiantly worth the money!! — Wolverine 72 on CLZ Comics
November 14, 2015
Serious Comics Fan? Get this!
If you are very serious comic books collector then this app is the one to go with over the rest of other apps to help you to keep a track of your comic books that you have in your inventory and also you can make a pull list with this app so that when there's next issues coming out you will be alerted to let you know that there's new issues you're waiting for is out. With this app you also can add personal info such as condition, value, if you have loaned your comic to then this app helps you to keep a track of the comic books that you have loaned to somebody and everything else that you need for your comic books. It's no wonder that CLZ (Collectorz Comic) has more customers than any others. ;) — JoshiesWorld on CLZ Comics
November 09, 2015
Great program
Seriously, why didn't I get with collectorz sooner? Great program and super fast, plus, totally customizable! Comics are well under way and I may have to invest into more categories. Thank you! — ‎Benjamin Thomas (USA) on Comic Collector
November 08, 2015
Amazing App, Worth Every Penny
I bought this app yesterday, and logged every comic I own onto it today after I got home. I have some pretty obscure titles, especially indy titles and graphic novels, and I only had to manually enter a few. The database is very large and has a lot of information on a lot of books. — Gamepenguin99 on CLZ Comics
November 07, 2015
Best Comic Book App
I love this App , it has saved me time & money organizing my comic book collection. It is worth the money since U will save much more then that in not buying doubles of what U already have . Very few glitches, I just reload it when that happens & it's fine . Love the way it is laid out & syncing to the cloud so nothing gets lost . I run it on my iPhone & iPad too . I'm going to buy the Book App next to get those all organized too . — ZEUS216 on CLZ Comics
November 06, 2015
Wonderful app
Great app for comic book collectors. If you have a large catalog this will help keep everything organized. Has every comic you can think of to add. Only problem is that some of the covers aren't exact. I go to a website to get them And manually add them in. That's the only downfall, and usually only happens with variants. Bottom line. Get this app. — Rock bell boa on CLZ Comics
November 03, 2015
Great app
I have 32000+ comics and this program has been a great Boone to keeping my books in order. Yes, the app can't handle the total inventory but does well with tracking incomplete series. — Jack Young on CLZ Comics
November 02, 2015
Easy to use! Works great to take care of my collection! — Sabo 3 on CLZ Comics
October 23, 2015
This is a must have app. I've got over 3000 in my collection and can find things easily. I wish this app would partner with a company like Overstreet and let you see what your books are worth. That would be a great addition. — waylo on CLZ Comics
October 20, 2015
I use this software for keeping track of my comics. 1st of all, it's simply amazing. I paid for the premium software on my PC, plus I paid for the app on my phone and tablet. Not really sure how anyone can be serious about collecting without Collectorz.com software. — ‎Joe Thorington (USA) on Comic Collector
October 17, 2015
Pretty Solid Software
Very handy having this as an app. Inputting comics w/ barcode scanning is great, the database is updated regularly, and I have no real complaints (there are some sorting issues w/ "The" but in sure there's a workaround for that I'm just not using). — GMatias on CLZ Comics
October 12, 2015
Love it.
Love all the cover art available. Easy to use and comes in handy! — Pack12MVP on CLZ Comics
October 12, 2015
A Must Have
After having and using this app I'd have to say that's it's a must for any collector. It's importance is IMHO 4th just behind bags, boards, and comic boxes. — RACplayboy on CLZ Comics
October 07, 2015
Beautiful Desktop Presentation
I am extremely pleased with both the iOS version and the Pro Mac Version. The desktop view is my favorite, it's gorgeous. My experience was that I found less than 10 comics in my collection (out of 8000, mostly from the 90s) that either could not be found or had the wrong cover. Most times when you can't find your comic in the database, it's because you don't know the correct title to search for. I suggest opening the book and reading the copyright info for clarification. I have some obscure independents and they were in the database. I did have an issue on my iPad where the cover was wrong for the title, but this problem did not exist on the iPhone or desktop. I deleted the app, reinstalled and resynced with the cloud and all is well. — Dark_Tower on CLZ Comics
October 07, 2015
I have used this app for nearly a year, and I absolutely love it. It's made organising my collection so much easier! — A J Shephard on CLZ Comics
October 02, 2015
Keep track
I love your app! I use it constantly to keep track of my comic book collection. — David Morris (USA) on Comic Collector
October 02, 2015
Best app for comic lovers
Can't live with out it. — Kingcoffin on CLZ Comics
October 02, 2015
The best!
What a great app. Works seamlessly across every platform. — TGrud on CLZ Comics
October 01, 2015
This app is amazing, I use it to record all my comics. It's convenient for when I need to check if I already have an issue or not. It's cloud feature instills confidence in that if my comics get erased from the app then I can download my collection all over again. — Ela1793 on CLZ Comics
September 29, 2015
I love your comic collectorz software
I just want to say how much I love your comic collectorz software. I enjoyed the trial a few years back and had to update to the full fledged version once my limit was reached. It helps to streamline the databasing process nicely and the regular updates help to further make the software more user friendly and intuitive. Thanks so much for this. — Coniah Grimes (USA) on Comic Collector
September 29, 2015
I bought this for the PC a long time ago. I gave up on it because it was too complex to enter everything manually. Well i finally bought a tablet. Now use it as a scanner. Only wish i did this years ago so id have less comics to scan. A + so far to CLZ! — Allan Wallace on CLZ Comics
September 29, 2015
Found this a while ago and been waiting for a while to get it. Don't know why I waited so long to get it. I got it less than a week and have already put over 2000 comics in it. I can do a box of 300 books in about 10 mins. The selector for divergent variants makes it easy to identify which version I got. I'll be getting the desktop version soon cause it has an ability to add a whole series at once instead of book by book. That's the only flaw. Phone version is one book at a time checked off the list then added together but the desktop can do a complete series in one click. This is the best version of comic recording software I've seen. I highly recommend this to anyone looking at it. — DoogieMy2k on CLZ Comics
September 27, 2015
Amazing app
It's great. — Tommngmml on CLZ Comics
September 25, 2015
Fantastic job
This is a wonderful program and I intend to be using it for a very long time. The price is excellent for the value you get. You all have done a fantastic job keeping this up to date. Well worth the monthly price. — Adam Ludlow (USA) on Comic Collector
September 15, 2015
Awesome app
This app is totally worth the money I've tried all the other free apps and this one is the best by far I learn how to use the app and added a full short box of Comics in about 10 minutes. Comic books ranging from mid 60s to modern books. I had one problem finding a Mexican variant cover but I think the title may be listed in Spanish and the barcode scanner didn't work for that one. But worked for all other modern books ranging from 20 years old and newer. — A420weirdo on CLZ Comics
September 05, 2015
So pleased
I am new to the software and have been undertaking the large project of adding all my comics to the database and I have been so pleased with how easy the process has been! I hate learning new software and I have found this process to be amazingly painless. — Jeff H. (USA) on Comic Collector
September 04, 2015
Simple to use
Love the database. Keeps track of things very well & simple to use, keep up the great job! — Brendan Jones (USA) on Comic Collector
September 03, 2015
Awesome App
Love it. Very easy to use. I just started but it's a lot better than what I was using before. — Moboyn on CLZ Comics
September 01, 2015
Love it
Love having my comics in order at my disposal when shopping for new ones. Kind of glitchy at times but what isn't? — Britazz22 on CLZ Comics
September 01, 2015
So close to perfect
I have a large comic collection and it was getting daunting to track it with excel. This app makes it super easy to document your collection. You can scan the barcode on the book, enter by title or manually enter using the app. My minor complaint here is that some of the covers do not show up. Not too big of a deal because you can actually use a photo or take a photo of your actual book and use that for the cover. The pre-loaded info of authors and artists as well as plot summaries for issues is very nice.
If they were to add 3 features this would be a grand slam of an app.
1) Automatically update the current value and the ability to track it. You can enter it yourself but that turns into a pretty big project.
2) There isn't an ability to track CGC graded issues. You can enter them in the notes but there is no quick way to sort out the graded issues.
3) The ability to print a list from your device. I haven't gone online to check out the cloud service yet and I think you can do it there but it would be great to do it from my phone.

I don't have the computer software that pairs with the app yet and I would assume there are lots more features present there.
Overall I'm satisfied with the app and if they make those couple of additions I'll come back and rate a perfect 5 and recommend it to all my comic book geek buddies. — Mikesilver33 on CLZ Comics

August 31, 2015
Great app
Great app so far. I've only had it for less than 24 hours but so far it's great. A little buggy as far as the screen locking up. Not a big deal to me at all. I did notice one of my books was no where to be found in he app so I had to input manually. It was ultimate spider-man #160 vol 2. I couldn't find it anywhere. 14.99$ still seems pretty steep but saves on duplicates so I guess it will pay for itself. — Refund88 on CLZ Comics
August 27, 2015
Best app ever wowwww !!!! — Geahgeahgeahgeah on CLZ Comics
August 25, 2015
Worked like a charm
Cloud Sync 2.0 on Android Comic Collectorz app worked like a charm at Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con this weekend for me. Impressed how I could update my wish list at the show, sync, come home and the PC app told me there were changes to sync to.
My only suggestion? Make it easier to move something on my wish list to my collection on the mobile app, e.g. via a "Move to collection" menu! Thanks Alwin and guys! It's why I've been a customer for years! — Scott Jeslis (USA) on Comic Collector
August 25, 2015
Easily one of the best
This is one of the best apps I've used to catalog comics. The only thing I would love to see is a way to get current price list on comics that we are adding in. Even if it was a subscription based once a month or per year would live to see that ability. Excellent in every other way. — Sirbrew on CLZ Comics
August 24, 2015
A Great Buy!!
This is just amazing! Worth every penny. This app has everything I needed to stay on top of all my comics library. — muxizian on CLZ Comics
August 18, 2015
Great app for collecting thank you and keep up the good work! — Miraclemiraclemiracle on CLZ Comics
August 18, 2015
Great App
Easy to use. Good visuals for an app. Would like next update to have different sort options/displays of personal collection/wishlist — Paul Fonseca on CLZ Comics
August 15, 2015
Love it
I love your software. It has been wonderful. I have over 8,532 comics and adding more ever week. I like that I can have it on my phone or iPad and when I am shopping I can see what comics I already have. Love it. — Billy Calhoun on CLZ Comics
August 12, 2015
Awesome App
I love this App, I have over 1000 comics and it's hard to keep them organized. With this and the scanning app it helps me see what I have and what I need. — Atticuskid79 on CLZ Comics
August 10, 2015
Finally get my collection cataloged
I really enjoy the software. It's been great to finally get my collection cataloged. — David Desmond (USA) on Comic Collector
August 07, 2015
Great App
The newest version with quick cloud sync is terrific! Very easy to take your collection on the go so you can make purchases of what exactly you need. Only needed feature is a better way to scroll through big collections. — Brendan Flood on CLZ Comics
August 04, 2015
Love your comic software
Hi guys! I love, absolutely love your comic software, both PC and the Online versions. They have made my databasing so much easier. Thank you for such an amazing solution to comic book organization! — Robert Welch (USA) on Comic Collector
August 03, 2015
I enjoy the capabilities
I like what you doing. Keep the updates coming for mobile applications. — Spencer Reed on CLZ Comics
August 03, 2015
Really Good
Scanner is great. Easy to check through your inventory. Cloud save is fantastic. If it tracked values too I would give it a 5th star. — SkidTRhoades on CLZ Comics
August 01, 2015
Da bomb
Easy quick just the best — Hoejoe419 on CLZ Comics
July 28, 2015
Best app I have so far. — Luis Cardona on CLZ Comics
July 26, 2015
You are awasome
SERIOUSLY! I'm a Mac user who used ComicBase for my scanning of products (it just *seemed* to be faster) via Parallels.

With your last several revs of CC Pro, I am THRILLED to tell you that combined with even an iPhone 6 Plus (and completely ignoring my kick-ass handheld BT barcode scanner) and barry/buddy, your product makes my tasks very easy.

Overall, I've probably had to submit a handful of covers to you (hope you like my high-res scans) and I will start doing the back cover to do my part to make your database more complete. That being said, I love the native app, the low use of resources that lets me run it ALL THE TIME, and the way you continue to develop the app.

Thank you for making this very low-cost investment a thrill to use!

I'm going to get the Movies app for my mother as soon as my old MacBook Pro is back from factory recall repairs and I give it to her. She'll love it for her huge movie collection.

You are bringing joy -- thanks for being so awesome! — Christopher Larkin (USA) on Comic Collector

July 26, 2015
Thank you guys for the Alphabet Bar
OMG thank you guys for the Alphabet Bar. It seems so simple a thing to do, but i'm sure it took a lot of coding. It makes life so much easier for your customers. Once again, thank you very much. :) — John Hammond (Canada) on Comic Collector
July 25, 2015
The alphabet bar
Thank you! LOVE the alphabet bar update! — Fred Varnal (USA) on Comic Collector
July 19, 2015
Sublime !!!
Perfect tool for serious collectors. — Free verwoon on CLZ Comics
July 17, 2015
The mobile app
And the mobile app is really great too!! I was showing off my collection (what I've input so far) at work!! The cover display mode is super impressive!! — Ryan Hall on CLZ Comics
July 17, 2015
This is it
Purchase the comp program and get this app. It's completely worth it. I love it. — melanie poole on CLZ Comics
July 15, 2015
Love the software
Love the software. I don't know where I'd be organizing my 22000+ with out it! — Brian Rosenthal (USA) on Comic Collector
July 14, 2015
Proven right
I want to thank you for your quick response to this matter. I am grateful for your help in fixing this . I am glad to have been proven right once more in purchasing this program as well as your other products. The ease in getting fast , reliable help is gratefully appreciated.
Once again, thank you for your assistance — Michael DaRonco (USA) on Comic Collector
July 14, 2015
Good app
Great app with broad comic database. — Dickiemud on CLZ Comics
July 13, 2015
Great app
Works well especially at shows when I don't won't to carry around a notebook of lists — Indian21 on CLZ Comics
July 12, 2015
Glad I found Collectorz.com when I did
I am simply weggeblazen (I tried Google Translate to capture "blown away" in Dutch ... hope it is correct) by Comic Collector Pro.

Since 2006, I increased my trading card collection from a shoe box of 200 to over 20,000. The first thing I did after organizing the first 1,000 of these was obtain cataloguing software. The best has "easy" to understand input screens/processes, strong help features, robust search capability, customization for cards not currently found in the product, extensive data on variations of cards (foil, etching, auto sig, game-used memorabilia, etc.), and value information. However, I was remiss in taking the same approach to my burgeoning comics collection.

I started collecting comics in August, 2013, and have amassed over 5,000 titles (floppies, graphic novels, hardcover collections, etc.). In November, 2013, I started building an Excel workbook to try and get a handle on what I had. Thus far, I have only been able to properly catalog less than 500 items from my collection.

I downloaded the trial version of Comic Collector Pro at 6:54PM local last night. After creating a new database and entering only 10 titles, I knew THIS was THE product for me. Around 10PM, I had gone "all-in". I purchased and fired up CLZ Barry on my Samsung Note Edge, installed Buddy for Barry on my quad-core beast and proceeded to stay up until almost 3AM working on my collection. The first 56 items (only references, art collections, and graphic novel collections from "Age of Ultron" through "Blackest Night...or roughly 2.5 shelves-worth) are in and I've probably hit "Submit to Core" over a dozen times. Not because the Comic Collector Pro database is short on info but because I have the TIME and EXCITEMENT to help the great folks at Collectorz.com improve their already outstanding product.

When compared to the software I use for my trading cards, I wish THAT offering was developed by Collectorz.com. If given a choice, I would much rather have the "Submit to Core" capabilities in that program versus the link it has to valuation data. (Now, if Comic Collector Pro was linked to, say, Overstreet for monetary worth information...I'd never leave my desk!)

Oh, yeah. I did say "I had gone 'all-in'." above. I took advantage of the "Heat Wave Offer" and purchased ALL of the Collector Pro offerings. You see, my family and I have over 400 game discs, just under 1,000 movie discs, at least 500 music discs, and well over 4,000 books. I'm glad I found Collectorz.com when I did.

YOU SHOULD BUY ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS!!!! — Don LaPointe (USA) on Comic Collector

July 12, 2015
Great tool
Keep all your comics at hand when searching — Luis Macs on CLZ Comics
July 11, 2015
So much easier
I just wanted to say "Congratulations" and you people are amazing.....You are making it so much easier with your software...
Love my Comic Database......and will look into the Scanner. — Florence MacArthur (Canada) on Comic Collector
July 09, 2015
Great App!
Great for all my comic needs and the scanning part is really cool! — Speedy621 on CLZ Comics
July 08, 2015
Great App!!
Does a great job. Took some learning to use the scanner but overall no issues. Love it! — BJMEW on CLZ Comics
July 06, 2015
Well over 15,000 in my collection
I’ve been collecting comics since about 1978 and now have well over 15,000 in my collection, so being able to keep track of them (and in particular where I’ve stored any particular issue) is very important to me. In the past I’ve used two different free catalogue programs: the first was very basic and only stored minimal information: characters and creators and a few other things. Not even a cover image, and the search facility was virtually non-existent. The second one was a major improvement, and one aspect I particularly liked was that by simply clicking on a character’s name you got a list of all the books he appeared in. I used that program for several years, but unfortunately it wasn’t designed to handle a collection the size of mine, and as I added new books over time it ran slower and slower: at the end, opening the data file took literally twenty minutes and while adding a book was virtually instantaneous changing any of the details could take up to five minutes. In addition the developer had moved on to something else: while he still answered queries there weren’t going to be any upgrades. I knew I had to find something else.

I came across Comic Collector at the beginning of this year and was very happy with the trial version. But remembering the problems I’d had with the previous program, I wasn’t ready to pay the purchase cost until I was sure it could handle a collection the size of mine. I e-mailed a query and got a reply from Sytske almost by return, assuring me that it could. The speed of her response impressed me – I realised that this was a company that cared about its customers rather than taking their money and forgetting about them. My order went in straight away and I am totally satisfied. I am enjoying entering my comics manually – I prefer doing it that way as I can control the amount of data against each one. I currently have more than 10,300 entered and there has been no loss of performance. If you are new to comics or an experienced long-term collector, then this program is the answer to your dreams. — Gordon Davie (United Kingdom) on Comic Collector

July 06, 2015
It handles my 65,000+ collection with no problems too and I'm constantly suggesting it on different comic book related pages.
Keep up the awesome work. — Larry Bell (USA) on Comic Collector
July 05, 2015
Couldn't do the job without it
I know this database is not perfect, but when you are cataloging 3000+ comics this is a life saver. Wish the scan feature worked better. The more you use, the easier to use. — claybrain on CLZ Comics
June 22, 2015
I love it it's so easy!!!!
Scan barcode on comic and it's one and done, so easy. Thanks for the great app! — Cape-N-Cowl on CLZ Comics
June 22, 2015
Worth every penny
Bought this recently and is extremely well made. Updates to cloud is awesome and barcode scanner is great. — Sanamin13 on CLZ Comics
June 11, 2015
Getting comics documented
The initial set up was a bit obscure as I wanted to sync it with a PC version. Now it is pretty much scan, review, add, sync. I do some additional editing to record which box they're in and about 1 in 30 has to be adjusted but it's faster than doing it by hand. — PhredX2 on CLZ Comics
June 11, 2015
The BEST comic book database I've ever used
I've download a ton of free databases trying everything to get all my comics organized. Turns out, all I had to do was spend a couple bucks. Every time I think of a way this app could be better, it turns out CLZ has already thought of it. From having obscure comics to the easiest navigation, seamless cloud sharing and simple organization CLZ is THE BEST database app I've ever used. I've even introduced it to all my comic book friends and now we're all in love with this database. — Bishop.04 on CLZ Comics
June 07, 2015
Thanks for a great App!
Does 14,065 Comic Book's seem a lot? Nope! Thanks for a great App! It has worked tremendously in cataloging my collection! — Erick Bryan (USA) on Comic Collector
June 06, 2015
16,000 and counting
Been using this for four years now. Absolutely one of this best app/programs I've ever bought. From top to bottom, if you collect comics this is a must. — Tim2E on CLZ Comics
June 06, 2015
First App Ever To Truly Work As Advertised!!!!
This app is wonderful. I catalogued my entire collection in just a few hours. Its scanner has worked every time flawless! Defiantly worth the high price tag. — rcmd0703 on CLZ Comics
June 06, 2015
This app is brilliant a huge help in keeping tabs on my collection. — Pauls1688 on CLZ Comics
June 05, 2015
Love it
Great app, recommend — Dave Windsor on CLZ Comics
June 04, 2015
Great asset
This app has been a great asset. It has allowed my to catalog and easily reference close to 3000 comic books. I had a problem, but customer support was FANTASTIC in helping me resolve the issue. — Chris Wofford on CLZ Comics
June 04, 2015
Best Comic Collector's App Ever!
Don't waste your time with any other comic inventory app. This does everything and it all backs up to their data base. Worth the money. Can't beat it. — Monkeygoodness on CLZ Comics
June 03, 2015
Best way to catalogue your collection
When combined with the desktop software, this is a fantastic piece of kit to keep your collection up to date. Best way to prevent buying duplicates. — Aaron Edwards on CLZ Comics
June 01, 2015
I dont spend money on apps. But i finally found the one I've been looking for!! Only loaded half my comics and looks great. — Tom Lenard on CLZ Comics
May 31, 2015
Almost what I want
I like the ease of adding comics and the synchronization to cloud. I would like to see the search to include artist, writer, colorist,etc — Darrell Guillory on CLZ Comics
May 30, 2015
Love it!
I've tried and failed multiple times to catalog my comics but this app makes it so easy since you can scan the barcode and it's on your list. — theBatkate on CLZ Comics
May 29, 2015
Great app
Great options to input multiple issues at once. Would be nice if it had extra features (missing issues generator, auto price guide, grading scales, etc...). Maybe in future updates. Works great so far. — Gefbnhsxcffxss on CLZ Comics
May 29, 2015
Getting there
This is the mobile counterpart of Comic Collectorz and it is one of the easier ones in terms of carrying your collection mobile with you. I like the sync and the fact that with the subscription I can go check the collection on the Web as well. While the Barcode scan doesn't always work for me, it's still my go to app for when I go hunt for comics to prevent dupes. — Christian Olmeda on CLZ Comics
May 28, 2015
Almost perfect
Viewing my collection looks great with this app. Also gives me a chance to easily look at my wish list when I am in a comic shop. I do hope that this app will have the same full features was the desktop version. — Edward Sy on CLZ Comics
May 25, 2015
Nailed it!
This is exactly what I needed to keep my collection in order. The wishlist option keeps me from buying the same comic twice. The ability to fill in all the info on books with a scan of the barcode is also totally awesome . — The original TJTimebomb on CLZ Comics
May 22, 2015
Must have app
This is a must have app for any serious collector. — Vickcolt129 on CLZ Comics
May 20, 2015
Great App
Well organized, easy to use. Highly recommend. — Nuckster77 on CLZ Comics
May 16, 2015
Everything my comic collection needs and more! — Pogiemp on CLZ Comics
May 14, 2015
Super app!
Very good app to manage your comic collection. The order of the information can be improved (e.g. Most used edit is to change the item from 'on order' to 'in collection' but now you have to scroll down completely to do this, which is time consuming when in a shop.)
However besides this a must have app for comic collectors. I couldn't live without. — Simply Bart on CLZ Comics
May 14, 2015
Perfect. — Tade66 on CLZ Comics
May 11, 2015
Brings order to chaos
Excellent for organizing and checking what i have and what I need on the go. Fixes the problem at a convention of which issues I am missing without having to use a spread sheet printout. Sure I can print out what I have with the software but looking at it in my phone is much easier. Don't forget to sync when you add/remove collection info. Couldn't hurt if the next version had a checkbox to auto sync given time or changes...... — Fattibobatti on CLZ Comics
May 10, 2015
Awesome Comic App
I bought this about about a month ago and have loved it ever since very easy to use and worth the price. — Heather Marie 1987 on CLZ Comics
May 09, 2015
Sync 2.0 works perfect
Good work folks! — Thelastbalaboo on CLZ Comics
May 07, 2015
Great for organizing
I have been using and loving this app for a while. Definitely worth the price! Best comic book organization system I've found. — Svacast on CLZ Comics
May 06, 2015
For V15 build 3. I can finally upload my entire collection to the cloud. I am doing back-flips here from the excitement. All 61,562 comics are now online. THANK YOU so much for taking care of the large collection upload problem. You are now my comic database software provider forever now. — Larry Bell (USA) on Comic Collector
May 04, 2015
This is a fantastic app for comic book collectors I highly recommend. — Great App on CLZ Comics
April 30, 2015
This was a no brainier
The Android app lives up to the legacy of its desktop counterpart. — Drew L on CLZ Comics
April 27, 2015
Love the app
Highly recommend. Makes going shopping for books at the store or a con so much easier now that I know exactly what I have. Easy to pull up and look for a title, artist, writer etc etc — Justin Wood on CLZ Comics
April 20, 2015
Good App
This is a very good app. The cover art available is extensive. It gives you the option to take a photo and use it as cover. The one thing I would like is an estimated value on comics in the collection. — Bucky Cap on CLZ Comics
April 16, 2015
Most definitely worth it!
I was skeptical about spending the $15 for this app but was blown away by it ease of use. Highly recommended! — Shammashim on CLZ Comics
April 07, 2015
App review
Great app if your a comic collector who wants to store his collection on there device. Worth the money. — Spetrou93 on CLZ Comics
April 07, 2015
Great app
Just what I needed, love it! — Frost Rose on CLZ Comics
April 04, 2015
The comic collecting app I've been looking for!
A fantastic app that I can't recommend highly enough. If I had to choose something to fix I would say I wish it would tell me when an issue features the first appearance of a character but that of course does not make or break the app. — Robert Reynolds (the sentry) on CLZ Comics
March 31, 2015
Awesome App!!!! Do not pass this up!!!
We have been using this app for two years. I use this app for comic books and my son for manga. Although I have many obscure books, 95% were in the database. The books that were not was easy to load and creating an image is a snap. We use portable apple products and the upload / download function is amazing.
This truly was the best app I ever purchased even at a $10 price. I would recommend this app to anyone with a small collection to especially the larger collections. Looking forward to exploring the online site but wish there was a price break for having the app. Do not pass this app. — Parnell12346758 on CLZ Comics
March 21, 2015
Great app!
I have been using this app for a few years now and I have been very pleased with it. The reason I go with only four stars though is they do not always have titles/issues in the DB when they are released which isn't a huge deal. Also the naming and volumes are a little awkward. Again, not a huge deal. — tuna37 on CLZ Comics
March 21, 2015
Amazing App
I am so loving this app. Just started adding my huge collection and find this app so easy to use. Can't recommend this app more. — CodyMac32 on CLZ Comics
March 16, 2015
I just started using the software,find it great and am making great progress with my 25,000 comic collection! — Aldeo Bernard (USA) on Comic Collector
March 16, 2015
Great app, perfect for your collection!
I picked up this app based on feedback from other collectors, and I'm glad I did. The barcode scanner is great, but occasionally it will blank out when searching. In the span of an hour it happened to me twice, hopefully this is addressed at some point. Otherwise it's a solid app. The only reason they don't get s 5th star is that there is no price included for the items, but I can imagine that might be a headache to keep up to date. — ILP on CLZ Comics
March 14, 2015
Mandatory for any collection
Using this program for more than a year. Great support and more than enough options. Sometimes overwelmed by all options, but never bought anymore a double comic. — Dutch Yeoman on CLZ Comics
March 09, 2015
Catalog my comics
This is the best purchase of software that I have made yet! Really love that I can catalog my comics. I am enjoying learning about the software too! — Paul PiJuan (USA) on Comic Collector
March 04, 2015
Works great..! Just one thing missing
I really like this app. Has a huge, comprehensive database that has even the more obscure comics. Hasn't failed yet to find any of mine. I just wish it had a built-in price guide or could link to one. That would easily get the fifth star from me. — Icebrrg on CLZ Comics
March 02, 2015
Outstanding inventory program
The comics, which I inventoried thanks to your outstanding inventory program, actually belong to my son. Now he can easily identify those comics he desires to sell. I appreciate Collectorz standing by its product and commitment to customer service, which is often lacking these days. — Desmond Wieland (USA) on Comic Collector
March 01, 2015
Cataloging barcode reader great selling point
Barcode reader in the app is the sell for me. Probably a good 95% success rate with it. — Aaron K W on CLZ Comics
February 27, 2015
Once again - superb, fast and resolved in less than 12 hours. You guys are the bomb!! That's why I use (and recommend) this program. — Duncan Bird (United Kingdom) on Comic Collector
February 26, 2015
Awesome app!
Awesome app for any collector! Really easy to add your comics and a quick way to check what you have. I've got old and new comics from different publications known and not, and so far it hasn't had any problems finding the comic I was adding! On my first go I added 170 comics and I had to take a pic of just one cover because it couldn't find it. Personally I really like this app and I'm very happy that I purchased it!
Suggestion to the creator: maybe in the future updates you could add to be able to share your list on social networks or on personal blog? a link or as a document? I would like to have that option if I wanted to share my list with a friend through facebook for example instead of writing for hours what I have!
Anyway that's all from me. Time to add some comics :) — ToTMk4 on CLZ Comics
February 25, 2015
Perfect for comic collectors
The only reason i didn't give this app 5 stars is because of the price. $14.99 is a little steep for any app in my humble opinion. However, I bought it, and I think I'm getting my money's worth. The database is vast and accurate, every title has an informative description, you can keep track of titles that you need in your collection by adding them to your wish list, the list of comics is so up to date that you can add most variant covers to your collection list, and one of the most amazing things about this app is that you can scan the bar code on your comics for a fast add. You can also upload your comic inventory on the cloud, that's extremely helpful if you're getting s new device. This app is truly amazing, so if you can afford it, I'd definitely recommend it! — Sobbingminotaur on CLZ Comics
February 24, 2015
Great way to track comics
I had a huge box of old Superman comics in the garage that I wanted to inventory. I tried a free app and could tell after entering one comic that I would be spending hours adding them all. I bought this app and added them all in no time. It also has free storage online, so I have the database on several devices. I'm especially happy with having the cover art for each magazine. Definitely worth the price. — Baseball 9000 on CLZ Comics
February 21, 2015
I'm in love
Tried every other comic database because of price of this one. finally bought this one and it has all my comics plus variants. I LOVE THIS APP!!! Easy to use, has my older comics and independent comics. Only recommendation would be to add a feature to search for a series within a series you already have instead of having to search the name ask over again. — Nate Holcomb on CLZ Comics
February 21, 2015
Amazing for Comic Collectors
This app is absolutely amazing. I have old and brand new comics. It found every single one of them with all details, pictures of the covers. You can also backup your collection to their servers. I imported from my iPad to iPhone easily. I would personally love to meet the people who created this app. Well done guys! — Chris33price on CLZ Comics
February 20, 2015
Great app. Easy to use. Does exactly what I want. — C629L on CLZ Comics
February 18, 2015
I love it! — Bacone10 on CLZ Comics
February 16, 2015
It would be nice if all the new comics and variants would have their pictures already uploaded and available when entering our comics. Also adding the option of saying whether or not our copy is graded and market value. Other than that, pretty darn cool!! — Zachary Shankman on CLZ Comics
February 15, 2015
This program has room for a few tweaks, yes, BUT, it makes life so simple when your digging through bins at a surprise comic sale! — Comixboy on CLZ Comics
February 09, 2015
Great app!
Perfect for my needs! — Sirock41 on CLZ Comics
February 07, 2015
Very helpful
I've been looking for a comic book checklist storage program/app for some time. So far this app has been pretty nice to have. Sometimes the bar codes mid reads older comics but the search by title helps find what you need. I just need to get my collection all catalog. — Cr8zu on CLZ Comics
January 31, 2015
Collectors love
Love this app. :D this will stop me from buying duplicates in the future! Very easy to use and beautiful interface. Only problem I came across was it closed out on me if I scanned too many before adding to my collection. — case212001 on CLZ Comics
January 30, 2015
No more returning books I have!
Works great a few that has to be looked up by title.. But other then that great app! — Trex1977 on CLZ Comics
January 29, 2015
Awesome App
Totally worth it. There are tiny things I would add to it, but even if they didn't, this is still an amazing app! The cover database alone is worth it. It allows for easily identifying the exact issue. Very helpful for issues with multiple covers. — Santiago V on CLZ Comics
January 26, 2015
Keep em' in check
Simply awesome app. Well worth the 14.99 only recommendation would be the ability to add notes per issue. For example if I have an autographed issue I would love to add that note. — erbo11 on CLZ Comics
January 25, 2015
Perfect tool
Allows me to c wherever whenever what's home on the shelf. Works like a charm and only had to enter ca. 5% of the collection manually. — Zeitgeistmaster on CLZ Comics
January 25, 2015
Great app
Super helpful app for comic collector. — Cabacomix on CLZ Comics
January 25, 2015
Life-saver (not literally)
I'm using this in conjunction with the desktop software on my MacBook and it is awesome. My collection runs to about 15k books and I couldn't envisage getting it catalogued - until now. Easy to use, comprehensive, flexible and totally worth the money! — Rocker1975 on CLZ Comics
January 24, 2015
If you have comic's then you need this app. — Rickster12 on CLZ Comics
January 18, 2015
Exactly what I've been looking for!
Perfect! Convenient! Brings a whole new appreciation for my collection... Don't hesitate.. You need this! — Sinestro77 on CLZ Comics
January 17, 2015
A lifesaver
I have been using your comic collector software since 2007/8 and haven't had any regrets. It has been a lifesaver in helping to keep track of all my comics. The integration of of the iOS apps (barry, etc) for scanning and shopping has been great. — T.S. Patterson (USA) on Comic Collector
January 15, 2015
Great app for any comic collector!
As a reader/collector, I'm always trying to find that missing piece for numerous titles. This app helps me keep track of what I have and keeps my collection at my fingertips. No more buying doubles...not that buying doubles is a bad thing. — Mike Kocher on CLZ Comics
January 12, 2015
Wonderful app
I have been collecting comics for years and this app is a must for organization. I do all the adding of my collection with my iPad and all you need to do is upload your collection and save the web address on your phone. Do that and you can have your collection on you for back issues. Cons: some of the covers aren't there so you have to get your own. Of the 1000 comics I have stored I only had to add one comic manually. Can't wait for future updates. — Rock bell boa on CLZ Comics
January 12, 2015
Very good
Runs really smooth, have had No problems. Support is great too; i had a question about how to perform a function that I could not locate in "help" tab, I contacted support with email and they responded later that same day. — EastArete on CLZ Comics
January 11, 2015
The BEST app for organizing comic book collections
Once current price updating is integrated with the app, I hope to be able to give 5 stars. Regardless, this is still a great way to track your comic collection. Purchasing the desktop app does add an extra cost but it really is worth every penny now that I have my want list in my hands when I want it. — B Crockett on CLZ Comics
January 09, 2015
Was able to get a couple thousand comics in a couple days loaded on to this app. User friendly and well worth the cash. Still getting used to all the functions as I am new to the database but so far it's everything I have needed. — hasley on CLZ Comics
January 08, 2015
Exactly the app I was looking for!! Works awesome!! — Del. C. on CLZ Comics
January 04, 2015
Best way to keep the comics straight. — Kysor on CLZ Comics
January 03, 2015
Great App!
Large database and able to add issues quick and easy, can do more than one at a time, and even graphic novels. Worth the money considering what it does for you. — chAd_b 74 on CLZ Comics
January 02, 2015
Well made app
Sync works great and App works exactly as advertised. Great for referencing your collection on the go! — Tdavisson on CLZ Comics
January 02, 2015
Now over 8k in comics, keeps me organized. Would have liked it ten years ago. Team great on updates and improvements. — Kirk Roberts on CLZ Comics