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Reviews from customers

June 22, 2005
The best program in town
Just to let you know, Collectorz has the best program in town! I have never regretted purchasing it for my collection and I have regretted purchasing many others before.

The features are great and the new ones make it even better (especially the scanning of the comic books and the ability to transfer the data around into other progams. I am not an expert on computer programs and simplification is what I look for.

Your program is simple and easy to use. — Tyrone Sanchez on Comic Collector

February 23, 2005
Just wanted to say how happy I am with the latest update for Comic Collector. Being able to scan, add, and edit my comic book covers from Comic Collector is totally AWESOME! Now I no longer have to jump from application to application to add my covers to my file.
Thanks! — Tomas Almaraz on Comic Collector