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Comic Book Catalog Software - catalog your comic collection

Automatically download issue details and imagesLike creators, characters, cover art and preview art.
Just search our huge online comic database ... ... by series title or by scanning issue barcodes.

3 comic cataloging solutions - mobile app, web-app or desktop software:

The mobile solution :

  • Mobile app for iOS or Android.
  • Built-in barcode scanner.
  • All data stored on your device.
  • Optional cloud storage (free).
  • One-time purchase.
  • Install on multiple devices.
  • Free updates for life.

The easiest solution :

  • Web-based, just login and go!
  • For any computer, tablet or phone.
  • Automatic updates & backups.
  • All data stored in the cloud.
USD $2.50
  • Subscription service.
  • Use from any online device.
  • Updates included in subscription.

The most advanced solution :

  • Install on your own PC / Mac.
  • Many features and data fields.
  • All data stored on your computer.
  • Optional cloud storage (free).
  • One-time purchase.
  • Use on multiple PCs / Macs.
  • Includes 1 year of updates.

Use our free CLZ Cloud system for syncing between devices, easy backups and online viewing & sharing

Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your comic data between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your movie list online and to share it with friends and family.
  • Always have an online backup of your comic database.

Latest software updates

Dear Alwin, the Wife and the staff, I want to thank you for your program and the years of updates. I have had the comic book program for years and have being keeping up with the upgrades over the years. I stopped collecting comics back in the 1990s but I have kept them all, thousands.
I just retired from my job after 32 years and now have plenty of time to concentrate on the books. Thank you for the bar code scanner you came out with some years ago it is making the job so much easier. However this is going to take some time (good thing I have lots of it) because I find myself rereading so many of those old books.
Your fabulous program is a God send. I go to swap meets and use my phone to check the books I have so far loaded. I check to see what I want and what I can sell anywhere I go.
Once again THANK YOU ALL for the coming years of fun I am going to have with this program.
— Philip Rock (USA) on May 01, 2017

Reviews from customers

May 15, 2017
Great app
Good catalogue system, easy to find your comics. — Scott Maniaci on CLZ Comics
May 08, 2017
CLZ Comics
I've only used the catalog ability so far. The barcode scanner has worked great. The few comics without a barcode have been easy to find via a title search. — Shannon Hall on CLZ Comics
May 07, 2017
Love it
So easy to use, cataloging is we quick and simple. — Chris Baer on CLZ Comics
May 07, 2017
I have a huge collection. This app makes it so easy to catalog and keep track, even the variant covers. — A Google User on CLZ Comics
May 02, 2017
Great app
So far it's finding every book I type into it. It's made my cataloging much more simple. — Edward Pichon on CLZ Comics
April 25, 2017
Easy to use
Very easy to use, no hiccups or graphical errors. Looking forward to cataloging my collection. — Joel Maldonado on CLZ Comics
April 24, 2017
Essential for cataloging comic collection on a Mac!
This program - in both iOS and macOS forms - is an essential tool for anyone looking for comic cataloging software. I rely on the mobile app while at conventions, and the sync function allows me to seamlessly access my collection from my laptop when I'm at home. I've been a loyal user for at least 5 years at this point. — E A P on CLZ Comics
April 23, 2017
Easy to use
Awesome. Makes it very simple to catalogue? my collection. — jason gregg on CLZ Comics
April 23, 2017
Worth every penny
I'm about half way done cataloging my collection of about 6500 comics. So far this app has been a gift from the Gods! The app makes cataloging comics easy with the scan function, and older comics are easy to search for and add to your database. The app does graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and hardcover omnibus'. I've been look for something like this for years so thank you for making this app, it's awesome! — Cromics on CLZ Comics
April 20, 2017
Great app
Great app to catalog large comic collections. — Robert Stroede on CLZ Comics
April 19, 2017
Top notch
This is one of the best apps for cataloging your comic books! — Citizen Kensai on CLZ Comics
April 02, 2017
Awesome app
I have thousands of comics and wasn't looking forward to cataloging them until I tried this app, easy to use and fun. — IAN JACKSON on CLZ Comics
March 26, 2017
I love it!
I have been looking for an app that was fast and easy to catalog my comics for a loooooong time. I love the option to either scan or enter my comic manually as some of my comics are rather old and barcodes are not readable anymore. Some of my comics are so old they do not even have barcodes.
I do wish i could catalog my other collectibles as well. Just have everything centralized in the one app. That would be rad. Wishful thinking. But, great app! — TS GEEK on CLZ Comics
March 10, 2017
Great app!
Easy to use. I'd recommend this app if you're looking to catalog your comic collection. — JStark042 on CLZ Comics
March 09, 2017
If you have a pretty large collection, this is a great tool for cataloging everything. Helps a ton when you are at the comic store and see something that you aren't sure if you already have. — M-Dot Carter on CLZ Comics
February 12, 2017
Love it so far!
I am easily finding and logging my comics. I'll update my review when I am done cataloging my collection of over 20 long boxes! — Matthew Fisco on CLZ Comics
February 11, 2017
Love the app
Love the ability to stack multiple scans- I can scan my whole pull list without having to jump back n' forth! I'm looking forward to cataloging my 50-year-long collection. — Lare Watson-Haley on CLZ Comics
January 31, 2017
Collecting made easy
Wow! Catalog your collection fast by juat scanning the barcode. Thank you. — Jeffrey Imutan on CLZ Comics
January 24, 2017
So far so good
I've just downloaded the app so it seems like it's doing well. I have a large back issue collection so I'm really interested to see what kind of flexibility it will allow me to also put how much I got them for as well as search for the comics in their database. If it goes well and there is a quick an easy process to catalogue thousands of comics I will come back purchase the app and change the rating to five stars. Looking forward to testing this app out :-) — Pchu031787 on CLZ Comics
January 19, 2017
Fantastic tool
This app is a fantastic tool for cataloging comics quickly and easily. The extensive database of variant covers, even for older books, is unmatched by other cataloging services I've tried. — daniel ohare on CLZ Comics

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