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Comic Book Catalog Software - catalog your comic collection

Automatically download issue details and imagesLike creators, characters, cover art and preview art.
Just search our huge online comic database ... ... by series title or by scanning issue barcodes.

Mobile app

App for phones and tablets:

  • Install on your phone or tablet.
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner.
  • All data stored on your device.
  • Optional CLZ Cloud storage.
purchase includes all
app updates + online services


Easy to use & easy to manage

  • Login with any web-browser.
  • Free barcode scanner app.
  • All data stored in CLZ Cloud.
  • Automatic updates & backups.
subscription includes all
software updates + online services


Fully customizable and configurable

  • Install on your own PC / Mac.
  • Free barcode scanner app.
  • All data stored on your computer.
  • Optional CLZ Cloud storage.
includes a 1-year Service Plan
(a Service Plan is USD $29.95 / year)

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Comic Connect
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Comic Collector
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Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your comic data between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your list online and share it with friends and family.
  • Always have an online backup of your comic database.

Latest software updates

Still just starting to log all ody comics but it has been a smooth experience so far. I have had to manually look up some titles but there are always options available. only have 1 or 2 books that I cannot find an catalog for with the app. — Matthew Mebert on March 08, 2019

Reviews from customers

March 02, 2019
Joy to use
Makes cataloguing your collection a lot easier than trying to do it yourself. I finally got the unlimited version of the app and I am thoroughly enjoying it! — Nicholas Ornelas on CLZ Comics
February 23, 2019
Stop with the duplicates and get organized!
Other reviewers cover this app well. I’ll just say that I love being able to enjoy the art gallery of my comics anywhere I go. That and being able to pull up a clean wish list when shopping for comics!
I just started collecting last year and this was the answer to my growing collection for both cataloging my buys and organizing my wish list. Forget spreadsheets and to shop lists!! And no forgetting what’s in your comic bins! — Customer on CLZ Comics
February 23, 2019
Absolutely love this app. I have been using it for a couple of years now. wonderful and saves so much time on cataloging your stuff. — Robert Rodriguez on CLZ Comics
February 21, 2019
Catalog my collection
I use this not only to catalog my collection but run my comics library. its Thwiptastic! — A Google user on CLZ Comics
February 17, 2019
Loving it
Worth the price for what it does. It allows me to catalog my collection reliably thus far. — Jose Morato on CLZ Comics
February 17, 2019
A breeze
It makes cataloging a large collection of comics a breeze. — Zeke Blartfarble on CLZ Comics
February 14, 2019
Great tool
Easy and great tool for cataloging your collection and looking for issues you might be missing. I've had a running list in my phone for years that helps me keep track of which issues I have by number, but isn't much help with variants. This app shows you each and every book you have by cover and allows you to scroll through every cover of every book out there by volume to see what you may be missing. This is an incredible and must have tool if you're a completionist like myself. — A Google user on CLZ Comics
February 08, 2019
Don’t even try a different app!!!!
This is the only one you will ever need, I use it on my phone to make sure I don’t buy dupes, see what I am missing while in the shops and just to randomly open it up while I am waiting somewhere and scroll through to look at the collection. I use it along with the computer program and easily update everything. I also use the buddy to scan them into the catalog it is super simple.

The only app you need for all of your catalogue needs. — Russell33005 on CLZ Comics

February 08, 2019
I couldn't live without this app. cataloguing my collection is so easy. the app literally has everything need. and makes filling gaps in my collection so much easier when going to my local comic shop, no risk of doubling up. — Gavin Dockerty on CLZ Comics
February 08, 2019
Manage your collection
Awesome app to manage & catalog your entire collection. It also helps you with you Want List too. If you happen to find yourself digging through long boxes and come across an issue or two, you open the app and check out ypur want list right then. — A Google user on CLZ Comics
February 02, 2019
Keep up the great work!!
I just wanted to thank you for probably the coolest goddamn app ever. I can actually tell what I own now. I now have my collection fully cataloged and in order. This is sooo goddamn cool!! You rock!
It really is like having my entire 4,211 comic collection in my pocket. — Derek on CLZ Comics
February 01, 2019
Fav app
My favorite catalog app. Runs smooth on my S8 and Tablet!! Keep up the good work! — Baddazz Dad on CLZ Comics
January 27, 2019
The easiest app to scan your collection
Literally the easiest app to scan your collection. even if the older barcodes dont catch, it's much easier to look up your comic manually than any other app I've used. this also had a better catalog of comics. It found all my comics whereas other apps I've used couldnt find some comics. this app is amazing! — Leanna Crumpler on CLZ Comics
January 26, 2019
Works great
Autosync is fantastic. An awesome way to help organize and catalog my books. I have it on my phone and tablet. AAA. — From Heroes to Icons on CLZ Comics
January 16, 2019
Keep track
The app has been great to add my comics, but It doesnt inform when a collection is complete. Besides that its been awesome to catalog and keep track of my collection. — Mr. Hall on CLZ Comics
January 16, 2019
Extremely helpful
So far so good! so easy to use and extremely helpful cataloguing my comics! — Greg Rappaport on CLZ Comics
January 12, 2019
Super simple
Super simple to catalog. using camera on bar codes and bam done. — Patrick Engroff on CLZ Comics
January 07, 2019
Great app
Great app to catalog all my comics. — A Google user on CLZ Comics
January 06, 2019
Very easy
Great app, makes cataloging my collection very easy and extremely useful for recalling that info when shopping to fill holes in my collection. — David K on CLZ Comics
January 05, 2019
Great for cataloging
Great app for cataloging. gets better every update. — Andrew Florez on CLZ Comics
December 27, 2018
Love the app
I love the app and the ease of cataloging my comics. — JellyNel on CLZ Comics
December 20, 2018
Great way to catalog comics! — James Kropp on CLZ Comics
December 09, 2018
Great app for all collectors
I don't know how I could ever possibly catalog my collection without this app. — Jason Neiva on CLZ Comics
December 04, 2018
Excellent app for cataloging comics. — Cassandra Sikes on CLZ Comics
November 19, 2018
Easy and fun
I cannot believe how easy and fun it is to catalog my large collection ! — A Google user on CLZ Comics
November 19, 2018
Ottima per catalogare i propri fumetti. — Giuseppe Schiavo on CLZ Comics
November 18, 2018
Great catalogue app
Great catalogue app, easy to add books, and nice detail view. I would like to be able to increase the thumbnail size, it's just a bit too small for my old eyes. — Phil Cady on CLZ Comics
November 13, 2018
This app is friggin awesome
I started collecting comics when I was a kid, but like most of us stopped as I got older. But The Walking Dead like so many brought me back to my local comic book store and I rediscovered the joy I had in my childhood. In time I had a massive collection and started buying long box after long box. But not really knowing what I have in my boxes. But I didn't want to go create a Microsoft Excel database, and last Saturday while I was picking up a few books a guy at the shop I frequent told me about this app and I downloaded and tried the first 100 and found it extremely easy to catalog what exactly I own.
Now I know what exactly is in my box at all times and have it right on my phone so I can see what issues I'm looking for and avoid buying doubles. Six more long boxes to go!!!
Thanks CLZ. — Horrible915 on CLZ Comics
November 12, 2018
Great app
App is great for cataloging, especially the ease of using the scanner. This app would get 5 stars if it added estimated worth of books. — nuzzbom on CLZ Comics
November 10, 2018
Super easy
Awesome way to finally catalogue my collection super easy to use. — chris martin on CLZ Comics

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