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Software and app updates related to 'game covers'

CLZ Alwin here, on this leap day, with the Feb 2024 edition of the CLZ Newsletter.

Of course, the big event this month was the v9.0 release of our CLZ Movies mobile app, which is now live for both iOS and Android. A huge update, with several new features and many big improvements. A similar update is coming up for CLZ Games, check the sneak preview below.

Our web developers are busy preparing a big update for the Connect web-based software, in which we add many improvements to the pick lists screen, for both selecting and managing pick lists.
As for updates this month, Connect is now available in Swedish!

On the Core side, we are making great progress on our Wrong Covers project, resulting in a “Check Covers Cloud Coverage” of 81% now! More info below.

Today’s topics:

  • App and software updates:
    • CLZ Movies 9.0 is live, for iOS and Android
    • Connect: now available in Swedish. Looking for translators!
    • Sneak Preview: CLZ Games 9.0
  • CLZ Core updates:
    • Core for Games: “Wrong Covers” project, 81% cloud coverage!
    • Core for Comics: New Comic Book Day summary
  • Sign up for the Club CLZ forum, over 3,300 members now!

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It’s the last day of November, so here’s your CLZ News for the month!

A very busy month, with several cool Connect updates and, as the big surprise today, a huge version 9.0 update for the CLZ Comics app!

  • CLZ Comics 9.0: Check Value / Collection Tabs / Issue Search and more!
  • Comic Connect / CLZ Comics 8.10 : “In Collection” indicators in Hide Variants mode
  • CLZ Comics 8.10: Two improvements to the Search box in main screen
  • Connect: Further improvement for multiple collections
  • Connect: Favorite fields for Edit Multiple
  • CLZ mobile apps: New “Remove all unused pick list entries” option under Maintenance
  • Core Work in Progress: better cover images for game releases

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