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Software and app updates related to 'searching'

CLZ Movies (iOS)

v9.0.2: Various bugfixes

February 8th, 2024


  • Tapping an actor to view all his/her movies could result in showing movies from someone else
  • iPad: Tapping a result from the search box top right didn’t select the right movie
  • Add screen:
    • For TV Series and Box Sets, the “Add Sheet” wouldn’t always pull up high enough to show all data
    • Add button wouldn’t always immediately work
    • Cover from previous result would sometimes show in “Add Sheet”

Book Collector (Windows)

v23.1.2: Various Fixes

April 6th, 2023


  • Add Books screen could give an “Access Violation” error in 32-bits mode.
  • When searching for a pseudonym of an author using the search (top right) in your main screen, hitting Enter would not produce the right results.
  • Edit Screen: The “Signed By” field now grows in height when resizing it.
  • Edit Screen: when adding “local other files” on Links tab, and selecting multiple files in one go, it would just add multiple copies of the same file.
  • Dark Skin: In the Folder panel, we’ve made the barchart color a bit brighter.
  • In the Pre-fill popup you could not select an “empty” item for pick lists.
  • Sorting your list by date wasn’t always working properly.
  • When using “Export to XML” or “Save Database As” the program will check if the file already exists.

CLZ Games (Android)

v7.5.2: Updated menu and several fixes

November 21st, 2022


  • Menu now shows last “PriceCharting Values update” date
  • Menu now shows last “Sync with CLZ Cloud” date
  • Improved messaging for subscription status


  • After searching in your own collection by scanning a barcode, the result will now show instantly
  • Add Game: when scanning a barcode and then add manually, the barcode is now filled in