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Software and app updates related to 'barad dur'

It’s me again, CLZ Alwin, with your CLZ News for June 2024.

Big changes for the CLZ mobile apps this month, as we replaced the 7-day trial with a 100-item “Free Mode”. Maybe not that interesting for you as an existing user, but then again, it *could* be. Read on below!

The implementation of the Free Mode took most of the time of the dev team this month, so only one other update went live, a cool new way to search comics in Comic Connect.

Of course, our 6-man Content Team (Rowdy, Martin, Justin, Taco, Kelvin and Senno) has been working full-time on our Core online databases. Their first priority always is the adding of all weekly new releases. When that’s done, they’ve always got some big projects going on, to improve the quality and completeness of the existing Core database.

Don’t worry, there’s time for fun too! We started building Lego projects at the office 🙂 First up was a big one: the Lego Barad-dûr tower!

Today’s topics:

  • CLZ mobile apps: New “Free Mode” for small collectors
  • Comic Connect: Search box top right now allows “Issue Search”
  • Still coming up: CLZ Comics 9.4, with completely revised Pull List features
  • CLZ Core updates:
    • Core for Games: “Check Covers” project, 92.2% cloud coverage!
    • Core for Movies: “Check Covers” project, 62.8% cloud coverage!
    • Core for Comics: New Comic Book Day summary
  • Building the Lego Barad-dûr tower!
  • Come join the Club CLZ forum (4 thousand members now!)

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