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Software and app updates related to 'variants'

The end of the year is near, so this is CLZ Alwin with the 12th and last CLZ Newsletter for 2023. But first: A happy 2024 from the entire CLZ Team (13 people now!): Martin, Rowdy, Sven, Stijn, AJ, Pim, Joe, Bernard, Justin, Taco, Senno, Sytske and me, Alwin!

December 2023 was kind of a slow month in terms of app updates and software releases. But we have definitely not been sitting still 🙂

With CLZ Comics 9.0 alive and kicking, our mobile team Pim, Bernard and AJ are preparing four upcoming v9.0 updates for the other four mobiles: CLZ Movies, CLZ Games, CLZ Books and CLZ Music. Read on below for more details.

The CLZ content team has been working on three huge Core projects, for movies, games and comics. More info below. We even hired a new part-time content manager to help with that: Taco’s friend Senno has joined the team for two days a week!
Also, Justin has created a cool Wrap-Up 2023 infographic about our Core comic database, find the link below.

Let’s go over these projects in this newsletter:

  • App and software updates:
    • Coming up: version 9.0 for the CLZ Movies/Games/Books/Music mobile apps
    • Coming up: additions and improvement for the Connect web-based software
  • CLZ Core updates:
    • Core for Games: better cover art and region info for game releases
    • Core for Movies: better cover art for 4K, Blu-ray and DVD releases
    • Core for Comics: internal database re-design
    • Core for Comics Wrap-Up 2023

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