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20th or 22nd anniversary: Team CLZ in Paris

October 4th, 2022

As promised some photos of our 20th anniversary trip to Paris that we took on the 22nd anniversary because of reasons ๐Ÿ™‚

We did a lot of walking, eating, drinking, and generally having loads of FUN!

Day 1: Travel, 2CV tour, walking around and a big river boat dinner

We got up real early and grabbed a high speed train from Amsterdam to Paris:

In Paris we met up with our tour guide and we drove around the city in old Citroรซn Deux Chevaux cars, after which we had lunch and walked about the city a bit.

We see you Eiffel tower! We will be visiting you soon too!

Did you know they love collecting in Paris too?

After that, we enjoyed some free time on our own, and finished the day with dinner on a big river cruise boat, right under the Eiffel tower.

Day 2: Guided tour of the city, Eiffel Tower, Tuk-Tuk and Buddha Bar

After a great breakfast of croissants and pastries, we walked around the city on a guided tour with lots of interesting tidbits of information about the history of Paris.

And of course an LCS (“Local” comicbook store) had to be visited!

We then stopped briefly for a great lunch, with a glass of wine. Or two glasses. Salmon and mashed sweet potatoes:

Then, we headed over to the Eiffel tower to visit… all the way to the top!

Lots of influencing going on here.

Under the Eiffel tower

And now, to the top! It takes 2 elevator rides to get all the way to the top and the view is amazing!

They even serve beer half way up the Eiffel tower:

After that we “tuk-tukked” our way back to the hotel. A great (and FUN) way to sneak right through traffic and get somewhere quickly during Paris’ constant rush hour

Catching up and having a couple of pre-dinner drinks at the hotel before leaving for the evening program:

That night, we enjoyed amazing dinner and drinks in the Buddha Bar, they even themed the menu to our CLZ 20 Years logo!

Day 3: Walks, “Canard & Champagne”, influencing and more!

Near our hotel is where our walk started, going past these zebra columns, a place much coveted by influencers:

Here’s Rowdy, listening to our tour guide (who is not in the picture)

And here’s Rowdy, listening to our tour guide (who is in the picture)

And here’s Rowdy, the influenced becomes the influencer:

One of Paris’ oldest book stores:

We then had lunch at “Canard & Champagne” where they serve… canard (duck), and champagne!

Started with an egg:

And the very tasty duck and delicious champagne followed:

Martin followed lunch up with some influencing:

Some macarons were bought somewhere in LaFayette shopping mall:

And finally, just before leaving Paris to train back to Amsterdam, Stijn played the piano a bit at Gare du Nord train station: