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CLZ Comics (Android)

CLZ Comics Wrap-up 2022

December 29th, 2022

We’re closing in on the end of the year, so it is time for the

CLZ Comics Wrap-up 2022!

CLZ Justin has been gathering some stats and has created some nice top 10 lists for you.
These are the most popular 2022 comics and series based on your usage of the CLZ software:


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It’s Halloween! So it must be time for the Oct 2021 edition of the CLZ Newsletter!
October was a quiet month in terms of releases. But the CLZ team has not been sitting still, on the contrary:

At the moment, the entire team is working together on ONE big project, including all developers and all content managers. This is a rare opportunity, but we always enjoy working this way, as it is both fun and efficient.

This time, the big shared project is all about comics and it will result in BIG updates for all flavors of our comic cataloging tools: CLZ Comics 7.0, Comic Collector 22.0 and of course a big update for Comic Connect too (web developers are too cool for version numbers).
Read on for a sneak preview of the new features and improvements.

The topics today:

  • 5 updates for Windows with an improved Submit to Core system
  • 5 CLZ updates for Android to fully support system font sizes
  • Sneak Preview: huge updates for all comic cataloging tools

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The big project we are all working on now: lots of new features, new fields and improvements for our comic cataloging tools. Of course all based on your feedback!

Here’s what will be new:

  • NEW: Automatic key comic information from Core!
    When adding/updating comics from Core, it will now automatically fill in your “Is Key” and “Key Reason” fields. First appearances, deaths, cameo appearances, etc…
    BTW: don’t worry, we won’t go the “speculation route”, like the other app “that should not be named”, you know the one 🙂

  • Many new fields:
    Is Completed for series, a new Collection Status called “Sold”, Date Sold, Price Sold, Last Bag/Board Date and Slab Certification Number.

  • CLZ Comics: Improved List View entries, showing more info
    List entries will now include the Quantity (when <> 1), an Is Key icon and a Slabbed icon. Collection Status is now shown using a colored band on the right. You can now opt to show Cover Dates instead of Release Dates.
    Also, in Series List your completed series are hi-lited with a colored band on the right.

  • Add Comics screen
    New setting to “Hide Variants” when searching by Series.
    CLZ Comics only:

    • when scanning barcodes, different beeps for found vs not found.
    • tap thumbnail for bigger image

  • Improved “Missing Comics” tool
    New setting for showing/hiding “On Order” comics. When shown, hi-lited with a star (*). New setting for showing/hidding “Unreleased comics”.

  • CLZ Comics: now also use camera barcode scanner to …
    • search your own collection
    • fill in the Barcode field in the Edit Comic screen

ETA: within 3 weeks!

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CLZ Alwin here, with the CLZ Newsletter for November 2020.
We’re in the middle of the Black Friday craziness here, which means that my wife Sytske and I are answering over 250 support tickets on a daily basis. Providing renewal advice, correcting wrong purchases, helping with problems, etc…
AJ is assisting us with the more complex 2nd line issues, even logging in to user’s computers with TeamViewer to fix problems for them.

Today’s newsletter topics:

Just like last month, this newsletter is all about our tools for video games and comic books. Good news for the comic and game collectors among us, but if you’re here for the music, movie or book news, you may be thinking… “hey, what gives?”.
Don’t worry, we’ll be swinging back to the other programs soon. Let me explain what’s going on:

In the past few years, we have been doing a lot of improvement to what we call our “framework”. Improvements that benefited all collection types, like faster cloud syncing, easier folder options, faster image downloads, better shelves view, etc… Super efficient work and resulting in updates for all our tools, so for movies, books, music, comics and video games.

However, since about 6 months ago, we have changed our focus to implementing dedicated collection specific features, finally responding to common requests and complaints from our 5 different audiences. Since most of these were about games and comics, we started with those.

Also, because of we’re all still working from home, it makes project management and communication a lot easier if the entire CLZ team is working on the same project. So that is why we all spent 3 months working on many video game specific features, then after that the entire team switched over to work on the most common comic book related requests.

Next up are our movie collecting solutions. Our web-developer Stijn is already preparing our back-end for the things to come. First up: audience ratings from IMDb. We are also looking at delivering movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, as a nice 2nd opinion next to the IMDb Ratings. Cool movie stuff coming up!

Now, let’s look at all November updates, plus a sneak preview at what’s coming up in December:

  • Game Connect / CLZ Games 6.1: New “Updated Values” report
  • CLZ Comics 6.0: Batch editing, Updated Values report, Add Issue, etc..
  • Comic Connect: Add Issues / Updated Values report
  • Coming up: Comic Collector 21 for Windows
  • Coming up: CLZ Comics 6.1 with new Pre-Fill screen when adding comics.
  • Coming up: Comic Connect Missing Comics tool

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Time flies when you’re working from home! It’s the end of October already, so here’s your monthly dose of CLZ News.

After 3 months of work, we have finally released the promised huge updates for all our game database programs. Phew! A big and complex project, but we really enjoyed working on this multi-disciplined job together (desktop, web and mobile) with the entire team.

So we decided to do the same for comics: all team members have now switched to our comic tools, with Joe working on Comic Collector 21.0, Pim and Bernard on CLZ Comics 6.0, Joel and Sven on Comic Connect, AJ working on UI designs for them all and finally Rowdy, Stijn and Sytske on improvements to our Core for Comics.
Read on below for what will be new in these big comic related updates!

All topics for today:

  • Improved PriceCharting value features for all game tools:
    • Game Collector 21.0 for Windows
    • CLZ Games 6.0 for iOS and Android
    • Game Connect
  • CLZ Games 6.0: better Edit features + crop/rotate images
  • Coming up: big updates for all comic database tools

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Comic Connect

Better barcode recognition for older comics!

May 28th, 2020

As you all know, we have seen no new comic releases in the past 2 months. Luckily, things are slowly starting up again. At Collectorz.com, we took this opportunity to focus on the older comics in our database, especially the 1970 to 2000 era, where barcode recognition by our Core was still “below par”. And as of today, you can start enjoying the fruits of our labor!

Better barcode search results for older comics (1970 to 2000 era)

  • Over 35 thousand extra barcodes are now being recognized.
  • Add By Barcode feature now correctly handles multiple comics with the same barcode (quite common in this era) and nicely just presents to you all comics that match your searched barcode, even when spread over multiple series.
  • Improved barcode search engine.

In the screenshot below you can see a barcode that is used in 9 issues spread over 3 series. The Add Screen will now show you all possible results we have for that barcode:

Re-designed search results in Add Comics screen

While we were at it, we also re-designed the search result entries for both title and barcode searches:

  • Clearer layout of all search result entries.
  • Issue numbers are now listed in “badges” on the left, separate from series titles and now change color depending on Collection Status.