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Software and app updates related to 'subscription'

CLZ Comics (Android)

Coming up: CLZ Comics 5.0!

August 6th, 2019

Yep, it is finally coming: CLZ Comics 5.0, for both iOS and Android!

ETA: we are currently aiming for Tuesday September 10, but no promises!

Here’s what will be new in Vee Five:

  • CLZ Comics will become a subscription app
    That is, for new users. Existing users will of course be “grandfathered.
  • Automatic “slabbed & graded” values from GoCollect
    Find the most valuable comics in your collection (premium feature, so requires a subscription).
  • Lots of new value-related fields
    Grade, Grading Company, Grader Notes, Slabbed vs Raw, Signed By, Is Key Comic (yes/no) and Key Reason.
  • More fields now editable and syncing to/from CLZ Cloud
    New editable fields: Plot, Nr of Pages, Genres, Country and Language.
  • Now supports and syncs multiple collections
    Create and sync multiple “sub collections” within your database.
  • Automatic cloud-syncing of your own “custom” images
    No more need to manually force “Upload Image to CLZ Cloud”.

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