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Catalog your comics, get values from GoCollect

Automatically get issue details and GoCollect valuesLike creators, characters, cover art and preview art.
Just search our huge online comic databasewhich is fully connected to GoCollect.com.

For phones/tablets

Mobile app for iOS & Android

  • Fast and slick mobile app
  • Install on multiple phones/tablets
  • All data stored on your device
  • Sync data to CLZ Cloud (optional)
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner

For computers

Web-app for Windows and macOS

  • Easy to use online software
  • Login and use from any computer
  • All data stored in the CLZ Cloud
  • Automatic updates & backups
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app

For Windows only

Download for Windows

  • For advanced Windows users only!
  • Install on one Windows PC
  • Manage your own data & image files
  • Sync data to CLZ Cloud (optional)
  • Free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app

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CLZ Comics
1 year
Comic Collector
1 year
Comic Connect
1 year
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Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your comic data between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your list online and share it with friends and family.
  • Always have an online backup of your comic database.

Latest software updates

I love this CLZ app! I have a large collection of raw and graded books. A ton of titles and publishers. This app was repeatedly recommended by several of the YouTube comic channels I watch. I did my own comparison and while none were perfect, CLZ comes vey close. It was the best value by far- relatively low cost, very easy comic cataloging and inventory system, robust analytics, and an inter gratin with GoCollect as its valuation information system. I am constantly adding and selling comics (adding and deleting) and moving comics from box to box- this app makes it soo easy!
I have reached out to CLZ’s support providers 3 times with either questions or about reports I wanted to run to analyze my collection. They always get back to me within hours and are helpful and polite.
If you are considering a comic inventory and cataloging system -put CLZ at the top of your list.
— trashcan975 (USA) on August 29, 2021

Reviews from customers

July 08, 2021
Exceeded my expectations
The app exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, ease of use, and power. It quickly and easily finds even obscure comics, displays your collection nicely, provides values referenced to gocollect, and is really a joy to use. I was just looking to document my collection and the app met my needs and more. It's actually made me want to get back in to comic collecting more actively! — Matt Logan on CLZ Comics
June 27, 2021
Love This App!!
I recently downloaded CLZ to keep track of my ever-expanding comic book collection. I had bought a few issues twice and realized I needed help. This app is amazing. Use the barcode scanner or just type in the issue name and it find the issues and has a ton of info on it.
It is also connected to go collect for values. I update my collection values daily with the app and love to see what has gone up or down in value. Makes the hobby even more fun than it already is - is that possible?? :-) — Bugzbenny on CLZ Comics
June 25, 2021
Great app for collectors
I really like this app for keeping track of my comic portfolio. I especially enjoy the integration with GoCollect for book values. Their support team is also super helpful! — spencervogel on CLZ Comics
June 10, 2021
CLZ COMICS On top of their game
Once again CLZ Comics exceeds expectations! I noted that GoCollect wasn’t updating comic values. This is important to see where your collection is going value-wise, like the stock market. I contacted support (thanks Alwin) and got back a response within the day (really about an hour, don’t they sleep in the Netherlands???). The next day Alwin emailed me and said the issue had been resolved. It was!!! Get this app. Perfect for you collection and support is excellent.
Thx CLZ. — Blackhawk824 on CLZ Comics
June 04, 2021
Organized at LAST
Great app. So thorough! This is the Comic collection app for you. I have a 5000+ collection. I find options in the application that provides me insights to my collection that I did not see in other software. The team behind the app are SUPER responsive and will update prices that may have been overlooked in their GoCollect daily update if you point it out to them. This is a ‘no-brainer’ purchase. Aesthetically pleasing. HIGHLY recommended ! — Blackhawk824 on CLZ Comics
May 16, 2021
Great app! Exactly what I needed for my collection
I had 10 long boxes of comics sitting in my parents place for over 30 years and it needed to be moved out as they were doing some renovations. I needed to somehow figure out how much these comics were worth and organize it.
Well thank goodness I found this app!!! This app helped me record my entire collection and exports all info to an excel spreadsheet ( you can specify what data you want on spreadsheet like title/issue number/publication date/value/etc). You can manually add comics through the app but if your comic has a barcode you can simply use the barcode feature by hovering over the code and app easily record the info. I can’t say enough about this app.
Can you imagine doing this all manually by hand and typing it all out to an excel spreadsheet? This app does most of the work.
Great customer support service. Had a few questions on how to work the app and the response time was incredible! I rarely write reviews about apps but this one needed to be out there. Best of all you can try this for free for first week. Then pay either a monthly fee ($1.49)or yearly (14.99) I decided to do the yearly as I plan to use the app for their price updates (the app grabs GoCollect prices) as the comic book price market changes everyday. Great looking interface as all info are kept safe in their cloud servers.
If you have a good amount of comics and want to keep track of what it is worth this app is for you. I really love this app and their customer service...it definitely worth the 15$ a year. Hope this review helps. — LeeW74 on CLZ Comics
April 30, 2021
Great way to catalog your collection
I have used many comic catalog apps and CLZ is by far the best. Easy to add books if you have to enter in a large collection. You can get as detailed as you want with each book. The value is updated daily so you can keep track of market. I would like more pricing on golden age and silver age DC but that is all driven by Go collect data. The customer service is fast and very helpful too. Easily worth the money. — sofinizer on CLZ Comics
March 21, 2021
Best, Most Flexible, Comic Collecting App
Looking for the best comic book collecting app on iOS? This is it. You can log your comics, make changes, automatically import lots of data about those comics, and instantly sync the app with GoCollect’s fair market value for a graded version of that comic. Of course, you always want more - and CLZ keeps bringing it to you. I have never subscribed to an app that keeps improving as much as this one does. Just take a look for yourself. — mjholthaus on CLZ Comics
November 09, 2020
A dream for comic collectors!
I just simply can't imagine a better software than CLZ Comics for managing my comic book collection.
I was a user of ComicBase for many years and found myself very frustrated by the lack of native iOS apps. Then one day I found CLZ Comics. After a short while of using it I have abandoned ComicBase and and moved over my entire collection of more than 10,000 comics to CLZ Comics.
It's been a lot of work but it's been very worth it. I now have my collection at my fingertips wherever I go. I've even uploaded my covers so that I can see the exact issues when I want to. It's incredibly easy to use, gets feature updates regularly, connects to GoCollect for pricing data, and best of all...they support team actually responds to email questions quickly!
I love this software! — Krypto the Superdog on CLZ Comics
September 20, 2020
Must have
I love CLZ comics! This database and collection tool is outstanding. Super easy entering of books (barcode and manual entry), auto synch to the cloud, value link to Go Collect, smooth user friendly interface, layout is superb!! This set up is superslick! Super quick and friendly contacts for any and all questions too! If you love comic books, this is a must have... — Ed Browne on CLZ Comics
July 27, 2020
Love this app
Love this app. It helped me to finally track, grade and price my comics. The support staff was on point with a issue that was related with a Google billing related issue and went above and beyond to address it. — Bar S on CLZ Comics
April 05, 2020
Great for tracking comic
A friend recommended this app to me and I’m loving it. From the quick setup to using the phones’s camera as a barcode reader, this app just makes getting your comics inventoried and easily organized simple. Other features include allowing others to see your inventory via an external url and there are lots of sorting and filtering options. My favorite is the statistics around the value of your comics. As a comic collector for 35 years I finally have an easy inventory tool. Thanks , CLZ!

Pros : inexpensive app
Friends able to view inventory
Syncing function for backups
Export options
Auto comic value lookups via gocollect.com
Customer service response and open to suggestions for future app features — kennyscomics on CLZ Comics
March 06, 2020
This is just a friendly recommendation for you collectors out there. I am way impressed with CLZ Comics inventory app.
1st - you can scan the barcode on your newsstand editions and it automatically loads the comic to your inventory.
2nd if it’s a direct edition you can search the database and add the issues. On many of the comics it will give you the going price based on GoCollect comic book prices based on how you grade your comic. If it has no price you can assign and lock the price so when you “auto update” comic prices it will not remove the value you assign and give it a zero value.
Most of my comics I buy from mycomicshop so I value my comics based on what I paid for it and the comics from them are graded by trained in house graders.
You can create wish list of comics you need to plug holes. And the best part - it’s all on your phone so when you’re at a con or comic shop you always have access to your inventory. I just can’t rave enough - this is the very best $1.50 a month I have ever spent.
You can also download csv excel spreadsheets of your inventory for hard copy. I’m so Impressed I am going to upgrade to the CZL comic app to the app + comic collect software for my Mac for $40.00 per year.
If you have a large collection- this is the best money you will ever spend to organize it and value it. — MichaelBSmith63 on CLZ Comics
February 22, 2020
Best app for comic book cataloguing, very responsive support
I have used CLZ Comics for almost a year now and the convenience it provides for cataloguing and updating a large comic book collection is unmatched. I particularly like the connection to GoCollect for updating values and the instant statistics it give you about the collection. App support is very responsive and they have always addressed all my concerns to my satisfaction. — shaun2ralde on CLZ Comics
November 06, 2019
Great App for Comic Book Collectors
Don’t let the reviews from people that didn’t read the details during the app update dissuade you from getting it.
Though I’m grandfathered in the subscription price is still hardly anything if you are even a semi-serious collector (it’s the cost of a comic or two). I don’t really need the slabbed pricing from GoCollect, but I’m still tempted to try it out for a year. I’m still floored by the people grandfathered in and complaining about the new subscription cost *shrug*.
Anyway, I have roughly 1,500 comics catalogued, and using stuff like the Wishlist when I’m checking out thrift shops or garage sales makes this hobby much easier.
Try it out for a month. You’ll see, and then will upgrade for the year :-) — TaylonHalfElf on CLZ Comics
October 22, 2019
Love your product
I loved your product before, having recently gotten into collecting comics. But the Go Collect integration has taken it to a whole new level. Great work and looking forward to more comic value-related features! — Lee Tanguay (Canada) on Comic Collector
October 05, 2019
Finally! My collection is digital
Many thanks to the folks at CLZ for their continuous improvement approach to their app. The addition of easily updated GoCollect values enables me to quickly identify “Keys” within my collection for grading and slabbing, helps me avoid accidental doubles purchases when I fall behind on reading, and makes it easy to identify available variant covers. — TheMightyShore on CLZ Comics
September 27, 2019
CLZ Comics
Switched to CLZ from ComicBase. Didnt have the best customer service with CB over the years. I was also using CLZ but not full time but with GoCollect values now I have made the change!! — William Gooler on CLZ Comics
September 24, 2019
Convenient to use
Adding books both through the barcode scanner or by searching work really well, and the app is pretty convenient to use. Their customer service was also able to react to and fix an issue regarding the gocollect values visibility of a certain book quickly. — Ben Söderblom on CLZ Comics
August 26, 2019
The best!
This app has only gotten better since I first bought it. It is very fast when looking through your collection while at a shop too see if you have it or not. Now with the addition of pricing through GoCollect, this app is a no brainer for any serious collector! — Theblades1 on CLZ Comics
July 04, 2019
A hearty round of applause
I just wanted to send an email saying that I love the Collectorz Company and product. I recently switched from the desktop software to the online version and have not looked back. I have been a very happy customer for years and the latest update email blew me away! With the announcements regarding the new mobile apps and the partnership with gocollect.com, I can say that you've made me love the software and company even more.
Your continuous improvements and regular communication make me an extremely happy customer.
Alwin and the whole Collectorz team deserve a hearty round of applause. Keep up the great work. — Jeremiah Jones-Goldstein (USA) on Comic Collector

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