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It’s Movie Time

October 30th, 2012

This is the October 2012 edition of the Collectorz.com newsletter,
brought to you, as always, by the CLZ head honcho himself, Alwin Hoogerdijk.

You may have guessed from the subject: most of this newsletter is about
two most popular products: Movie Collector and it’s companion app CLZ Movies.
Because that is what all of us have been working on this October:

  • Coming soon: Movie Collector 9 for Windows
  • Submitted to Apple: CLZ Movies 2.0 for iOS

The other topics today:

  • * Windows 8 compatible!
  • * A small favor?

Coming soon: Movie Collector 9 for Windows

We have been working on this in secret for over 2 months now, so I am happy I can finally bring you the big news: Movie Collector 9 for Windows is coming soon!
ETA: December 2012.

Do you want to know the full details about version 9?
Then become a member of our MVC9 Club, just use this form:

Some answers to common questions about Movie Collector 9:

  • What will it cost? -> The upgrade to v9 will cost US $24.95 (or EUR 19.95).
  • But I just purchased! -> The upgrade will be free for everyone who purchased v8 in the last 3 months before the v9 release.
  • Do I *have to* upgrade? -> No, the upgrade is completely optional.
  • What about Mac? -> A similar upgrade for Mac is planned for early 2013.

Submitted to Apple: CLZ Movies 2.0 for iOS

Pim, Patrick and AJ are making great progress on our big “iOS 2.0” project.
You know, the 2.0 app updates for iPad and iPhone, in which we’re releasing the long awaited adding, editing, barcode scanning and 2-way syncing features.

Last week, the iOS guys have been able to complete CLZ Movies 2.0 and it’s now
waiting for the OKAY in Apple’s app approval queue. Live this week?

Coming up next: CLZ Music 2.0 for iOS!

Want to stay up-to-date with the 2.0 releases for iOS?
Please use the form below to join our iOS Club:

This will also give you instant access to preview screens of CLZ Movies 2.0.

Windows 8 compatible!

Windows 8 CompatibleIn the past few months, we had already been testing our software on the Windows 8 beta releases and found only a few template related problems.

But last week, on Windows 8 launch day, we immediately installed the final release and can now officially confirm that the Windows editions of
Movie, Book, Music, Comic and Game Collection are fully Windows 8 compatible! You don’t even need to update your software, the latest versions work fine 🙂

More information about the Windows 8 compatibility can be found here.

A small favor?

Finally, in the last topic for today, I would like to ask for a small favor. It will take you just one click, but will be a big help to me:

Please go to http:/www.collectorz.com, then click the little “[g +1]” button on the right, just under the picture showing me and the screen shots. (it will turn from white to red)

While you’re there, feel free to also click the [g +1] buttons on our product pages ( via the tab buttons at the top ).

Many “plus ones” will help increase the credibility and visibility of our website, which will result in more people finding & using our software.

Thanks for showing your support!