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Software and app updates related to 'hide variants'

CLZ Comics (Android)

v8.10: Improvements for Search box and Hide Variants mode

November 2nd, 2023

Yes another nice update for CLZ Comics app, version 8.10 already (time to start thinking about calling it version 9!).

In this update:

  • Add Comics / Series : better “In Collection” indicators when using Hide Variants mode
  • Two improvements to the Search box in main screen
  • Lots of fixes for big and small problems that were reported by users

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Here’s one brought to our attention by one member in the CLZ Comics group (our friend Xander Frydek):

In the Series tab of the Add Comics screen, I like having my issue list in “Hide Variants” mode. But the problem is, then I cannot see if I already own a variant different from the A variant.
In other words: It only highlights the issue #7 number in blue if I actually own #7A, but NOT if I own #7F for instance.
In this case, can you maybe highlight the issue number in a different way, to indicate you do own that issue?

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