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What's new in Comic Connect?

Here’s one brought to our attention by one member in the CLZ Comics group (our friend Xander Frydek):

In the Series tab of the Add Comics screen, I like having my issue list in “Hide Variants” mode. But the problem is, then I cannot see if I already own a variant different from the A variant.
In other words: It only highlights the issue #7 number in blue if I actually own #7A, but NOT if I own #7F for instance.
In this case, can you maybe highlight the issue number in a different way, to indicate you do own that issue?

So we thought it over, and Xander does have a point here.
And it turned out that implementing this was pretty easy, so here it is!

From now on, in Hide Variants mode:

  • when you actually own variant A, the issue number highlights with a filled blue circle (just like before)
  • when you own a variant other than A (e.g. variant F), the issue number highlight with a blue outline only

(The same holds for wishlist entries: filled orange circle when you have variant A on your wishlist, orange outline when a different variant is on your wishlist)

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