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News: all updates for our software and apps

Wait, a CLZ Newsletter this early in the month?
Yep, because this week we’re celebrating our 15th anniversary!

As some of you know, I (Alwin) had been working on Music Collector in my spare time since 1996. But in December 2000, I quit my day job, founded the Collectorz.com company and finally got to work on the Collectorz products full-time!

Today, 15 years later, Collectorz.com is an 11-headed team, with 6 programmers, 2 content-managers, 2 support/testing people and then me running it all.
Our product line-up has also come a long way, going from 1 Windows program to 27 products on 5 different platforms, all connected through our own CLZ Cloud solution!

Limited support for the next 4 days,
while we’re celebrating in London!

To celebrate in style, I’m taking the entire CLZ team to London 🙂

Which means, that from between Thursday December 10 and Sunday December 13, we’ll have limited time to handle support questions. My wife Sytske will be answering nothing but the most urgent license- and account-related questions.

Normal service will resume on Monday, December 14.

Answers to common questions

To save you all some time, and to prevent a huge amount of tickets on Monday, here’s the most common questions we are receiving these days, and their answers (linked).

And one final request:

  • When you need an Update Plan to update your Windows or Mac software, please be careful and actually buy an UPDATE PLAN, not a CONNECT subscription.
    (We can’t figure out why, but the most common question we receive is
    “I went to buy an Update Plan, but I accidentally selected Connect”.)

And now… we’re off to London!
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