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News: all updates for our software and apps

Hi all,

Yes, it’s July 31, so it’s time for the Collectorz.com Newsletter.

Today, I have more news about the upcoming new iOS apps, including a
special invitation for all users of our *current* apps for iPhone and iPad:

  • Calling all iPhone and iPad users… Get a preview of the 2.0 apps now!

Next to that, an overview of the important releases and happenings this month:

  • Updates for Mac editions, now fully Mountain Lion compatible.
  • Game Collector 5 for Windows is live!
  • C37 scanner overstock (200 units) sold out in 6 days!
  • Image server upgraded with 2 TB of extra hard disk space.

Let’s start with the iOS apps:

Calling all iPhone and iPad users… Get a preview of the 2.0 apps now!

Adding and editing in the CLZ Mobile appsThe CLZ team is gearing up for the release of the v2.0 apps for iOS: (you know, the ones that will bring add, edit and barcode scan capabilities)

  • Pim and Patrick are making the last changes to the univeral iOS app itself, tweaking both the iPhone and iPad user interfaces.
  • Robbert is adapting the search engine of our central online databases, to allow searches from the mobile apps.
  • Sven is preparing the Connect login/sync mechanisms for mobile connections.
  • Ronald is working on new builds for both the Windows and Mac desktop programs, to modify the Connect features for mobile syncing.
  • Chris and I are testing the new apps on iPhone and iPad.

There will soon be important news for all owners of the *current* CLZ apps for iPhone and iPad. News you cannot afford to miss!
To make sure you will get this news in your email inbox, please sign up for our new “iOS Club”.
To join the club, just enter your email address here and click the green button:

This will also give you access to our iOS 2.0 Preview Page, which already
contains a couple of screen shots of the first v2 app: CLZ Comics 2.0.

Updates for all Mac editions, now fully Mountain Lion compatible

Collectorz.com Mac softwareIn the past few weeks, Ronald and Bernard have been working on our Mac editions, fixing all bugs, all cosmetic issues and all performance problems that have been reported by Mac users. Next to that, they’ve made sure the new builds are
fully compatible with the new OS X Mountain Lion.

The updated builds for Comic Collector and Movie Collector have already been released. The updates for Book and Music Collector will arrive within 2 weeks.

Updating to these new builds is free (that is, if you already own the latest version) and is highly recommended, especially if you have upgraded to OS X
Mountain Lion or are planning to do so. To update your software, just start your current version and choose Check for Updates from the menu.

Game Collector 5 for Windows is live!

Game Collector 5 for WindowsOn July 10, we launched Game Collector 5 for Windows!
Version 5 now has all the features that were already available in our other
programs, like Cover Flow, Backdrops, customizable platform images, etc..
On top of that, it now automatically delivers backdrop art and trailer videos.

The full What’s New list with screen shots is here:

C37 scanner overstock (200 units) sold out in 6 days!

Early July, my wife Sytske noticed we had a small overstock of the
Opticon C37 barcode scanners, about 200 units. So we decided to do an
“overstock sale”, announcing it by email, on Facebook and on Twitter.
Of course, giving you all a nice US $20 discount on the scanner.

And I am happy to report that the entire overstock was sold out in 6 days!
Congrats to everyone who was able to secure a scanner at the discount price, and thank you for helping us get rid of the surplus inventory!

Missed the sale? Sorry to hear that. Make sure to keep an eye on our
Facebook page for future discount deals: https://www.facebook.com/Collectorz

Image server upgraded with 2 TB of extra hard disk space.

Do you remember that in August 2011, we moved all our cover images
to a dedicated image server with a 1TB hard-disk?
Well, that hard-disk is already nearing its full capacity!
Over 900 gigabytes of cover images and backdrops 🙂

So on July 12, we upgraded the disk-space of our image server to 3 terabyte!

But we’re realizing that, especially with the new Core system, this too is a
temporary solution. We may have to move to a cloud-based Content Delivery
Network soon. Expensive, but cool! (if you’re a nerd like us).

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your help filling our server with
quality images. Keep your submissions coming!