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Create your CLZ account today

October 10th, 2013

Check your inbox for yesterday’s email about creating your CLZ account.

CLZ Accounts and the My.CLZ.com website
A CLZ Account is a multi-purpose account for Collectorz.com users, which can be created and managed through the My.CLZ.com website.

Up until today, your CLZ Account could be used to:

  • 1. Activate and access your free CLZ Cloud data storage.
  • 2. Report data errors and missing entries through Core.
  • 3. Access your full Connect online cataloging software.
  • 4. Access our online media databases from the CLZ mobile apps.

However: your CLZ Account has just become more important!
Starting today, you can use it to:

  • 5. Access your existing license keys and download links on My.CLZ.com.

On top of that: within 2 weeks your CLZ Account will become even more important, essential even, as you will need to use your CLZ Account to:

  • 6. Upgrade your software to the next major version.
  • 7. Download any future software updates (big or small).

Please check your inbox for this email and create or check your CLZ account today.