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News: all updates for our software and apps

Finally, the big day is here: the new CLZ Movies 2.0 app for iOS is live!
CLZ Movies is now a full movie cataloging app with adding, editing and barcode scanning features, not just a viewer app like the 1.x versions.

Find more information and screen shots on the CLZ.com website.

You can buy CLZ Movies 2.0 in the App Store now, for US $9.99.
Just search the App Store on your device for “clz movies”, or open CLZ Movies in iTunes.
(compatible with iPhone 3GS and up, iPad 2 and up and iPod touch 4 and up)

What’s New in CLZ Movies v2.0 for iOS:

  • CLZ Movies is now a universal iPhone + iPad app. Buy the app once, then use it on all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).
  • Synchronize with Movie Collector 8 (Windows or Mac).
  • Transfer your existing Movie Collector data to and from your mobile device.
  • For this new 2-way syncing feature you need:
  • Movie Collector 8.3 or higher (use Check for Updates to get it)
  • Movie Collector Connect, a Sync & Share subscription is enough. ( Connect Sync & Share comes free with the Pro edition ).
  • Add movies to your mobile movie database, by Title or by Barcode. Just type the movie title, then select from the search results, or scan the DVD/Blu-Ray barcodes with your iPhone/iPad built-in camera.
  • Edit your movie collection and wish list entries. Edit your movie entries right there on your iPhone or iPad. Set movies to “In Collection” or “On Wish List”, change ratings, purchase info and notes.

Next one up: CLZ Music 2.0!