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News: all updates for our software and apps

Our first idea for the book organizer software was for an older fakir with a dragon-like creature on his shoulder. Smoking a pipe, reading a book.
Very funny character but it may be too much for our book audience. Because that is what we have to keep in mind: the mascotte must fit the crowd. We may like the levitated yogi and his pet dragon, but our home librarians not. The character must speak to them, otherwise she will be no good in advertising.

That is why Becky is more of a real person than a super babe. When you compare her to her sisters, she is the more down to earth one on sensible shoes. We like her as much as we like CeCe, Mickie, Gemma and Kacey but Becky is the most modest sibling out of The Five.
Wait till you see her appear on our banners! She may have a hidden super power…