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Software and app updates related to 'setting'

CLZ Comics (Android)

v7.9 Filter your Series list by Completed status

July 1st, 2022

Another nice update for your CLZ Comics app, with 2 new features that were requested by you all:

  • Filter your Series list by “Completed” status
  • New Setting for Series Images: Earliest Issue or Latest Issue

Filter your Series list by “Completed” status

This has been a recurring request since we introduced the ability to mark series as “Completed”. So we made it happen.
Just tap the checklist icon at the top and choose “Show completed” to only show all series that have been marked as Completed.

Note that the Series Completed flag is a manual flag. You decide if a series is completed or not. You can either set that flag in the Edit Series screen (e.g. from Manage Pick Lists) or just select multiple series in the series list, then choose “Mark as Completed” from the Action button menu.

New Setting for Series Images: Earliest Issue or Latest Issue

In your series list, the app has always shown the cover image of the latest issue for that series that you own. But some users indicated that they would prefer it to use the first or earliest issue of the series, because in most cases that is a more recognizable issue.

So we made it into a setting!

Other changes:

Next to the features above, we also added 2 other things, 1 requested (or demanded) by Apple, and 1 requested by the CLZ support guys and gal 🙂

  • Edit Series screen: modify the CLZ Series ID:
    This is sometimes necessary when your series entry is linked to the wrong Core Series. In general: only do this when instructed by CLZ support staff.

  • New “Delete my CLZ Account” option under Settings (iOS only):
    A new requirement by Apple, a way to to delete your account from the app itself. If you value your app, subscription and your cloud data, do NOT press this button!!! 🙂

Fixed for iOS:

  • New in the Settings screen, as required by Apple: a “Delete my CLZ Account” button.
  • Pull List: My Series now only works on your currently selected collection, instead of all collections
  • Small fixes to the most valuable comics statistic

Fixed for Android:

  • After tapping on a quick search series result, the keyboard wouldn’t automatically hide
  • Small fixes to the most valuable comics statistic

Game Connect

New currency display setting for prices and values

January 29th, 2021

In October 2020, we introduced the ability to download the PriceCharting values in your own currency. Today, we take this one step further with new display settings for prices and values.

Find the new “Currency display” setting in your Settings screen:

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