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Software and app updates related to 'backdrop'

CLZ Comics (iOS)

v7.6.2: Bug fixes for the Add Screen and template

April 26th, 2022

Today, two fixes for the new Add Comics screen and small fix for the details panel on iPad:

  • Slow opening of issue list for a series
    Opening a series to go to its issue list could cause the app to “freeze” for a while, depending on the number of issues in the series AND the number of comics in your database.

    Please note that this was not related to the loading of the large images. Instead, it was just a stupid bug that was introduced during the rewrite of this screen, related to the “in collection highlighting”.

    You will find that all series now open instantly, even with the large images 🙂

  • Pull List showed all issues of a series
    When opening a series on the pull list, it incorrectly showed all issues for the series, where as it should of course show recent and future issues only.

  • Comic details on iPad: visibility of backdrop
    A small fix/tweak for the comic details panel on iPad, to make the backdrop more visible


  • Setting to enable/disable backdrops behind movie details

CLZ Games (Android)

v4.8.2: Added: Disable downloading of backdrop

January 16th, 2018


  • Added option to disable backdrop image downloading.


  • We fixed a crash that could happen while syncing with CLZ Cloud.