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Software and app updates related to 'back cover'

Music Connect

Many new fields including back covers!

October 14th, 2019

A big step forward for the Music Connect software today, in which we add many new editable fields and Back Cover images.

Many new fields

Today we have added many fields to the software, all now editable in the Edit Album screen.

  • Conductor
  • Orchestra
  • Studio
  • Composer (you can now add multiple instead of just 1)
  • Extras
  • Recording Date
  • Live: Yes/No
  • Sound: Mono/Stereo/Hi-Res Stereo/Multi-channel

Of course, the pick list fields are immediately available as folder fields too, so that you can browse your collection in folders by Studio, Orchestra, Live, etc…

New: Add your own back covers

With this big update for Music Connect we have another surprise for you: Back Covers! That’s right, a brand new back cover field you can modify yourself.

Use the “Find Back cover” button to find one, or upload one yourself: