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News: all updates for our software and apps

This Friday, May 25, the new GDPR law (General Data Protection Regulation) goes into effect. The new law regulates how companies must deal with personal information of individuals.

At Collectorz.com we have been working hard to improve our software and services, to make them more secure, to better protect your privacy and to be fully GDPR compliant.

These are the most important changes we have implemented in the past few months:

  • New Privacy Policy:
    We have written a new Privacy Policy that clearly explains what kind of personal data we process, for which purposes, and for how long the data is retained. Read the new policy here.

  • New “Cookie Consent” pop-up:
    The Collectorz.com website now features a so-called “cookie consent” popup, that lets you opt in or out of the cookies used by the website. The popup automatically appears the first time you visit our website.

  • “Delete CLZ Account” button:
    Under the new GDPR law, users have the “right to be forgotten”. So we are now giving you the option to delete your CLZ Account and all personal details we have stored for you.
    You can find this option by logging into your account at my.clz.com, then choosing “My account” from the username menu top right. Alternatively, contact us here and request that your account is deleted.
    Note: deleting your account will cause the deletion of all your licenses, subscriptions *and* cloud data!

  • No more address info:
    To reduce the amount of personal data we process for you, we have stopped asking for address, city, state and zip code in our shop (we do not ship physical goods anyway). Also, we are in the process of removing all existing address information from our customer database.

  • No more automatic login links:
    In the past, we have often used special links in our emails, that automatically logged you in to our CLZ Shop or your account at my.clz.com. Super easy, but a security risk.
    We will stop using links like that in future emails, which means that you will have to manually log in. Also, all automatic login links that you may have received in the past have now been disabled.

  • Online infrastructure upgraded to be more secure:
    To better protect your personal data, we have upgraded all our servers and database systems to make them more secure.

Coming up: security updates for the Windows, Mac, iOS and Android editions

In the next few weeks, new updates will be released for all desktop programs (Windows and macOS) and for all mobile apps (iOS and Android). These new versions will use secure HTTPS connections for all communications with our servers:

  • for logging in with your username and password
  • for syncing your data with CLZ Cloud
  • for sending your searches to Core.

To make this possible, we have created new secure “entry points” on our servers, that are only allowing secure HTTPS connections. The new programs and apps will communicate only with those secure entry points.

For your security and privacy, we strongly recommend to update your software and apps to the new fully secure versions as soon as they are released (you will be notified by email).

BTW: our Connect web-based editions have used HTTPS for a couple of years already. So if you’re using Connect, you’re good to go 🙂

If you have any questions or concerns about the above, please contact us here.