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News: all updates for our software and apps

This is Alwin, with the final CLZ Newsletter for 2017. December is always a busy month here at the CLZ HQ, but this December was particularly crazy, with all the v18 for Windows releases.
Our support guys and gal have been handling over 100 support requests every day since early December. Add to that this week’s Connect updates plus a Year End Sale and we’re up to 150 tickets each day 🙂

But no worries, it’s not just all work and no play 🙂 On December 23, the entire CLZ Team and their families visited the local Dutch theme park “De Efteling”! We had a great day, with cool rides, great food and a lot of laughter.

More pictures of the CLZ Family here.

Our newsletter topics for December 2017:

  • Now live: version 18 for all Windows editions
  • Now live: a new look for all Connect editions
  • Now live: a new Add Movies screen in Movie Connect
  • Year-End-Sale: Get Connect for 1 year, get 6 extra months free
  • Coming up: Auto-Cloud-Syncing for all iOS and macOS editions

Now live: version 18 for all Windows editions

This month, we released 5 big version 18 updates for all 5 Windows editions, with several new features and many user interface improvements that take existing functionality to a higher level:

  • NEW: Fully Automatic CLZ Cloud Syncing!
    Add or edit items in your desktop software and these changes will auto-upload to the CLZ Cloud instantly. Did you make changes on other devices (e.g. with the CLZ mobile app) or directly in Connect? Just start your desktop software and the changes will download automatically.
    Of course, Automatic Cloud Syncing is an optional feature, switched OFF by default. If you don’t want to auto-sync, or don’t want to sync with the CLZ Cloud at all, just leave it switched OFF.
  • NEW: “Clean” templates for the details panel, in Light and Dark styles
    A complete refresh, based on the recent Connect/Cloud details page updates. Clean, clear and modern, with some fresh layout ideas.
  • Revamped Edit screens
    Easier adding of Artists, Authors, Cast, Crew, Creators, Characters, Genres and Subjects. Updated the layout and look to fit the rest of the program (button bar at the bottom, big blue main action buttons).
  • Improved Edit Multiple screens
    Now use checkboxes to explicitly indicate which field(s) you want set or clear. Safer and clearer, no more unexpected changes, no more hidden F8 keys needed.
  • Improved screens for selecting Column, Sort and Folder fields.
    An area that has always been difficult and confusing for new users: selecting fields and creating field presets. The new screen will fix all that and will unleash the power of making your own custom presets for everyone.

Even though these are major updates, there is no extra charge. All you need is an active Update Plan. Expired? Then renew here! (bundle discounts apply)

Now live: a new look for all Connect editions

2018 is going to be the year of Connect! Our Connect editions are getting more and more popular, so in 2018 we will be rolling out a lot of new features and improvements for these web-based solutions.
And we’re starting off with a big jump: a new look and interface design, live NOW!

  • We removed the tabs at the top that let you switch between the programs, to give you more screen space for the software you are in. (you can still switch using the “apps” button top right).
  • Dark toolbars with white text and buttons everywhere, while keeping your list and details pages light and clear.
  • All tools and features are now accessible from the “hamburger” menu on the top left.
  • Your account settings and log out options in a “user menu” on the right.
  • TIP: the new look is also available in your free CLZ Cloud viewer!
  • Click here for screen shots

Now live in Movie Connect: a new brand-new Add Movies screen

Also launched this week, the first in a series of complete re-designs of the Connect add screens, with a new look, easier interface and new features. We started with the Add Movies screen of Movie Connect.

Based on the latest incarnations of the Add Movies screen in our desktop and tablet editions, but with a web-based “big and bold” look and feel.

Take a look at some screen shots here

The new Add screens for the other 4 Connect editions will follow within the next two months, starting with the Add Books screen (next week maybe!).

Year-End-Sale: Get Connect for 1 year, get 6 extra months free

To celebrate the above big Connect launches, we’re doing a Year End Sale on Connect subscriptions, running up to New Year’s Day, 23:59 EST:

»» Subscribe to Connect for 12 months, get 6 extra months free ««

(the above link will automatically log you in to our CLZ Shop)

Please note: this Sale is about CONNECT only, not about Update Plans.

Coming up: Auto-Cloud-Syncing for all iOS and macOS editions

The Automatic CLZ Cloud Syncing has already been released for all desktop editions for Windows, and for all mobile apps for Android. Judging from our server stats, lots of users have already activated it and are now enjoying seamless automatic syncing.

Of course, the automatic syncing only really comes to life when all our editions support it. So we are working hard to “make it so”.

Five new updates for the iOS apps will be released in the first week of January, all including the Auto-Cloud-Sync option. The macOS editions will follow a few weeks later, with four Auto-Cloud-Sync-enabled V18 releases.

Happy 2018 from the CLZ Team!