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News: all updates for our software and apps

All our software editions (online, desktop and mobile) revolve around two important online services: CLZ Core and CLZ Cloud. Which means that many new software features start with months and months of preparation by our web-development team.

At the moment, our web guys have two of these “preparation” projects going on, both preparing for a future feature, one for the music editions only (track list syncing!), one that will make adding new entries much quicker (search-as-you-type). Read about both below…

The news topic today:

  • Now live: v16.3 for all Windows versions, with Skins and a Quick Filter Panel.
  • Coming up: Manage Pick Lists screen for all mobile apps.
  • Preparing: Track list editing and syncing for CLZ Music and Music Connect.
  • Preparing: Search-as-you-type in all Add screens.

Now live: v16.3 for Windows, with Skins and a new Quick Filter Panel.

After working on these for over 3 months, we released 5 big updates for all 5 Windows editions. With a completely new look (optional!) and a handy new search tool:

  • A complete new look! Choose between the Light, Dark or System skins:
    • Light: a clean look, white backgrounds, dark fonts.
    • Dark: a modern design, with dark backgrounds, light fonts.
    • System: the classic look, just as it was before v16.3.
  • A new Quick Filter panel in the main screen:
    Easily “zoom in” on part of your collection, based on collection status, read it / seen it, ratings, year, etc….

For screen shots, visit the Updates pages:
Movie Collector/ Book Collector / Music Collector / Comic Collector/ Game Collector

How to update to version 16.3:

If you have a valid Update Plan, just use Help / Check for Update in your current version.
If your Update Plan has expired (or if you don’t have an Update Plan at all yet), you need to get a new Update Plan in the shop at my.clz.com.

TIP: Did you know …

… that you can update your desktop software for a one-time payment of only US $6.95? You’ll even get all all updates to be released within the next 3 months and after that your new version will stay functional. No subscriptions (!!), no obligations to renew later. More info about Update Plans here.

Coming up: Manage Pick Lists screen for all mobile apps.

This is what Patrick and Pim are working on now, a new “Manage Pick Lists” screen for both the Android apps (Pim) and the iOS apps (Patrick).

The new screen finally gives you control over your pick lists, like the Artists, Authors, Series, Formats, Genres, etc… so that you clean em up, merge duplicate entries, fix typos AND: edit Sort Names for Artists, Authors and Series!

ETA: within 3 weeks. Which will be an important moment in CLZ mobile history, because it will mean the Android and iOS apps will then finally be (and stay!) at the same level of functionality!

Coming up: Track list editing and syncing for CLZ Music and Music Connect.

Moving on to the web-development guys, this is Sven’s project at the moment: prepare the music edition of the CLZ Cloud for storing custom track lists and change Music Connect to allow adding and editing track lists.

Once this is done, we’re ready to update all music related programs (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) to start syncing custom track lists. On top of that, the CLZ Music mobile apps will also finally allow the entry of track lists for manually added albums and editing track titles in general.

ETA: within 3 months. Hard to tell really as this project requires almost every CLZ team member to join in and do their part, so it requires some nifty planning 🙂

Coming up: Search-as-you-type in all Add screens

Another project that the web-development team is working on, preparing our server systems for a future feature in all web, desktop and mobile programs, something that will save you a lot of time while adding new items to your database:

The “search-as-you-type” feature will show you a pop-up list with the currently most popular matching results from our Core online database, while you are typing a title in the search box. E.g. typing “D E A …” will immediately give you Deadpool, type “L O N …” and London has Fallen will pop up.
No searching needed, no need to select a search result from a long list, just hit the arrow down key once, then Enter and you’re done.

ETA: pretty much unknown, as this is still undiscovered territory for us. The “search-as-you-type” feature will first find its’ way to the Core for Movies site and the Movie Connect Add screen, then all other movie-related programs. After which we’ll move on to the other databases.