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News: all updates for our software and apps

This is Alwin, of Collectorz.com. In this Feb 2016 newsletter, I have news for you about 14 (!!!) new software versions!

  • Five v4.0 updates for iPhone/iPad, finally live (phew…).
  • Four v16.0 updates for Mac, with a Card View, a new clean-up tool, better backups, etc..
  • Five v16.2 updates for Windows, also bringing the new Card View.

Here’s what our users said about the new Card View:

Card View? Yes, a 4th view for the main screens of the desktop programs. A multi-column view with little info cards for each item, showing the main item details and a small cover thumbnail (here’s a screen shot).

Here’s some happy feedback we received about the Card View:

Paul Newell: “I Like the Card View! Makes the display appear a whole lot nicer – easier to see my movie collection.

Ned Willis: “Have just upgraded: the “cards” display feature is another welcome addition.

Linda Flebus (in Dutch): Wilde jullie alleen maar feliciteren met de mooie kaartjeslay-out. Echt top!

Susan Ramsay: “I love the new card view! What a good idea.

Mike Duncan: “Although I am a List View kind of guy, I’ll have to say, I’m diggin’ the new Card View.

All five v4.0 apps for iOS are now live!

Wow, this was definitely the longest and most aggravating review process ever. It took over 5 weeks (!!) to get all 5 apps approved by Apple, CLZ Comics being the most problematic.

However, all five v4.0 versions are live in the App Store and… now free to try!

Remember: Before v4, all apps were US $15 paid apps. But starting with version 4.0 of CLZ Movies, CLZ Books, CLZ Comics, CLZ Music and CLZ Games:

  1. You will be able to download free 100-item trial versions.
  2. Higher database limits can then be unlocked with In-App purchases:
    • US $1 – increase database limit with 100 items.
    • US $2 – increase database limit with 250 items.
    • US $3 – increase database limit with 500 items.
    • US $5 – increase database limit with 1,000 items.
    • etc…

This way, everyone can easily try before they buy and buying has become much cheaper for almost everyone (unless you have over 5,000 items). Next to that, once the v4’s for Android are live, you will be able to switch between iOS and Android without paying again!

Wanna try the app(s) on your own iPhone or iPad?

Just a few simple steps:

  1. Open the App Store on your device and search for “CLZ”.
  2. Select the app you want and download it to your device.
  3. Start the app and click the CLZ Cloud icon.
  4. Login with your CLZ Account, then sync your existing data from the CLZ Cloud.
    (while in trial mode, only the first 100 items will be downloaded)

  5. Enjoy browsing your collection list on your iPhone or iPad 🙂

Four major v16.0 updates for all Mac editions

As you may know, the v16 releases for Mac have been delayed because we were trying to get the webcam barcode scanning to work on the crappy built-in Facetime camera’s. Sadly, we still cannot get sufficiently reliable scan results.

So we decided not to wait any longer and release v16 NOW, so that you can enjoy the other new features earlier, then maybe get the webcam scanning in a future v16.1 update 🙂

Here’s what’s new in version 16.0 for Mac:

  • New 4th view for the main screen: Card View.
    A multi-column view with little info cards for each item, showing the main item details and a small cover thumbnail ( >> screen shot << )
  • Delete Orphaned Images
    Clean up your hard-disk by deleting all unused cover images and thumbnails.

  • Enhanced database Backup and Restore system
    Keep multiple time-stamped backups and easily restore them.

  • Comic Collector only:
    • Improved support for Trade PaperBacks (TPBs)
      Catalog TPBs with full details and cover art of all contained issues, automatically downloaded from our Core online comic database.

    • New “Pull List” tab in Add Auto screen
      Manage the series on your pull list using the new Pull List tab, easily find new releases and add them to your database.

Even though these are huge updates, there is no extra charge, all you need is a valid Update Plan. Just use Check for Update from the program’s menu.
Is your Update Plan expired? Then just renew in the My.CLZ.com shop for as little as US $6.95.

Five cool v16.2 updates for Windows, bringing a new Card View

Of course, the new Card View ( >> screen shot << ) was also added to all five Windows edition, in this week's version 16.2 updates. To update, just use Help / Check for Update in your existing version. You do need a valid Update Plan though.