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News: all updates for our software and apps

Welcome to the first 2016 CLZ Newsletter!
I (Alwin) and the rest of the CLZ Team are already well underway to make 2016 into a great year, with lots going on for all our online, desktop and mobile editions!

At this very moment, Ronald is working on 16.1 versions for all Windows programs, which will bring an extra new view for the main screen, ETA early March.
At the same time, Patrick is working on the same feature for the Mac OS X editions, to be released in the v16.0 updates, also planned for launch early March.

While Ronald and Patrick are working on future updates of the desktop software, our mobile dudes Pim and AJ are generating serious action on the mobile front.
In fact, the current and upcoming v4 updates are so important that the rest of this newsletter is all about the mobile apps. Here’s why:

Version 4 of the mobile apps will be free to download!

Before v4, all apps were US $15 paid apps. But starting with version 4.0 of CLZ Movies, CLZ Books, CLZ Comics, CLZ Music and CLZ Games:

  1. You will be able to download free 100-item trial versions.
  2. Higher database limits can then be unlocked with In-App purchases:
    • US $1 – increase database limit with 100 items.
    • US $2 – increase database limit with 250 items.
    • US $3 – increase database limit with 500 items.
    • US $5 – increase database limit with 1000 items.
    • US $8 – increase database limit with 2500 items.
    • US $12 – increase database limit with 5000 items.
    • US $15 – unlimited, remove all database limits in one go.

The advantages of the new pricing model

  • Try before you buy.
    Download the free app, try it with max 100 items, then unlock as needed.

  • Cheaper to use for almost everyone.
    Using the app is now much cheaper than before (see above).
    (unless you have a 5000+ collection, in which case the price is the same)

  • Switch between iOS and Android without paying again.
    Your unlocked database limit is linked to your CLZ Account, so you can download the app for free on any device (iOS, Android, phone or tablet) and unlock your database limit again simply by logging into the app with your CLZ Account.

What if I already paid for the app before v4? Do I need to pay again?

Nope, you do not have to pay again!

If you purchased one of the CLZ mobile apps before the 4.0 release, then the 4.0 version will be automatically unlocked to an unlimited database size. In other words, you will automatically receive the “US $15 – No Limits” pack, for free.

This should happen automatically, however, if for whatever reason this didn’t work for you, then just contact us and we’ll manually give you the Unlimited-pack free of charge.

IMPORTANT (especially for Android users!):
To help our system to automatically give you the No Limits pack when v4 goes live, make sure you register the app(s) you own with your CLZ Account. Just check in your account at my.clz.com to see if your app is already registered.
If not, just start the app and make sure it is logged in to your CLZ Account. Then just open the Sync screen once (no need to sync). Refresh the my.clz.com page to see the checkbox appear.

ETA? When will the v4 versions go live?

CLZ Movies 4.0 is already live in the App Store, free to download!

The other 4 iOS versions are finished and have already been submitted to Apple for approval. If all goes well, all of them should go live in the course of next week.

We have just started on the 4.0 versions for Android and expect to be able to release them during the first 2 weeks of April.